About Dreams & Drama Neighborhood Rotation

Last Updated 07/24/2017

If you’ve read all my chapters (and the Author’s Notes), you’ll know that I’ve changed my format for this story multiple times. I just couldn’t decide the best way to present these characters in a way that gave them all a good story. I’ve clearly moved on from that impossible goal. Can anyone describe Kurt Epstein’s personality? Likely no. He has one, but in the Epstein house, he’s not my focus.

1) There are currently 5 main families I rotate through. As the kids age up, get married, and move out, I may focus on more households, but only if they’re connected to those main 5 families. I won’t focus on all the kids, but I will at least try to keep up with them occasionally, or send them to other stories.

2) I’ll use MC Command Center to try to keep the base game families around (Goths, Pancakes, Bjergsens, etc.). MCCC also adds a ton of drama to the lives of my Sims, and I’m encouraging it. With the exception of the occasional flag to keep a potential mate from marrying someone else, I’m letting the mod run wild.

3) I want to do sort of soap opera-y storylines, something like All My Children which I grew up watching. Laurel Epstein is definitely my Susan Lucci. In a weird way, I think Luca Holloway might be my Adam Chandler, I dunno. The game adds it’s own drama (being the father of your sister’s new wife’s baby is a grand example), which is great.

4) I’m playing a long lifespan, with the idea of continuing the generations as time moves on. I’ll only have aging on for the last household I play in each round. That’ll make birthdays and births very interesting. We may not see everyone’s births or birthday parties, but I’ll do my best to catch it when it happens.

5) I’ll treat each family like its own legacy, where the goal is to produce an heir, and then the story continues with the heir. What will they inherit? Membership in the Counsel Council of course. You age out of the club when you’re an elder, and membership will go to any blood relative of the opposite gender, ages Teen to Adult. I’m thinking I may hold a vote to see who will get the spot if there’s more than one candidate in the family.