1.09: Lupita’s Success

Things were going well in the Friedman house, particularly for Lupita. She was at work when she got the call. They wanted her to run for Lieutenant Governor!

This was a bit faster than her personal timeline. If she got it, it might mean being away from home even more than she’d previously planned. She was really glad she didn’t agree to the dog. She knew Ryan was able to hold down the home front without her, and she thought it would benefit the Sims Success Club if she jumped a few rungs on the career ladder. The answer was clear.

She had been practicing her charisma with small speeches here and there, so she felt ready for the spotlight. Everything went well, and she was officially on the ticket! It was only a matter of time before she was running the Sim world.

When the club leader Elijah Cross heard about her good news, he insisted the club take her out for dinner. They met up at the Diving Pelican, the new seafood restaurant in Magnolia Promenade.

Because it was her night, and to set a nice precedent, Lupita insisted that Juniper call up Maggie and invite her to join them for dinner. Elijah agreed because he wanted to see if Maggie would be a good fit for the club once he could add her. And no one says no to Lupita.

When they were seated at their table, there was a random fan that just stood by their table and gushed over how much she enjoyed watching all of their SimTube channels. Maggie, the only one without a huge online presence, happily engaged the fan and was this close to inviting her to join them at the empty seat, but Lupita kindly invited the woman to return to her own seat.

As the group perused the menu, Maggie asked them a question.  “Is it like that when you all get together? Just random fans coming up to talk with you?”

“The club just started meeting,” said Ryan, “so honestly, I’m not sure yet. But most of us are still Notable Newcomers, so our fans are happy to see us, but not usually so enthusiastic.”

“Maybe I should do more with social media,” said Maggie, “because I never get that kind of reaction in public. Is that why I wasn’t picked to join this club?”

“Not now sweetie,” said Juniper, not looking up from her menu. “We’re here to celebrate Lupita, not interrogate everyone.”

“Of course,” said Maggie. “I was just asking a question.”

When it was dark enough outside, the lights came on in the restaurant and on the patio. “Ah, that’s much better,” said Lupita. “I can see you all now. I’ve been thinking about what Elijah talked about in our first meeting. I think we can certainly help each other accomplish our goals, and if any of you have something you want me to help with, just let me know.

“Along those lines, I have something I’d like to ask for your help with. I’ve been tapped to run as Lieutenant Governor in the race because the guy they picked… let’s just say he needed to step out of the spotlight. So I’ll be posting and tweeting about the race. If you could each re-post at least one thing a week with the hashtag #NoSimLeftBehind until the election, that would be great.”

Everyone agreed as the food arrived, but not nearly as enthusiastically as Devan. “I’d do anything to help you Lupita,” said Devan. “I really believe in your cause, and I’m happy to help with whatever you need. Whatever you need.”

Seeing her friend doing the most, Aria went into Operation-Keep-Devan-From-Getting-His-Ass-Kicked mode. She struck up a conversation with Lupita’s husband Ryan, hoping to distract him from noticing her friend drooling all over the place.

The topic of conversation moved on, and thankfully Ryan didn’t seem to notice Devan making puppy dog eyes at his wife. As they were wrapping up dinner, Aria mentioned she’d heard about a party the next night out at the ruins. Her friend Brent Hecking promised it would be a good time for all. Everyone agreed to meet up and said their goodbyes for now.

4 thoughts on “1.09: Lupita’s Success

  1. Lupita sure is a strong woman! I didn’t know you could gain fame in the politics career. The more you know.

    Devan, boiiii, keep your hand to yourself. You can’t start going after a married woman, with childrem, to top it off! Ryan dosen’t seem like the jealou type, but he sure ain’t blind, either!

    I can see that the ”fame” aspect of this is going to make things even more interresting. The scandals will all be *very* public!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You can gain fame in pretty much any career that has tasks that you can do outside of the rabbithole. For the Politics career, most of her fame comes from streaming her interactions, but he Give Speech and Protest actions both add Fame.

      Devan has quite the crush on Lupita. I hope for his sake he reels it in!

      And yes, having fame will make much more of their lives public. Though you’d be surprised what they’re still able to get away with simply by turning the livestream drone off… 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I love Lupita! Trying not to play favorites just yet, but she’s kind of my Laurel from the original D&D. I spent waaaay too much time in their house, so I’m going to get to know the other Sims a bit more, haha

      Liked by 1 person

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