2.04: The Friedman Household Gets Bigger

It was a typical morning at the Friedman house. Alex was still in his bear phase. Maria had entered a new picky eater phase. Ryan was whipping up a breakfast to accommodate both children's requests. And Lupita was taking it all in with a smile. Sombra was due to age up to Adult today, and … Continue reading 2.04: The Friedman Household Gets Bigger

1.10: The Friedman Bargain

Ryan and Lupita were getting pretty good at presenting a united front to their children. After Maria aged up, her tendency towards independent thinking gave them a run for their money, but they stayed strong. They had committed to meeting the Sims Success Club for a night out, but they were as committed to being … Continue reading 1.10: The Friedman Bargain

1.08: A Day in the Life of the Friedmans

"I'm so glad you didn't agree to a dog," said Lupita as she kissed Ryan on the cheek. "With everything coming up for us, there's just no way." "Trust me, my love," said Ryan, "I know. I have a big deadline coming up for that book I'm ghost writing, You have a meeting with those … Continue reading 1.08: A Day in the Life of the Friedmans

1.02: Meet the Friedman Family!

Darryl Cross was in San Myshuno living his best life, and looking forward to what the future held. Meanwhile, over on Windenburg Island, a family had just moved in. They are the Friedmans, and they are very happy to meet you! The parents are Ryan and Lupita. Their children are named Maria and Alex (short … Continue reading 1.02: Meet the Friedman Family!