Chapter List for Dreams & Drama The First Edition

Want to start from the beginning? Sure you do! I’m listing the chapters in order. FYI, I’m leaving out the Author’s Notes unless they’re absolutely essential.

Round 1

Chapter 1: Meet the Holloways!
Chapter 2: Meet the Epsteins!
Chapter 3: Meet the Butlers! Okay, Just Meet Carmen
Chapter 4: Meet the Blanks!

Round 2

Chapter 5 [Holloway]: Everybody Needs a Little Time Away or, It’s Hard for Me to Say I’m Sorry
Chapter 6 [Epstein]: Stay-at-Home Says What?
Chapter 7 [Butler]: A Guide to Finding Party Guests
Chapter 8 [Blank]: Friends Friends Friends

Round 3

Chapter 9 [Holloway]: Lazy Sundays
Chapter 10 [Epstein]: Making This New Life Fit
Chapter 11 [Blank]: Being Human, Mostly
Chapter 12 [Epstein]: Laurel Is Full Of Surprises
Chapter 13 [Butler]: Hanging and More Hanging
Chapter 14 [Butler]: Gotta Get You Into My Life

Round 4

Chapter 15 [Holloway]: Finally Some Friends Their Own Ages
Author’s Note #4: Changing How Often I Switch Households
Chapter 16 [Blank]: Family Roles, Decided
Chapter 17 [Blank]: A Sixamian Secret Revealed
Chapter 18 [Blank]: Making Beds to Lie in Them
Chapter 19 [Blank]: Family Leaning On Each Other
Chapter 20 [Blank]: Making Theoretically Foolproof Plots and Plans
Chapter 21 [Blank]: Blending In With The Group
Chapter 22 [Blank]: Secret Monsters
Chapter 23: Happy Holidays From The Dreams And Drama Neighborhood Rotation

Round 5

Chapter 24 [Epstein]: A Club to Connect Us All
Chapter 25 [Epstein]: Recruiting for Laurel’s Culture Club
Author’s Note #5: I’m Clearly A Bit Lost As To How To Actually Do This
Chapter 26 [Ralston]: Meet the Ralstons!
Author’s Note #6: The Pen Pal Project

Round 6

Chapter 27 [Butler]: Finally Able To Feed Myself
Chapter 28 [Holloway]: The Inside Man
Chapter 29 [Ralston]: Being Just Friends Is Better Than Dating
Chapter 30 [Blank]: Family Time
Chapter 31 [Epstein]: We’ve Got A Problem, But We’ve Also Got A Holiday
Pen Pal Project #1: Okay, So We’re All Humdrum

Round 7

Chapter 32 [Butler]: All These Families!
Chapter 33: [Blank]: Secrets Revealed
Round 7, Chapter 34A [Ralston]: So It Wasn’t Just A Dream?!
Round 7, Chapter 34B [Ralston]:Thanks For Your Support
Round 7, Chapter 34C [Ralston]: Okay, We’re A Go For Operation Garlic Wreath
Pen Pal Project #2: Eternity, Eh?
Author’s Note #7: Let’s Talk About Posting Frequency
Hanging Out In Forgotten Hollow [Round 7, Chapter 35, Epstein]
Wrapping Things Up In Forgotten Hollow [Round 7, Chapter 36, Epstein]

