1.02: Meet the Friedman Family!

Darryl Cross was in San Myshuno living his best life, and looking forward to what the future held. Meanwhile, over on Windenburg Island, a family had just moved in. They are the Friedmans, and they are very happy to meet you! The parents are Ryan and Lupita. Their children are named Maria and Alex (short … Continue reading 1.02: Meet the Friedman Family!

Rebooted D&D!! 1.01: Meet Darryl Cross!

This is the first chapter in a new story. You will meet some new Sims, and we will explore their lives, their dreams, and yes, their drama. First, I'd like to introduce you to Darryl Cross. He was born and raised in San Myshuno, a real city boy. He left for University because he had … Continue reading Rebooted D&D!! 1.01: Meet Darryl Cross!

Reboot to this Neighborhood Rotation

You guys! I really don't know what to say, but I accidentally deleted everything. Everything! I feel like I could cry. I was trying to reboot my other laptop, and I emptied a folder to make more room, and didn't realize I was permanently removing a file that was synced across the cloud. I seriously … Continue reading Reboot to this Neighborhood Rotation