Chapter List

Want to start from the beginning? Sure you do! I’m listing the chapters in order. FYI, I’m leaving out the Author’s Notes unless they’re absolutely essential.

Round 1

Chapter 1: Meet the Holloways!
Chapter 2: Meet the Epsteins!
Chapter 3: Meet the Butlers! Okay, Just Meet Carmen
Chapter 4: Meet the Blanks!

Round 2

Chapter 5 [Holloway]: Everybody Needs a Little Time Away or, It’s Hard for Me to Say I’m Sorry
Chapter 6 [Epstein]: Stay-at-Home Says What?
Chapter 7 [Butler]: A Guide to Finding Party Guests
Chapter 8 [Blank]: Friends Friends Friends

Round 3

Chapter 9 [Holloway]: Lazy Sundays
Chapter 10 [Epstein]: Making This New Life Fit
Chapter 11 [Blank]: Being Human, Mostly
Chapter 12 [Epstein]: Laurel Is Full Of Surprises
Chapter 13 [Butler]: Hanging and More Hanging
Chapter 14 [Butler]: Gotta Get You Into My Life

Round 4

Chapter 15 [Holloway]: Finally Some Friends Their Own Ages
Author’s Note #4: Changing How Often I Switch Households
Chapter 16 [Blank]: Family Roles, Decided
Chapter 17 [Blank]: A Sixamian Secret Revealed
Chapter 18 [Blank]: Making Beds to Lie in Them
Chapter 19 [Blank]: Family Leaning On Each Other
Chapter 20 [Blank]: Making Theoretically Foolproof Plots and Plans
Chapter 21 [Blank]: Blending In With The Group
Chapter 22 [Blank]: Secret Monsters
Chapter 23: Happy Holidays From The Dreams And Drama Neighborhood Rotation

Round 5

Chapter 24 [Epstein]: A Club to Connect Us All
Chapter 25 [Epstein]: Recruiting for Laurel’s Culture Club
Author’s Note #5: I’m Clearly A Bit Lost As To How To Actually Do This
Chapter 26 [Ralston]: Meet the Ralstons!
Author’s Note #6: The Pen Pal Project

Round 6

Chapter 27 [Butler]: Finally Able To Feed Myself
Chapter 28 [Holloway]: The Inside Man
Chapter 29 [Ralston]: Being Just Friends Is Better Than Dating
Chapter 30 [Blank]: Family Time
Chapter 31 [Epstein]: We’ve Got A Problem, But We’ve Also Got A Holiday
Pen Pal Project #1: Okay, So We’re All Humdrum

Round 7

Chapter 32 [Butler]: All These Families!
Chapter 33: [Blank]: Secrets Revealed
Round 7, Chapter 34A [Ralston]: So It Wasn’t Just A Dream?!
Round 7, Chapter 34B [Ralston]:Thanks For Your Support
Round 7, Chapter 34C [Ralston]: Okay, We’re A Go For Operation Garlic Wreath
Pen Pal Project #2: Eternity, Eh?
Author’s Note #7: Let’s Talk About Posting Frequency
Hanging Out In Forgotten Hollow [Round 7, Chapter 35, Epstein]
Wrapping Things Up In Forgotten Hollow [Round 7, Chapter 36, Epstein]

Round 8

Luca Likes A Girl [Round 8, Chapter 37, Holloway]
Pen Pal Letter #3: Is It Weird That I’m Intrigued, Not Scared?
You’re Welcome Even If No One Welcomes You [Round 8, Chapter 38, Holloway]
What?! This Isn’t That Fast… [Round 8, Chapter 39, Holloway]
I Gotta Get Outta Here [Round 8, Chapter 40, Holloway]
This Wasn’t The Mission [Round 8, Chapter 41, Blank]
This Is Your Punishment [Round 8, Chapter 42, Blank]
I Didn’t Sign Up For This [Round 8, Chapter 43, Blank]
It’s Nice To Meet You [Round 8, Chapter 44, Blank]
Bo Needs Support [Round 8, Chapter 45, Blank]
You’re Still One Of Us [Round 8, Chapter 46, Blank]
Single Mothers Rock! [Round 8, Chapter 47, Butler]
Hugo Gives Carmen All The Feels [Round 8, Chapter 48, Butler]
Unannounced Visit [Round 8, Chapter 49, Butler]
Fight For Your Man [Round 8, Chapter 50, Butler]
Movin’ On Up [Round 8, Chapter 51, Ralston]
You Still Haven’t Asked Them Yet?! [Round 8, Chapter 52, Ralston]
Can You Feel The Love Tonight [Round 8, Chapter 53, Ralston]
It Goes Without Saying, Wait No It Doesn’t [Round 8, Chapter 54, Ralston]
Okay Guys, I Need Help [Round 8, Chapter 55, Ralston]
Protest At The Spice Festival [Round 8, Chapter 56, Ralston]
Shh, Just Let It Happen [Round 8, Chapter 57, Ralston]
Pen Pal Letter #4: So My Brain Isn’t Working, But That’s Okay
Garlic and Pancakes, Fruit and Pie [Round 8, Chapter 58, Epstein]
Rub My Belly For Good Luck [Round 8, Chapter 59, Epstein]
Baby, Baby, Baby [Round 8, Chapter 60, Epstein]
These Wreaths Tho… [Round 8, Chapter 61, Epstein]
Happy Birthday Laurel, Kurt, and Emilie! [Round 8, Chapter 62, Epstein]
We Are Family [Round 8, Chapter 63, Epstein]
Everybody Follow Laurel [Round 8, Chapter 64, Epstein]
(Not) Letting Luca Leave [Round 8, Chapter 65, Epstein]
Author’s Note #10: Poll RESULTS to See Who My Next Pen Pal Sim(s) Will Be — And Pen Pal Profile
Hanging Out In The Hangout [Round 8, Chapter 66, Epstein]
Inappropriate [Round 8, Chapter 67, Epstein]
Our Forever Home [Round 8, Chapter 68, Epstein]
PlantSim Challenge Completed [Round 8, Chapter 69, Epstein]