Round 8

Luca Likes A Girl [Round 8, Chapter 37, Holloway]
Pen Pal Letter #3: Is It Weird That I’m Intrigued, Not Scared?
You’re Welcome Even If No One Welcomes You [Round 8, Chapter 38, Holloway]
What?! This Isn’t That Fast… [Round 8, Chapter 39, Holloway]
I Gotta Get Outta Here [Round 8, Chapter 40, Holloway]
This Wasn’t The Mission [Round 8, Chapter 41, Blank]
This Is Your Punishment [Round 8, Chapter 42, Blank]
I Didn’t Sign Up For This [Round 8, Chapter 43, Blank]
It’s Nice To Meet You [Round 8, Chapter 44, Blank]
Bo Needs Support [Round 8, Chapter 45, Blank]
You’re Still One Of Us [Round 8, Chapter 46, Blank]
Single Mothers Rock! [Round 8, Chapter 47, Butler]
Hugo Gives Carmen All The Feels [Round 8, Chapter 48, Butler]
Unannounced Visit [Round 8, Chapter 49, Butler]
Fight For Your Man [Round 8, Chapter 50, Butler]
Movin’ On Up [Round 8, Chapter 51, Ralston]
You Still Haven’t Asked Them Yet?! [Round 8, Chapter 52, Ralston]
Can You Feel The Love Tonight [Round 8, Chapter 53, Ralston]
It Goes Without Saying, Wait No It Doesn’t [Round 8, Chapter 54, Ralston]
Okay Guys, I Need Help [Round 8, Chapter 55, Ralston]
Protest At The Spice Festival [Round 8, Chapter 56, Ralston]
Shh, Just Let It Happen [Round 8, Chapter 57, Ralston]
Pen Pal Letter #4: So My Brain Isn’t Working, But That’s Okay
Garlic and Pancakes, Fruit and Pie [Round 8, Chapter 58, Epstein]
Rub My Belly For Good Luck [Round 8, Chapter 59, Epstein]
Baby, Baby, Baby [Round 8, Chapter 60, Epstein]
These Wreaths Tho… [Round 8, Chapter 61, Epstein]
Happy Birthday Laurel, Kurt, and Emilie! [Round 8, Chapter 62, Epstein]
We Are Family [Round 8, Chapter 63, Epstein]
Everybody Follow Laurel [Round 8, Chapter 64, Epstein]
(Not) Letting Luca Leave [Round 8, Chapter 65, Epstein]
Author’s Note #10: Poll RESULTS to See Who My Next Pen Pal Sim(s) Will Be — And Pen Pal Profile
Hanging Out In The Hangout [Round 8, Chapter 66, Epstein]
Inappropriate [Round 8, Chapter 67, Epstein]
Our Forever Home [Round 8, Chapter 68, Epstein]
PlantSim Challenge Completed [Round 8, Chapter 69, Epstein]

Round 9

Domestic Bliss? [Round 9, Chapter 70, Holloway]
Author’s Note #11: The Liebster Award!
Luca Is A Grown Ass Man [Round 9, Chapter 71, Holloway]
Revenge Against the Villareals [Round 9, Chapter 72, Holloway]
Being A Couple [Round 9, Chapter 73, Holloway]
Pen Pal Letter D5: Big News!!
Pen Pal Letter H1: Getting To Bro You
Let’s Make This Official [Round 9, Chapter 74, Ralston]
Let’s Make This Official… Again [Round 9, Chapter 75, Ralston]
Decision Made [Round 9, Chapter 76, Ralston]
Laurel Knows A Guy [Round 9, Chapter 77, Ralston]
Let’s Talk About It Over Dinner [Round 9, Chapter 78, Ralston]
Let’s Meet These Surrogacy Candidates [Round 9, Chapter 79, Ralston]
Aubree’s Interview [Round 9, Chapter 80, Ralston]
Candy’s Interview [Round 9, Chapter 81, Ralston]
Corina’s Interview [Round 9, Chapter 82, Ralston]
Jessie’s Interview [Round 9, Chapter 83, Ralston]
Rory’s Interview [Round 9, Chapter 84, Ralston]
Iris’s Interview [Round 9, Chapter 85, Ralston]
Author’s Note #12: And the Surrogate Is…
The Birth Of A Sim [Round 9, Chapter 86, Blank]
Sky Is Not Home Yet [Round 9, Chapter 87, Blank]
Pen Pal Letter D6: Friends
Now Sky Is Home [Round 9, Chapter 88, Blank]
Asa Gets Some Attention [Round 9, Chapter 89, Blank]
Asa, The Flirty Alien [Round 9, Chapter 90, Blank]
So Very Many Kids [Round 9, Chapter 91, Epstein]
Twin Teens [Round 9, Chapter 92, Epstein]
Deutsche Zwillinge [Round 9, Chapter 93, Epstein]
A New Season For The Epsteins [Round 9, Chapter 94, Epstein]
Woohoo Is In The Air [Round 9, Chapter 95, Epstein]
Love and War [Round 9, Chapter 96, Epstein]
So Sad, So Sorry [Round 9, Chapter 97, Epstein]
A Conversation Over Dinner [Round 9, Chapter 98, Epstein]
It Was Only A Matter Of Time [Round 9, Chapter 99, Butler]
Making It Work [Round 9, Chapter 100, Butler]
Momma Is Here For You [Round 9, Chapter 101, Butler]
Making Carmen’s Family Whole [Round 9, Chapter 102, Butler]

