2.15: Juniper & Maggie Are Really Polite To Each Other

[Author’s Note: So it’s been a while since we’ve been in the Sanders household. I thought it might be nice to include a quick refresher. Juniper and Maggie really love each other, that was even the title of the last post in their household. They are both following their dreams: each has a bit of fame, a growing career, and a beautiful woman inside and out to love. Their only drama is that Juniper joined the Sims Success Club even though there wasn’t a spot for Maggie. Feel free to re-read the last post to remind yourself of these two and their dynamic, which I really enjoy playing!]

Last Sanders Household Post: Juniper & Maggie Really Love Each Other

Maggie took a lot of baths. It was kind of her thing as of late. As a jealous Sim, she occasionally came up with problematic explanations any time something was less than perfect in her relationship. Taking baths helped keep her calm. Ever since her sort-of proposal didn’t really go anywhere… Let’s just say she needed near daily baths to trust that her relationship with Juniper was on solid ground.

Sure, it’s not like Maggie got down on one knee with a ring, but Juniper knew she meant it when she said they should get married. The fact that they weren’t officially engaged after that conversation was difficult to accept. But Maggie would just pour more of her angst into her paintings and figure out her next move with Juniper later.

They were just so polite to each other now. Everything was weird and Maggie didn’t know how to make it better. She got out of the tub and joined Juniper in the kitchen.

“Hey Juniper, what are you cooking up over there?” asked Maggie.

“Oh, just making a white cake,” said Juniper. “How was your bath?”

“It was lovely, thanks. A white cake?”

“Yes, I know,” said Juniper, “we never have sweets around, but I thought it would be a nice gesture for the clu– for the neighbors.” Juniper hated bringing up the club because it always seemed to upset Maggie that there still wasn’t a spot open for her to join. The club perks they’d earned had been spent on other things, not on adding a new spot, and she didn’t want to get into it again.

“Yes, I get it,” replied Maggie, ignoring that Juniper was talking about the club members yet again. “I think that could be nice. Neighbors helping neighbors. They are my neighbors too after all. Anything I can do to help?”

” Actually yes,” said Juniper. “After the cake is done, you could help me cut it up and then we’ll take everyone’s slices to them together. Would that be okay?”

“Of course, always happy to help,” said Maggie.


Juniper finished the cake, and went to pull it out of the oven. It looked excellent and she turned to show Maggie the result, feeling quite proud of herself.

As she turned, Maggie was walking away, her body language a little too neutral.



“I finished the cake? Don’t you want to see?”

Maggie barely turned her head to look back as she headed for a seat at the table. “Yes, it looks great, and I’m sure it tastes just as good. Just set it down for me.”

Juniper set the cake down on the table and decided that maybe it was time they finally talk about some things. She sat across from Maggie and took a deep breath. “Hey Maggie,” started Juniper, “I think we should–“

“Oh wow, this cake smells amazing!” Maggie cut her off. I would say grab your coat so we could do our cake delivery, but luckily we only have to walk around the hallway. I’m really glad we moved into the city, aren’t you?”

Resigned that for now their conversation wasn’t about to happen, and the near unbearable politeness was going to continue, Juniper plastered a smile on her face and replied, “yes I’m really glad we moved here too.”

Maggie seemed disappointed in that response, or rather that Juniper had just let it go so easily, but she figured that’s what you get when you send mixed signals. Oh well.

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