Robyn and Her Baby Share The Same Birthday [Round 10, Chapter 142, Epstein]

Robyn Epstein ended her teen years in a very turbulent way. Her first woohoo was in a bush with a random boy from high school she didn’t even want to date. She only did that to try and make the man she really wanted, Baby Branham, jealous. Looking back on it now, she couldn’t even say what she hoped to happen. Did she really think Baby was going to leave his wife and toddler for her because some teenage boy also found her interesting? Of course not.

Her plan backfired in a major way. She ended up pregnant, and she had no idea which guy was the father. Those days were a blur to her.

She cut her hair because that was easier that having to wash and comb it every morning.

She basically moped around in sweats and baggy sweaters because that was easier that trying to stuff her expanding body into her old clothes.

The time she usually spent with her baby sister Emilie was now clouded with her sad moods. Robyn seemed to be the only one who couldn’t enjoy those great family moments.

And she was barely paying attention during her twin sisters’ last days before leaving for their new school in Germany.

When her grandparents arrived, it made things simultaneously better and worse.

They were there to see Brooklyn and Bianca off to school, and of course they were staying for Quincy’s upcoming wedding. Robyn knew her father’s mother wouldn’t judge her too harshly. But her mother’s parents were a different story. She could feel their disappointment oozing, even if they never said anything.

Nothing was worse than having to tell the possible fathers of her baby about what was happening. When Robyn got an invite from Alexander Goth to hang out with their school friends, she came out of hermit mode. She figured she could tell everyone at once what was going on with her.

The boy from school, aka Erik Rocca, bka possible baby daddy #1, did not take the news well.

He didn’t press her about who the other guy was. He didn’t want to know. And after he calmed down from the initial shock, he decided he would try to be a good father to their maybe baby. He promised her if the baby was his, she could count on him. Robyn was relieved to hear him say this, though she had no idea how that would work. While she was just a few days from her Young Adult birthday, Erik was much younger. If the baby was theirs, the child would be in school before Erik even graduated high school. But she tried not to fall down that dangerous thought spiral, and instead chose to focus on how nice Erik was being.

When her friend Kalyn quickly excused herself to “go jogging” then “go home,” Robyn was worried. Kalyn was Baby’s little sister and while Robyn assumed she knew nothing about their situation, there was always that chance…

When she got back home that night, she changed into pajamas. Before she could fall asleep, Baby texted her to come meet him on the porch. He was visibly distraught. It was written all over his face that the night they spent together was never far from his mind. When she sat on her bed and told him about the boy from school she was “seeing,” he had thought she was exaggerating to make him jealous, but now it was clear that there was a real boy.

He’d kept his distance from Robyn since then because he felt so conflicted about what they did. But after his sister told him that Robyn was pregnant and that some kid from their school might be the father, he needed to come see her and hear for himself what happened. Baby wanted to cry, and he wanted to scream at her, but instead he chose to comfort her. She just looked so sad and so hopeless.

“Just tell me one thing. Are you sure this baby is his?”

Her answer was barely audible. “No.”

After a while, hugging Robyn was too much for him, so he took a step back and hugged himself instead. “I don’t understand how we got here,” said Baby.

“One day you were just my friend’s kid sister, then suddenly I’m confessing to my father that I’m in love with someone who’s not my wife. Watcher, what have we done?! If this baby is mine, the whole world is going to freak out. You’re still in high school! Oh my Watcher, how did we get here?!?!”

“Whoa, Baby, calm down! If you freak out, then I’m going to freak out, and that’s not good for the baby,” said Robyn.

As soon as she said the words ‘good for the baby,’ Baby visibly calmed down. “That… that might be our baby. Can I feel?”

“Of course you can.”

“If this baby is ours, it will change everything,” said Baby quietly.

“I know,” whispered Robyn.

They both realized they’d been standing on the porch for a while. They kind of wanted to plot and plan for how they’d handle it if they were about to be parents together. But that would’ve been presumptive and foolish. So instead they said goodbye. Robyn promised to reach out to him after the baby was born.

The pregnancy didn’t get any easier for Robyn, but she knew no matter what, her baby would have a father. And the bigger she got, the more excited her mother got. Laurel wasn’t ready to be a grandmother, but it was happening, so she got on board.

Robyn needed her mother more than ever, and Laurel was there with advice at every turn.

Laurel was there when Robyn went into labor on the day of her Young Adult birthday.

Robyn wanted to blow out her candles before heading to the hospital. To put it mildly, she had mixed feelings about the day.

They finally arrived to the hospital, and Dr. Aadhya Villareal was ready to deliver yet another Epstein baby. By her count, this was number seven.

Robyn wished she knew before her son was born who his father was, that way the father could’ve come to the hospital as well. But sharing that moment with her mother was meaningful in it’s own way. It was a moment they would always remember.

And now she had an amazing little boy who was basically her clone and who always grabbed the world with both hands. She was pretty sure he was going to grow up spoiled. He lived in a house that currently had 6 adults doting on him, only sharing the attention with his aunt Emilie, but she couldn’t deny how excited she was to take a new look at the world around them through his eyes.

14 thoughts on “Robyn and Her Baby Share The Same Birthday [Round 10, Chapter 142, Epstein]

  1. Now, the real question still remains…who’s the father!?Also, will baby step out of Robyn’s life if this baby isn’t his’s? Or maybe he will stick around…?We have so many cheating situations! grrrr! I hope Baby and Robyn and up together.( And not only because of the baby.)

