2.16: Juniper’s Friend Venessa Tells It Like It Is

After all the cake had been delivered to all the club members neighbors, Maggie went to bed early because she had a “headache”, and Juniper stayed up working on her comedy skill. She had an upcoming role on season 6 of Wild Flames, and they needed a higher skill level than she had, so to The Royal We microphone she went. She was trying to riff a bit about having commitment issues, but she felt weird doing it, and stopped as soon as she skilled up. Not a good place to be in when you didn’t even find yourself amusing.

She also headed to bed for the night and decided tomorrow would be a new day. Maggie was up and off to work, setting up her exhibit at the Casbah Gallery in the Arts Quarter. Having done most of her prep work for the gig, she didn’t have much to do except sit alone with her thoughts, so she was grateful when a distraction showed up in the form of her friend and fellow actress Venessa Jeong.

Actually, it was Venessa Le Chien now. She had just gotten married to Joaquin Le Chien, and they were talking about maybe having children soon. “I can’t believe you went and got married,” said Juniper, “and so soon! It feels like you and Joaquin just met!”

“Well not everyone needs to just date forever and ever–no shade,” replied Venessa. “I love him, he loves me, we want the same things out of life. For me, it was pretty simple. He supports my career as an actress, and I support his as an entertainer, He’s not famous yet like I am, but you wouldn’t believe some of the parties he’s able to get us on the guest list for!”

“Parties??” asked Juniper in disbelief. “I just assumed that once you were married, y’all were gonna be home on the couch every night watching the new.”

Venessa snorted in laughter. “You can’t be serious, haha, marriage doesn’t change who you are, You get to decide for yourself what type of married you’ll have.”

Venessa continued, “what’s most important is–wait, is that why you and Maggie have never ‘settled down?’ Is it because you think of that as actually settling down, becoming boring, and just withering away until you die?”

“No, not quite exactly that,” said Juniper sounding a little defensive, “it’s just, well it’s hard to explain.”

“Try me,” said Venessa.

“How about I grab us some food, you hungry?” Juniper jumped up, eager to put some distance between herself and this converation.

“No, but feel free to eat, I’m not going anywhere,” said Venessa.

Venessa kept talking while Juniper was rummaging around in the fridge for leftover fruit salad. “You know, no one’s going to judge you if you do or don’t get married. It’s completely up to you, but don’t blame not getting married on not wanting to make your life boring. If you remove that excuse, what’s left underneath it? What are you really so hesitant about?”

Juniper didn’t really have a good answer to that question, so she plastered a smile back on her face as she returned to the couch. “These are all great questions Venessa, and Maggie and I will figure them out together. But enough about me, tell me about all the great things you and your new husband are up to!”

“Actually, speaking of my husband,” said Venessa getting up, “I have to head out. I’m supposed to meet him for dinner before we head to his show tonight. He’s got a DJ gig, all his friends and his whole club will be there, and I think he wants to show off his hot new semi-famous wife. I wish I could say I was bugged by the obligation, but you know I love this stuff. Plus, it’s at The Narwhal Arms out in Olde Platz in Windenburg, you never know who you might run into there!”

“Oh no, really? I thought we were gonna hang and watch the Klumzee Sisters again,” said a disappointed Juniper. “Come on, don’t you wanna stay and hang with your girl and convince her that getting married doesn’t ruin everything you held dear prior to the wedding?”

“Um, no,” said Venessa, “I don’t think anything can convince you of that. Don’t be afraid to be alone with your thoughts hun. I love you, and I’ll see you soon.”

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