1.05 Elijah Starts His Road to Fame

Now that we’ve met the four households that are starting this rotation, let’s get them all together, shall we?

All these Sims were new (or new again) to their locations, but they were quick to make new friends and get established in their jobs. They were each thinking they needed a little something extra to take themselves to the next level. Little did they know that Elijah had a solution for them.

Elijah was in his bathroom after a date, practicing to get his charisma skill up. He was also thinking about the other day when he randomly joined Lupita Friedman’s protest in the Spice District.

He knew he wanted to make a big impact on the world. Reaching his dream of being a doctor would go a long way towards that goal, but he wanted to do more. Having the right friends, people who could add to his own influence, would be essential. And what’s the best way to gather Sims? A club of course!

As he ate dinner, he thought. Who did he know? And who did they know? He’d have to send some messages out, and build his circle. And finding a way to raise his own profile was essential. He was already making a name for himself at the hospital.

But those outside of the medical community wouldn’t care who he was. He mulled over what might be the quickest way to become a recognizable face.

The solution seemed obvious. He would have to become an internet celebrity. It couldn’t be that hard to be famous for being famous, right? He would just have to buy a drone, and start streaming everything. And picking up some niche hobby would give the Sims something to care about, and maybe add fame or a side hustle income.

Woodworking was the first idea he had. But would it work? Would Sims spend their time watching a livestream of a random hot doctor building furniture? Nah, that couldn’t be a good idea. What about learning to play the piano? He could learn to play and have Miss Kitty sit on his lap. Sims would love that? No, he’d feel ridiculous if Miss Kitty didn’t cooperate.

Maybe photography! He could take a drone to all the cool places around the world and let Sims watch him develop his skills as an amateur photographer. Yes, that was it! Photography was a nice niche hobby for a doctor to have, and very Simstagrammable! Elijah bought the Appreciable Average Digital Camera and a drone to start his road to fame.

After dinner, he headed to Myshuno Meadows. His first photos were okay, nothing to cry home about. But live streaming on the drone was success! Everyone talked about how much they loved getting to see for themselves the area he was photographing. Plus, there was scuttlebutt that there had been a murder in the park, so everyone was looking for ghosts. He ended up gaining followers and now had 435. Not bad for an hour’s work. Plus, he earned almost 50 Simoleons when he sold the photographs to an online tourist blog.

His new fans also seemed to enjoy watching Elijah love on Miss Kitty too. Who knew hot doctor/amateur photographer/cat man were such a potent fame combo?

Soon Elijah had enough fame to be considered a Notable Newcomer. Now all he had to do was start the club for Sims like himself. Sims who were new in this world, but already making a name for themselves. Sims who wanted to harness that fame and good reputation to make an impact on the world around them. What kind of impact would they have? Well… Elijah didn’t quite know yet, but he knew that with the right people, anything was possible.

6 thoughts on “1.05 Elijah Starts His Road to Fame

  1. The club is a good idea. Bring everyone together, like last time!

    Anyway….I would totally watch some hot doctor building furniture, like 10/10. Thought I’m glad he choose photography, his picture seemed really nice! And I get why people would like to see him playing with his cat.”Hot doctor playing with fluffy cat” seems like a good video to me!

    Thought, that fame life might get in the way of being a doctor. All the paparazzi and stuff.

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    1. “Thought, that fame life might get in the way of being a doctor. All the paparazzi and stuff.” I was thinking the exact same thing! I cannot wait to see how the club member’s fame gets in the way of their regular lives.

      They couldn’t even hold a club meeting without paparazzi coming in. I’ve really got to figure out what I’m doing wrong with locked doors, haha.

      I really enjoy Darryl, but yes, he’s got to find his what-will-keep-me-famous niche.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Darryl is fun. His characterization was originally imagined for a sex-positive woman, so I’m looking forward to playing with subverting expectations, like that he’ll be some type of player because of his behavior so far. Or that his social interactions may or may not influence his career path.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I am excited to see these characters interact and develop friendships! We see their first club meeting in the next chapter. I had fun incorporating the fame system into things this time around.

      And I hope we’ll see more of Jacques. He’s a neighbor of the Friedmans, and he’s really hit it off with Lupita. I have a story in my mind about their families being from the same native Spanish Sim world, but that may end up being more head canon if they take me in a different direction.

      Liked by 1 person

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