1.06 Do You Want to Join the Sims Success Club?

Elijah had found a new point of interest for his livestreams. Sims loved to watch him meet new people. And if those new people were hot and single like Sara Joyson, well that was an added bonus.

Elijah loved spending time with new hotties. He really really did.

He didn’t want to become too famous for the wrong things though, so he stayed focused on the big plan. After working his contacts, Elijah had identified the perfect members for his new club.

There was this cool couple out on Windenburg Island, the Friedmans. Ryan was a well-known writer and Lupita was a popular and effective community organizer–Elijah had to have this power couple in his club.

There was a set of friends in Oasis Springs named Aniyah and Devan who were making a splash live streaming their cooking prowess and BFF shenanigans–they were both in.

There was also another couple in Del Sol Valley named Juniper and Maggie. Juniper was an actress and Maggie was a painter–Elijah wanted them both, but he could only add one more club member, and he’d decided on Juniper. He was sure Maggie would understand.

The club members were identified, and the invitations were sent. Elijah chose the Newcrest Bowling Alley as their meeting place since it gave all of them a chance to get out of their home locations and let their hair down. Plus, it had recently become one of the hottest spots in town, a place to see and be seen. He secured a club meeting room upstairs next to the VIP section, and he couldn’t wait for the rest of the new club members to see.

The first club meeting was set, and everyone he invited showed up. It was the end of the first week of summer, and it was hot in Newcrest. Elijah was impressed at how in sync they were at the vague suggestion from him that they dress “polished.” As he led the club upstairs from the bowling alley to their room, he had a good feeling that this was going to work out well.

Everyone gathered at the table for the first meeting. As they sat down, Elijah got a really good look at Aniyah. She was even more beautiful in person and had this sparkly smile. She was definitely his type (let’s face it… who wasn’t?), but his dance card was a bit full at the moment, and he didn’t want to risk messing up the club before it even started. He was about to lean to his other side to ask Devan if it was really really true that he and Aniyah were just friends, but he couldn’t because Devan was too distracted by Lupita–and so was Juniper.

Elijah decided to skip the part where they acknowledged that Sims in the room were obviously attracted to other Sims in the room. He hoped Lupita’s husband Ryan was not the jealous type. He looked around the table, smiling at everyone in turn, and said, “thank you all for meeting me here today. You might be wondering why I asked you to come here today.”

“I’m not,” said Juniper. “I looked you up on Simstagram, and I saw your story about starting the club. I think it’s really cool what you’re trying to do, and once I was sure this wasn’t going to be some weird sex cult, I knew I had to join.”

“Heh, no… not a weird sex cult,” said Elijah. “I just think that we have similar goals in life. We want to make an impact on the world and make Sims stand up and take notice of us and our contributions. And I think there’s strength in numbers. I’m hoping today, we can just get to know each other, see if we click. And from there we’ll discuss how we can help each other advance in our careers, our communities, everything. So what do you think? Do you want to join the Sims Success Club?”

“Hell yeah,” said Aniyah, gesturing to herself and Devan, “we’re in!” Devan smiled his agreement.

Ryan and Lupita had one of those silent married-folk eye conversations, then Ryan turned to Elijah and nodded their assent.

“Oh yes I’m in,” said Juniper, “but my girlfriend is going to kill me if I don’t ask… Is there room for one more? Her name is Margaret, but everyone calls her Maggie. She’s a very talented painter, and she’s really fun to be around once she settles in. She’s considered a Notable Newcomer too, just like all of us. And it would really mean a lot to me if you would consider it.”

“Yeah… about that…,” said Elijah. “I actually did consider Maggie for the club. I wanted to invite you both, but new club charters for Sims only let you have 6 members to start. I’ve been told that after we’ve established ourselves, we could potentially add more members. Would that be okay?”

“Wait,” said Juniper, “you thought about adding her, but picked the five of us instead? Yeah, I cannot tell her that. It would be better to pretend you didn’t even know about her at all. No, don’t laugh, I’m serious.”

“Dude,” said Aniyah, “Maggie is an amazing painter! I have my notifications on for her Simstagram so I never miss a post. I can’t believe you picked me and Devan over her, all we post is food and pranks. What gives bruh?”

