The Wedding! Part 2! [Round 10, Chapter 148, Epstein]

[If you haven’t read part one, read it here.]

After the ceremony, the guests watched the fireworks, then headed back inside to enjoy the reception–and to escape the heat. Two wedding guests got the most compliments on their outfits. They weren’t upstaging the bride and groom, but Carmen and Gavin just couldn’t help themselves when it came to showing up and showing out.

The food hadn’t officially been served yet, but as usual, that didn’t stop the gluttons in the crew. At least this time it was Lesley Branham, not Liz Holloway.

Daniella and Quincy went through all the basics of a wedding reception quickly. They wanted to party!

The wedding venue seemed to get almost every couple there in a mood to canoodle. Baby Branham seemed to be affected the most. He found his wife and pulled her close.

The mood was also affecting Hugo and Carmen.

And J Patel and his wife.

And Hugo and Carmen some more.

Bo thought he’d found his blind date, but she turned out to be the wife of groomsman Zane.

With all these couples having all these moments, it seemed the dancing would never start.

“Greetings, Luca,” said Bo. “I cannot find my date. I thought you said she would find me by now.”

“Yeah… that is weird man,” said Luca. “Let me text my friend and see. Maybe she got cold feet and decided she wasn’t ready to date.”

“That is something I can relate to,” said Bo. “Please let me know as soon as you hear back.”

“This day has been perfect,” said Laurel. “I know,” responded Kurt.

“You’re the bride’s grandmother,” said Jim Holloway. “That’s right, and I’m her favorite,” said Hillary Epstein. “Heh, that’s nice,” said Jim. “Are you single?”

“I don’t think your date is coming,” said Jim. “Sorry about that. That’s the last time I help a friend play matchmaker.”

“That is okay,” said Bo. “It is probably for the best. Maybe I should go find Heaven.”

The DJ with the ironic mustache finally got the party going.

Soon many of the guests were on the dance floor, rocking to the music.

Laurel slid past the bride and groom, who were dancing to the beat of their own music, to ask her eldest daughter a question. “Um… what in the world going on here?”

“What? Oh! Um… we were just about to take a selfie, but then got distracted by how pretty Daniella looks,” said Robyn. Laurel mumbled something about millennials as she grabbed another piece of cake and walked away.

Robyn shook her head back and forth as if to clear it, then took a huge step away from Baby. “What in the deleted save file was that, Baby?! We’re in the middle of a wedding surrounded by family and friends. You can’t just… I can’t… Look, didn’t we agree to put some space there so we could focus on the things that are really important to us?”

“You’re right,” said Baby, “we promised to give each other space, so I will leave you alone. But I need you to know that you are one of the things that are really important to me.”

Behind him, Quincy whispered in his wife’s ear and asked her to take a walk with him.

On the other side of the room, Jim gave Luca the signal and they headed outside.

Jim took one look at Luca and asked, “why did you take off your tux jacket?”

“Just in case. Why did you keep yours on?”

“Because I don’t expect this to get messy. This isn’t my first time to the show,” said Jim.

“But it’s a vampire,” said Luca.

“I’m not worried, but you do what you need to. I just got a message from Vlad,” said Jim. “She will be here soon. Get ready.”

“I am ready,” said Luca. “Do you think we really should have told Bo that his blind date wasn’t coming?”

“He was asking too many questions,” said Jim. “and I think it will work better this way. As long as someone at this wedding can vouch for the fact that she ‘never arrived,’ we’re covered.”

“Okay, so we’ll just say we were told our attempt at finding another guy for her as a way of making peace was called off because she found out Bo was an alien,” said Luca.

“Exactly, and Vlad can say she changed her mind when she considered it as a chance to research a possible new food source for her coven,” said Jim. “She wouldn’t be aware of our deal with Vlad yet.”

Luca nodded and said, “and he can say he figured she would tell us herself that it was back on when she got here. So it makes sense that none of us can figure out what may have happened to her en route. That’s perfect! Practically foolproof.”