Round 9

Domestic Bliss? [Round 9, Chapter 70, Holloway]
Author’s Note #11: The Liebster Award!
Luca Is A Grown Ass Man [Round 9, Chapter 71, Holloway]
Revenge Against the Villareals [Round 9, Chapter 72, Holloway]
Being A Couple [Round 9, Chapter 73, Holloway]
Pen Pal Letter D5: Big News!!
Pen Pal Letter H1: Getting To Bro You
Let’s Make This Official [Round 9, Chapter 74, Ralston]
Let’s Make This Official… Again [Round 9, Chapter 75, Ralston]
Decision Made [Round 9, Chapter 76, Ralston]
Laurel Knows A Guy [Round 9, Chapter 77, Ralston]
Let’s Talk About It Over Dinner [Round 9, Chapter 78, Ralston]
Let’s Meet These Surrogacy Candidates [Round 9, Chapter 79, Ralston]
Aubree’s Interview [Round 9, Chapter 80, Ralston]
Candy’s Interview [Round 9, Chapter 81, Ralston]
Corina’s Interview [Round 9, Chapter 82, Ralston]
Jessie’s Interview [Round 9, Chapter 83, Ralston]
Rory’s Interview [Round 9, Chapter 84, Ralston]
Iris’s Interview [Round 9, Chapter 85, Ralston]
Author’s Note #12: And the Surrogate Is…
The Birth Of A Sim [Round 9, Chapter 86, Blank]
Sky Is Not Home Yet [Round 9, Chapter 87, Blank]
Pen Pal Letter D6: Friends
Now Sky Is Home [Round 9, Chapter 88, Blank]
Asa Gets Some Attention [Round 9, Chapter 89, Blank]
Asa, The Flirty Alien [Round 9, Chapter 90, Blank]
So Very Many Kids [Round 9, Chapter 91, Epstein]
Twin Teens [Round 9, Chapter 92, Epstein]
Deutsche Zwillinge [Round 9, Chapter 93, Epstein]
A New Season For The Epsteins [Round 9, Chapter 94, Epstein]
Woohoo Is In The Air [Round 9, Chapter 95, Epstein]
Love and War [Round 9, Chapter 96, Epstein]
So Sad, So Sorry [Round 9, Chapter 97, Epstein]
A Conversation Over Dinner [Round 9, Chapter 98, Epstein]
It Was Only A Matter Of Time [Round 9, Chapter 99, Butler]
Making It Work [Round 9, Chapter 100, Butler]
Momma Is Here For You [Round 9, Chapter 101, Butler]
Making Carmen’s Family Whole [Round 9, Chapter 102, Butler]

Round 10

Getting Jessie Settled In [Round 10, Chapter 113, Ralston]
Jessie’s First Pregnancy [Round 10, Chapter 114, Ralston]
Push ‘Em Out, Push ‘Em Out [Round 10, Chapter 115, Ralston]
A Father’s Love [Round 10, Chapter 116, Ralston]
Family [Round 10, Chapter 117, Ralston]
Shower Them With Love [Round 10, Chapter 118, Ralston]
Welcome to Town, Rory [Round 10, Chapter 119, Ralston]
So Many Parents In One House [Round 10, Chapter 120, Butler]
A New Energy, A New Home [Round 10, Chapter 121, Butler]
Daddy, Meet My Baby Daddy [Round 10, Chapter 122, Butler]
Hugo Doesn’t Want To Leave the Butlers [Round 10, Chapter 123, Butler]
Parental Stamp Of Approval… Or Not [Round 10, Chapter 124, Butler]
So You’re Hugo? [Round 10, Chapter 125, Butler]
Carmen Gets Council Cousel [Round 10, Chapter 126, Butler]
Luca, Liz, Logan, Lara [Round 10, Chapter 127, Holloway]
Three Holloways Talk At A Bar [Round 10, Chapter 128, Holloway]
A Dream And A Dare [Round 10, Chapter 129, Holloway]
Meeting Up With Daniella [Round 10, Chapter 130, Holloway]
Distracting Daniella [Round 10, Chapter 131, Holloway]
Liz Leaves Luca to Handle Home [Round 10, Chapter 132, Holloway]
Liz and Luca and Their Families [Round 10, Chapter 133, Holloway]
No Heaven in the Home [Round 10, Chapter 134, Blank]
Bo Dates His Wife [Round 10, Chapter 135, Blank]
Varied Responsibility [Round 10, Chapter 136, Blank]
Bo Blank, Single Father [Round 10, Chapter 137, Blank]
Asa Is Ready To Move On [Round 10, Chapter 138, Blank]
Blanks Having Birthdays [Round 10, Chapter 139, Blank]
Bo Considers Moving On [Round 10, Chapter 140, Blank]
Wedding Planning Daniella (and Laurel) [Round 10, Chapter 141, Epstein]
Robyn and Her Baby Share The Same Birthday [Round 10, Chapter 142, Epstein]
You Are (Or Are Not) The Father [Round 10, Chapter 143, Epstein]
Life Was Perfect Until You Walked In [Round 10, Chapter 144, Epstein]
Let’s Make A Deal [Round 10, Chapter 145, Epstein]
Rehearsal Dinner [Round 10, Chapter 146, Epstein]