“Well…,” began Elijah, looking uncomfortable. “I’ll be honest. I wanted to have an even number of men and women to start. You know… to keep things equal and fair… Wait that doesn’t sound right. You know what I mean? No… you don’t know what I mean…”

“I’m, sorry, what?” Lupita raised one eyebrow dangerously, and as Elijah was about to open his mouth to try to explain further, Ryan shushed him as a warning that Elijah thankfully heeded.

“Don’t worry my love,” said Ryan. “What’s done is done, no need to beat up our new club leader about it. Let’s just all agree we can teach him some things about equality, eh?”

“Yeah, I definitely cannot tell her this–and neither can any of you,” said Juniper. “Swear it, right now, even if she joins the club later, she never hears about this.”

“I don’t feel comfortable lying to your girlfriend,” said Devan.

“Well if you want me to stay in this club,” said Juniper, “you all have to agree. I don’t need these type of problems upsetting my home.”

“Wow, diva,” said Aniyah. “Okay, we agree, damn girl. It’s like that at home?”

“Don’t worry about it, chica,” added Lupita, “we all–except super single Elijah here–understand the importance of a happy home–”

“We’re not dating,” said Aniyah and Devan in practiced exasperated unison.

“Sí, yes, I’ve seen your videos,” said Lupita, “you’re just friends. Solo amigos,” she added with an eye roll. “But still, you’ve lived together for how long? So we all understand that Juniper deserves peace in her home by not unnecessarily upsetting the person she lives with.”

“Fine, fine, we’ll keep the secret,” said Devan with a loud sigh, also failing at his attempt not to smile at Lupita.

“Okay,” said Elijah with an uncomfortable chuckle. “Now that that’s settled, let’s grab some food from the buffet and get to know each other and this place. Feel free to roam around, even go bowling with me downstairs if you’d like. There are shoes in that cabinet over there so we don’t have to use the gross ones downstairs.”

The club was officially established!

Elijah Cross: fearless leader and the man with the plan.

Lupita Friedman: firecracker extraordinaire and here to keep everyone in check.

Ryan Friedman: witty wordsmith and always ready with the voice of reason.

Devan Walter: prankster chef and somehow the quiet one of this group.

Aniyah Jacobs: a beauty inside and out and here to keep it real.

Juniper Sanders, real life drama queen and for now the proud owner of a happy home.

And Miss Kitty.

12 thoughts on “1.06 Do You Want to Join the Sims Success Club?

  1. Best club member is ,hands down, Miss Kitty.

    I think it’s a nice idea to get everyone with a similar goal getting together, and I’m looking forward to the interactions that the members will have with each others!

    I’m not sure what I think about Aspen making everyone lie to protect her. This could go falling down, if she’s not catious enought, I mean, truth is very importante in a marriage, so all this lies in order to ”keep peace” could make her little home be destroyed in a a flash.

    This is already starting in full drama (and maybe even with a bit of forshadowing?)!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Miss Kitty is the best! She will nap literally anywhere, haha.

      And yes… what could possibly go wrong with 6 near strangers agreeing to tell a lie to keep someone they barely know at peace? That’s totally going to work out just fine.


    1. Thanks! There’s a lot of Sims to remember, and I know how I have struggled with new stories to remember everyone. Some chapters, they never mention the Sim’s names, and I’m like… but what are their names?? Haha, so I’m trying to help folks remember in case they’ve forgotten.

      And o didn’t realize when I was naming everyone that their names are similar too. Aria and Aspen, Darryl and Devan… Smh, such a shame, lol 🤷🏾‍♀️

      Hopefully their looks and personalities will be enough to keep them clear over time. 🙂

      And yes, the drama has already started 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes! You are right! Sometimes it’s all he said and he said and we have no idea their names! So,thank you for that! I try really hard to say the names often through the chapter. Also so you know for sure who’s speaking if there are more than two sims in the convo! And I feel your pain for similar names. It try hard to keep,them different and just realized I have two dark haired men in my story with E names….ugh. Oh well. But I appreciate the character recap and up close pics so much! At least they are quite diverse!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You know what it really is? At least for me, when u get to make Sims, I want them to be good looking, and it turns out my idea of “good looking” is pretty narrow, haha, at least when I’m making Sims. So they always end up looking alike, and trying to make them look different, even when they’re different races and genders, proves a struggle. I’m working on it though…

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Getting them all in one room was tough! And their fans do NOT care about a locked door, haha. At one point there were at least 4 fainted fans littering the floor and I couldn’t get any pictures taken. So I may have to investigate other ways for the club to hangout.


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