“Okay, okay, keep it in your pants,” said Jim. “No plan is perfect, and this one certainly isn’t foolproof. I’m going to hide, and you just go to your spot. If she flies in, we won’t have time to hide.”

“Right,” mumbled Luca under his breath as he took his place by the entrance to the building. “If I’m going to get rid of my friend’s baby’s daddy’s wife, I want it to go well.”

***To Be Continued***

13 thoughts on “The Wedding! Part 2! [Round 10, Chapter 148, Epstein]

  1. Okay, can I just say that “What in the deleted save file?!” 100% stole the chapter for me?! 😂 That was so funny and clever. I giggled out loud!

    I loved seeing Baby and Robyn have that little moment 😉 And more people looking fantastic in this chapter (I cant even imagine how long it took you to dress everyone, good lord!)

    But WOW… It was so shocking to see Luca actually go through with it and kill Iman! I always liked Luca, but we’re seeing so much more of his darker side ever since his dad came to town! God, I wonder how Daniella would feel if she knew her dad and brother murdered someone at her wedding 😬 And Carmen and Hugo’s reactions should be interesting… Hmm… I can’t decide how I’m predicting they’ll react! LOL I could see it going a couple different ways.

    Great chapter! But I’m sad I’m almost caught up now!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Get it, Carmen!

    Chunky Akira still makes me laugh.

    “Heh, that’s nice,” said Jim. “Are you single?”

    How are Robyn and Baby gonna slip up in public. They are dumb sometimes, but not that dumb lol.

    HA! The one with the stake in his hand says he doesn’t expect it to get messy LOL. Riiiight. Gun is a good weapon of choice, but not if they’re trying to be discreet. What in the world was Luca doing on the porch? Was that his spot? Old man Jim still got it, I see lol. Even though I want Carmen and Hugo to be togther with no hangups, I halfway expected them not to be able to kill her!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Carmen Is everything in this chapter.

      I made some weird settings in MCCC a while back, and Akira is the only one who still hasn’t lost the weight.

      Jim is trash, absolute trash. If he were younger and in my story permanently, he’d be a full fuckboy, ijs.

      Baby just… He has no chill. And Robyn has no self-control when it comes to him.

      They got the drop on her, and took advantage of a sunny day. The vamps in the game aren’t at their best with garlic and with heat waves. If it had been a fall wedding, they would’ve had no hope of overpowering her. And yes, Jim had never tangled with vampires before. He learned a lesson at this wedding.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. AHHHHHHH! YOU BETTER STOP! Noooooo! I mean, I did kindaaaa wish she was dead one time or another, but doing that for reals is a whole diferent thing! No Luca, you shouldn’t kill people just to impress your daddo.( That”s some new level of daddy issues.)

    Anyway, that was some nice forshadowing! Made sense when everything was pieced together.

    I hope Luca doesn’t go to jail. Poor Liz might fall from dream world to reality for real if he does go to jail.( Doesn’t help the fact that she got a kid)

    Daniella is going to FLIP if she ever finds out about this. I mean, I now can clearly see why she didn’t want her father coming back. Murder is bad.

    Maybe the whole crew will see now that Luca is ineed the criminal that he has claimed he is?Carmem is going to be sh00k if she founds out.And if Hugo know’s his wife was killed by one of Carmem’s friend, he is going to want to stay away from her! (I think)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Luca is definitely on next level daddy issues. I wish I could sit him down and tell him that he’ll never be able to do enough to get his father’s approval.

      Jail? Nah… Too much anti-vampire sentiment for that. Even though the vamps have moved into the regular Sim world, they’re not exactly about to report Imane missing to the Sim police. Their jobs have other ways to handle these things.

      But yes… if Daniella finds out, that won’t be good for her relationship with her family.

      As far as Carmen and Hugo, mmmm I don’t want to ruin it. But we will see in the coming chapters who knows what and how they will react.

      And as for the rest of the Counsel Council, they will have some decisions to make about continuing to include Luca or not.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I haven’t had weddings at that venue, but I have noticed at nearly every other wedding I’ve held that Sims get very, very amorous with partners and… others! LOL!

        Liked by 1 person

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