Round 10

Getting Jessie Settled In [Round 10, Chapter 113, Ralston]
Jessie’s First Pregnancy [Round 10, Chapter 114, Ralston]
Push ‘Em Out, Push ‘Em Out [Round 10, Chapter 115, Ralston]
A Father’s Love [Round 10, Chapter 116, Ralston]
Family [Round 10, Chapter 117, Ralston]
Shower Them With Love [Round 10, Chapter 118, Ralston]
Welcome to Town, Rory [Round 10, Chapter 119, Ralston]
So Many Parents In One House [Round 10, Chapter 120, Butler]
A New Energy, A New Home [Round 10, Chapter 121, Butler]
Daddy, Meet My Baby Daddy [Round 10, Chapter 122, Butler]
Hugo Doesn’t Want To Leave the Butlers [Round 10, Chapter 123, Butler]
Parental Stamp Of Approval… Or Not [Round 10, Chapter 124, Butler]
So You’re Hugo? [Round 10, Chapter 125, Butler]
Carmen Gets Council Cousel [Round 10, Chapter 126, Butler]
Luca, Liz, Logan, Lara [Round 10, Chapter 127, Holloway]
Three Holloways Talk At A Bar [Round 10, Chapter 128, Holloway]
A Dream And A Dare [Round 10, Chapter 129, Holloway]
Meeting Up With Daniella [Round 10, Chapter 130, Holloway]
Distracting Daniella [Round 10, Chapter 131, Holloway]
Liz Leaves Luca to Handle Home [Round 10, Chapter 132, Holloway]
Liz and Luca and Their Families [Round 10, Chapter 133, Holloway]
No Heaven in the Home [Round 10, Chapter 134, Blank]
Bo Dates His Wife [Round 10, Chapter 135, Blank]
Varied Responsibility [Round 10, Chapter 136, Blank]
Bo Blank, Single Father [Round 10, Chapter 137, Blank]
Asa Is Ready To Move On [Round 10, Chapter 138, Blank]
Blanks Having Birthdays [Round 10, Chapter 139, Blank]
Bo Considers Moving On [Round 10, Chapter 140, Blank]
Wedding Planning Daniella (and Laurel) [Round 10, Chapter 141, Epstein]
Robyn and Her Baby Share The Same Birthday [Round 10, Chapter 142, Epstein]
You Are (Or Are Not) The Father [Round 10, Chapter 143, Epstein]
Life Was Perfect Until You Walked In [Round 10, Chapter 144, Epstein]
Let’s Make A Deal [Round 10, Chapter 145, Epstein]
Rehearsal Dinner [Round 10, Chapter 146, Epstein]
The Wedding! Part 1! [Round 10, Chapter 147, Epstein]
The Wedding! Part 2! [Round 10, Chapter 148, Epstein]
The Wedding! Part 3! [Round 10, Chapter 149, Epstein]
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