2.13: Checking In With Devan and Aniyah

It had taken the rest of the summer and most of the fall before the entire Sims Success club was moved into the Culpepper Apartments. But by the first week of winter, they were all settled in and happily discussing what renovations they would do to their places in the spring. Devan and Aniyah had … Continue reading 2.13: Checking In With Devan and Aniyah

1.04: Meet Aniyah & Devan!

Dr. Elijah Cross was in San Myshuno, and having met Lupita Friedman, he was happy because he finally figured out what criteria he wanted for his club. The Friedman family were settling (but not settled down!) into life on Windenburg Island. Juniper & Maggie were acting and painting their hearts out in Del Sol Valley, … Continue reading 1.04: Meet Aniyah & Devan!