2.03: Juniper & Maggie Really Love Each Other

“Say it again,” moaned Maggie.

“You are the love of my life,” said Juniper as she kissed Maggie on the neck. “No other woman will ever compare to you. You are my whole world.”

“Yes! I love you so much baby!”

“I love you too, honey,” said Juniper with a smile, still nuzzling Maggie’s neck.

“Now I’ve been distraction enough,” said Juniper, “go get some paintings done. Gotta keep that fame up so you stay the obvious choice when a spot opens up in the club.”

“You know, I’ve been thinking,” said Maggie, “should I really join the club? I mean what would be the point when I get included in most things anyway?”

“Mags, you cannot count on that always being the case,” said Juniper, “being invited to Lupita’s celebratory dinner was her idea, not Elijah’s. And he’s the club leader. I can’t just show up to exclusive club events with you without his permission first. You wouldn’t want to put me in an awkward position would you?”

“Of course not, honey muffin,” said Maggie, feeling a bit miffed, “I just thought that, you know, in case he picks someone else to take the new spot, I’d still get to come to things. You know how I hate being apart from you.”

“Yes, I know,” said Juniper, “but that spot is as good as yours, I promise. Now go. Paint. Be great!”

Maggie did as she was told and headed outside to her easels.

Juniper used the time to go for a run. Her next audition wasn’t until tomorrow, so she used her free time wisely. And staying in shape was a top priority due to the nature of her job. Even with all her curves, directors still expected her to be toned with a flat belly. She yearned for the day when appearances weren’t the first thing to get a foot in the door for the Actress career track, but she knew there wasn’t much she could do about it on her own.

Maggie painted the afternoon away. She was at her happiest when she was standing in front of her easel, paintbrush in hand. She knew that being a jealous perfectionist didn’t make her the easiest partner to please, but she smiled at the thought of how hard Juniper worked to keep her happy. She decided she would take Juniper out to dinner that night just to thank her for being so wonderful.

That night, the ladies headed to Villa Bovine. A fancy steak dinner was always a nice way to say thanks and I love you. Maggie unfortunately hadn’t checked the weather in Newcrest, and they landed in the middle of a thunderstorm. Juniper assured her the weather wasn’t going to ruin their romantic night, and they should just head inside to grab a table.

The restaurant had a good number of patrons in spite of the weather, but Maggie’s and Juniper’s new celebrity status afforded them a nice table. They were in a far corner and unlikely to be disturbed.

They did get one fan, the nice lady from the next table Dr. Supriya Delgato. She was a veterinarian but looking to become a gym trainer instead. This time Maggie was the one who was able to send the fan on her way, but not until she basked in the compliments. It was quite nice to have a complete stranger complimenting her latest painting to be sold to a gallery.

Once they were alone again, they were up to all the typical date behavior like smiling wordlessly at each other and leaving their seats for unabashed moments of PDA.

After enjoying lovely conversation over rack of lamb with wine followed by apple pie with coffee, both women were feeling well fed and in love.

“I really you you Juniper Sanders,”

“And I really love you Margaret Kim.”

“I hope it’s always like this,” said Maggie.

“Me too,” said Juniper.

“I want this forever,” said Maggie.

“Me too,” said Juniper.

“So I think we should get married,” said Maggie.

“Me t–wait, what??”

7 thoughts on “2.03: Juniper & Maggie Really Love Each Other

  1. Hum. I have a bad feeling about this. Maggie is clingy, and Aspen doesn’t seems very…excited about getting married right way….She should work out those fears of hers, they might get in the wa of having an *actual* good relationship.

    One *very* good day doesn’t mean you should to spend the rest of your lifes together, Maggie.

    Aspen sure is in a tought spot now.

    Liked by 1 person

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