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  2. Ohhh… dang cliffhanger! I want it to be Baby’s because they are in love….you could see it on the porch. But it would almost be better for Robyn in some ways if it wasn’t and then Baby’s failed marriage would run its course without her feeling guilty for breaking it apart. Then they could be togehter. I don’t see the kid that is the possible father really having any part in its life or hers for that matter….but maybe I’m wrong…

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    1. Lol, I’m publishing a chapter later today that will answer all of those bits, don’t worry!

      But yeah, it’s so clear they are deep in love. This story is NOT supposed to be about Robyn and Baby, lol, but I can’t help it. They are so darn interesting. And they have these little moments that just suck me in. I’m not even sure how to explain it. Wait! Yes I do!

      Okay, so I have all these screenshots of people feeling Robyn’s pregnant belly, right? I’ve got shots with her mother, shots with the other maybe baby daddy, and shots with Baby. He’s the only one I have a shot with where he still has his hands on her stomach and is smiling up at her. And she’s like staring right back in his eyes. Did that even happen with the other Sims? I don’t know, I don’t have that action sequence memorized. But I have that picture, and it tugs at my heart every time.

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  3. I have too many feels right now. I need a minute 😦

    It just all feels so hopeful for a minute when they were standing on that porch together… but we’ve seen that things don’t look like they turn out so well, one way or another 😦 So either the baby isn’t his, or Baby decides to stay with his wife and first child regardless… 😦

    I love all the complexities of this relationship and the way you write them, ahhh ❤ Poor Robyn though. No matter what happens, this is all just such a mess. I'm glad her parents are so supportive… she needs it!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. All of this happened in the past. And yeah the dress shopping moment made it clear that Baby is still the spouse of unsuspecting Lesley. But still… I had to show these moments because I love Baby and Robyn so much. There’s so much infidelity in my story, lol, but it’s supposed to be a soap opera though… sorry…?

      But yes, her family is trying to support her. I wish I had room to include some focus on how they reacted to the news of the pregnancy, and the questions they had about who the father was. But alas, there wasn’t really room or time with the other things I wanted to show.

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  4. Olivia looked so judgy in that one pic lol. Like, whew! Glad it’s not me!

    “If this baby is ours, it will change everything,” said Baby quietly.
    NOW you’re thinking, Baby lol. Before he said this, I was like dude…you’re thinking about this all wrong! Although this situation would affect the relationship with his daughter, he doesn’t want to be married to Leslie anyway, so just let this affair run its course! LOL However, I do appreciate his level of commitment though. Marriage is a contract, and breaking it is quite serious no matter what the circumstance is, so I applaud him for thinking about all angles of this.

    Laurel wasn’t ready to be a grandmother, but it was happening, so she got on board.
    But, she’s already a grandmother… How far back did this chapter go? If it was before Quincy’s triplets, I call bull! How is she gonna be excited about her daughter’s baby who doesn’t even know who the father is yet crucified Daniella simply because she wasn’t who she would chose for her son? Psssh

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    1. This pregnancy was a looooong time ago. Part of the reason why I’m glad for Seasons is that it will help the timing of the story be understood a bit better.

      But also, great job on catching Laurel’s hypocrisy there. Her main issue with Daniella’s pregnancy was that it meant Quincy had to move out. Laurel is one of those moms would actually prefer if all her grown children still lived at home with her.

      Now about Baby… I was in my feelings right along with him. Before he knew about the pregnancy, he was just fighting internally with himself about his obviously deepening relationship for a teenager. If he had gotten to the point where he seriously considered blowing up his whole life–for a teenager– it would’ve been very out of character. Her pregnancy surprised me, but I really think the only way he would’ve left his child for her is if the baby ended up being his. He was foolishly investing time and emotion into something that could not have happened any other way.

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  5. Who’s the dad ? (Don’t worry . I’ll wait . I’ll be a good reader.) I nearly started crying at Baby’s scene . You know how I feel about him and his love for Robyn. And Olivia’s face in that one shot ! Olivia ! Your face ! Your face why?

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    1. Let’s talk about Olivia first. She’s one of Robyn’s closest friends in this story, and she knew the whole story about Robyn’s potential pregnancy. But she was finding out along with everyone else that Robyn had a full baby bump. I believe she’s unhappy because she felt like she should’ve been Robyn’s first call once she knew for sure she was pregnant.

      Putting dialog to those screenshots of Robyn and Baby tugged at all my heart strings. Oh how I wish I were better versed in the MCCC settings when I first added the mod. Instead we see all the ways their love is resilient in the face of all the things: his marriage, their age difference, the messy overlapping relationships.

      You’ll soon know who the father is. I’ve been carrying this secret for months, and I’m glad I finally get to share it.


      1. What I love most about your story is the way that the theme of the nearly impossible love enduring through incredible challenge weaves its way through so many of these homes: Luca and Liz, Carmen and Hugo, Baby and Robyn, Bo and Heaven… even when circumstances (and their own behavior and choices) keep them apart, the love endures. In my experience, that’s how love works! 🙂 So reading the way this unfolds in your story is simply brilliant.

        I love how the game’s overarching AI picks up on the themes that are ripe for us.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Wow, I love this perspective. I would not have articulated it this way, but what you’re describing are the stories I seek out in my characters. When their love exists and even sometimes thrives in the face of all that life throws at them… that’s when I’m most in love with my story.

        Liked by 2 people

      3. Yeah, and it’s a theme that runs all the way through this. For me, as a reader, this is the unifying theme of your rotation. 🙂 It’s what makes me in love with it, too. Well… that plus the extra extras, Baby and Liz! 🙂

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