2.17: Juniper Prepares To Fix Her Relationship

Juniper was feeling the same stress that Maggie was, but she was more of a take action kind of person. Maggie had shut her down the day before when she tried to talk about their issues, so she needed a different plan of attack. Much like Elise Elliot of the First Wives Club, she did her best thinking while exercising.

She changed into her sweats and hopped on the treadmill, reminded by the pile of clothes at her feet that laundry needed to be done.

Juniper was thinking hard about her problem. Maggie had basically proposed to her, and her reaction was less than stellar. She was shocked, and clearly unhappy, at the suggestion, so Maggie had backed off of the idea. They were out in public at a restaurant where they’d already had interactions with fans, and the whole thing was just embarrassing. Juniper had felt surprised and a bit put on the spot, she couldn’t help her reaction. She didn’t want to embarrass Maggie, but what did she expect to happen?

Juniper didn’t like the idea of a public proposal, but she had to admit the gossip mill buzzing about whether the two ladies were officially engaged was proving to be good for both of their careers. Maggie’s gallery was begging for a Ladies In Love series, and Juniper barely had to audition to book Wild Flames. Not that she’d ever get engaged just for career purposes, but it wasn’t a bad perk.

Still, she couldn’t fix this the way she wanted to: proposing to Maggie herself. She didn’t want to steal Maggie’s thunder, plus she knew she could never pull off a proposal as good as one Maggie would put together. Juniper couldn’t believe she was even thinking about proposing. Guess that talk with Venessa had really done it’s job. She didn’t realize she’d been holding on to all this angst about getting married. She didn’t know if Maggie was the one, or if anyone ever really would be the one, but she loved her and saw no reason they shouldn’t get married.

Juniper looked at herself in the mirror, feeling resolved about what she was going to do. She just wanted their lives to go back to normal, and anything to get them there was worth it.

After throwing the clothes in the laundry and hopping in the shower, Juniper sat at the makeup table. She loved her outfit, nothing says you mean business like a little camo, but she needed to soften her face. There were so many mirrors in the house, which gave her many opportunities to appreciate what she saw in the reflection, but she also promised herself that they were renovating the place after Christmas. Well, maybe after New Year’s if there was to also be a wedding,

Juniper finished updating her makeup, satisfied with the results. She had a plan of attack for when Maggie arrived back home from work. But it was tricky. She didn’t want Maggie thinking she was proposing, only to find out she wasn’t, that would just make things worse. She figured that keeping things super casual should help. They were fancy ladies, if either of them was going to propose, they wouldn’t do it wearing jeans. She hoped they were on the same page about that.

Maggie arrived home from work and changed into her favorite tank top and shorts. They both were happy to pay a little more in heating costs so they could still wear their clothes from back when they lived in Del Sol Valley. Neither one was ready to give up on wearing shorts year round just yet.

Juniper asked Maggie to join her in the kitchen. “Okay, so three things. One, I know I made things weird by my reaction at dinner a few weeks ago and I’m really really really really sorry, but I want to make it up to you. Two, you look really hot with your hair up like that, love that you’re switching it up. And three, I think you were right and we should get married. What do you think of that?”

“Wait what?” asked Maggie. “Let’s back up, that’s a lot to process! Are you proposing to me right now?”

2 thoughts on “2.17: Juniper Prepares To Fix Her Relationship

  1. Hmmm…. Not giving the other time to process seems to be a bit of a theme here! But they do process eventually and send to forgive a little bit of awkwardness! They’re very cute.


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