2.18: Okay, So Juniper And Maggie Are Going To Get Married

Juniper was in the process of trying to fix her relationship with Maggie. After Maggie’s very public almost-proposal at a restaurant, things had been weird, and Juniper had given a whole speech trying to fix it. Well, not really, but she’d expressed a desire for things to get better, and it was immediately going off the rails as Maggie seemed to misunderstand what she was saying. Juniper has simply said that she should they should get married, she did not say ‘will you marry me’.

“Wait what?” asked Maggie. “Let’s back up, that’s a lot to process! Are you proposing to me right now?”

“No! You know I’d never do that in jeans,” said Juniper.

“Oh good,” said Maggie with relief, “I was about to say, moving to the city has made a new woman out of you, haha.”

“I’m still me,” said Juniper, “a woman who loves you so very much, a woman who realizes she messed up and is trying to fix it, and a woman who really really loves your hair like that.”

“Okay, so let me get this straight,” said Maggie. “You’re sorry for publicly embarrassing me by reacting with something akin to horror when I brought up marriage leading to weeks of speculation and my need to say ‘no comment’ every time some tabloid reporter calls my phone?”

“Yes,” said Juniper. “I mean, it should’ve been brought up privately, but my reaction has nothing to do with that, and–just yes, I’m sorry.”

“And you love my hair like this? Are you against the side braid?”

“No! I love that too, it’s the perfect sporty/artist signature look. This is just ‘at-home hot’ and I will show you later just how hot I think it is,” said Juniper.

“Okay,” said Maggie, “and last question, are you saying you want to get married? Because that’s different from saying we ‘should’ get married.”

Juniper just smiled at her, and Maggie was feeling impatient. “Well?”

“Come on, you know I love you and want to be with you forever,” said Juniper.

“Nope, not good enough,” said Maggie as she got up and headed to her easel.

Juniper moved to the table to watch her paint.

Well how did she get in trouble again? All Juniper had to say was that she wanted to marry Maggie and everything would’ve been fixed. But she wasn’t sure that’s what she wanted. She just wanted to be with her, building their lives together. Why did anyone ever need to get married? She took a deep breath and let the relaxing vision of Maggie making something from nothing on her canvas relax her.

She wasn’t anti-marriage, she just… she didn’t really care about it. But that’s not exactly a romantic notion to say to the woman you can’t picture the rest of your life without: I love you so much, and I see forever, but meh, I can take or leave the wedding bit. Ugh, fine, she would just suck it up and say what Maggie wanted to hear, nothing unhealthy or future disastrous about that…

Juniper cleared her throat, ready to lie her curvy ass off, “hey Maggie, I have more to say, whenever you want to take a break from your easel.”

“I can take a break now, “said Maggie, walking over to her. “What’s up?”

In very colorful language, citing Simspearean sonnets, Juniper told Maggie all about the ways in which she loved her, how she wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, and how she wanted to marry her. She was a famous actress after all, she got through the words convincingly, and Maggie finally seemed happy.

They agreed that they would get engaged soon. They weren’t huge stars yet, but they were starting to be known, so they needed to give an answer the confusion they’d caused. Maggie said to leave everything to her, she had a great idea for a real proposal, and she couldn’t wait to put a ring on Juniper’s delicate yet sexy finger.

Juniper smiled in anticipation, knowing that she’d finally resolved their weeks long semi-fight. But she quietly admitted to herself that things were unlikely to go back to normal any time soon, if ever.

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