2.03: Aspen & Maggie Really Love Each Other

"Say it again," moaned Maggie. "You are the love of my life," said Aspen as she kissed Maggie on the neck. "No other woman will ever compare to you. You are my whole world." "Yes! I love you so much baby!" "I love you too, honey," said Aspen with a smile, still nuzzling Maggie's neck. … Continue reading 2.03: Aspen & Maggie Really Love Each Other

1.03: Meet Aspen & Maggie!

Darryl Cross was in San Myshuno, loving being back in the city. The Friedmans were in and around Windenburg, doing their best to not settle down. And in Del Sol Valley, an aspiring actress named Aspen Sanders and her girlfriend Maggie Kim had just moved in. Maggie wasn't so sure about Aspen dragging them to … Continue reading 1.03: Meet Aspen & Maggie!