Wedding Planning Daniella (and Laurel) [Round 10, Chapter 141, Epstein]

Quincy Epstein was excited about his upcoming wedding. He couldn’t wait to marry the woman he’d loved since his family moved to Oasis Springs. Back then, he started a whole club just to have a reason to hang out with her. He would do anything for her. And he thought she would do anything for him. But apparently, she had a line. And that line was drawn at the dress shop door. He had to stay home with their triplets while she went dress shopping with some friends and family.

On her way to the dress shop, Daniella thought about her late mother, and wondered what these moments would be like if she was still alive. It was precisely those type of thoughts that made her include Quincy’s mother Laurel so heavily in the wedding process. An overbearing mother-in-law was better than no mother at all. Also joining them were Robyn, Liz, and Lesley, who Daniella asked to be her bridesmaids. She felt ready for sainthood when she chose to include Liz in the process.  Laurel had given each woman very specific instructions. Keep your hair off your shoulders, put on some make up and nice earrings, get ready to try on dresses.

The girls tried on some options for bridesmaid dresses. Daniella couldn’t decide for sure which one they would use, if any of them. Who knew there were so many shades of blue?

There was a moment, right when Lesley Branham was showing off her dress option, Robyn got really sad. Lesley’s husband Baby had been up to some unsavory activities with Robyn.

Robyn felt pretty sure no one was aware of their involvement, so she wanted to keep it chill and not show how she was feeling. She tried, but she couldn’t help thinking back to the last times she saw Baby. It felt so long ago now.

Robyn tried to shake the sad thoughts away. She was able to do so by focusing back on the reason they were out in the first place. Daniella tried on several dresses. Some were amazing, some were just meh. Some were dresses that she would never wear for her wedding even though she felt sexy and amazing in them.

Then she found the perfect dress.

Daniella felt amazing to check an item off her to do list. She and Laurel said goodbye to the other women and headed off on their own. They swung by Daniella’s house so she could change and Laurel could say hello to her grandchildren. Quincy wanted to join them while they visited the wedding venue options in person, but Laurel wouldn’t hear of it. She wanted this to be a bonding moment for her and Daniella.

Daniella wasn’t too happy that her future husband immediately folded to his mother’s request, but wasn’t about to argue the point. She knew it was possible she’d end up in that same position herself before her father left town. She’d almost forgotten what it was like having an overbearing parent around all the time, and she ended up feeling more sympathy for his relationship with his mother than she ever had before. Laurel Epstein and Jim Holloway were by no means comparable parents. However, Daniella did notice some similarities, like the tendency of both parents to feel genuinely surprised that their kids might want something different for themselves, rather than exactly what their parents wanted for them. All of Daniella’s ruminations on parenting were sidelined when they arrived at venue option #1.

Myshuno Meadows was beautiful, but Daniella wasn’t sure she liked the country-meets-city vibe. Plus an outdoor wedding could be so unpredictable.

She and Laurel explored the park, and chatted about the pros and cons. Laurel loved that the location would accommodate a lot of guests, and they could hold the reception indoors. Daniella loved that fireworks could be set off right as they said “I do,” and the location was on neutral territory.

They headed to venue option #2, which had a completely different vibe. It was a rehabbed small-ish warehouse in Willow Creek. Daniella loved the industrial vibe, but had to agree with Laurel’s assertion that it was a little “too cool” for her and Quincy’s vibes. It looked more like the type of place her brother would’ve gotten married in if he’d bothered to do it right. But still, that dance floor sucked her right in.

Their last stop was venue option #3, the Von-Windenburg Estate. It would make perfect sense as the place for their wedding because it’s where Quincy proposed. Daniella wasn’t sure that she wanted to make the such an obvious venue choice, but there was no denying the amazing architecture and beautiful backdrop on mountains in the distance. But then again, they wouldn’t be able to have as many guests, which was a strong mark in the con column.

The two women got a chance to talk more than they ever had before. They shared stories of raising multiple toddlers. They were both of the mind that homecooked meals for family dinner was of the utmost importance, even though Daniella’s grilled cheese sandwiches weren’t truly comparable to Laurel’s three course dinners. They stayed away from the topics where they disagreed, like whether it was better to be a stay-at-home mom, whether Daniella was ever going to convert to Judaism, and whether it was a good idea for the younger Epstein family to move back into the family mansion.

All in all, it was a successful day. Daniella picked her wedding venue, her wedding dress, and her bridesmaid dresses. She was happy to head back home to her little family. She got there just in time for something special. It was the triplets’ birthday.

18 thoughts on “Wedding Planning Daniella (and Laurel) [Round 10, Chapter 141, Epstein]

  1. Now that Daniella pointed out, there really are some similarity’s between her father and Laurel…But I think Laurel is nicier, because I truly belive she just want’s her chld’s to be happy. Not saying that Jim dosen’t, but…Am I going crazy, or it was never showed what happened bettween baby and Robyn…?I want to know! ( Also, Loved how, as always, Liz was treated as…well,Liz. It’s sad and comical at the same time.XD.)

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  2. Okay first off, I loved the pretty dress spam 😉 Can’t wait to see her dress from the front! And see what venue they picked too! (I am biased toward venue #1 because I’m also doing an outdoor wedding 😉 Hehe I so relate to all wedding planning related simlit chapters lately hehe)

    Man, I’m so curious now about Robyn and Baby… loved the hints you dropped for us here. But I’m also upset that no matter how things went down, the outcome was not what I wanted it to be 😥 I just want them together 😥

    Oh, also, I really liked seeing Daniella and her future mother-in-law bonding! Got distracted by my Robyn and Baby feels and almost forgot to mention it hahaha 😛

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m so happy for all your wedding planning stuff, and I love that you connected with Daniella in her wedding planning moments!

      And you caught that the outcome wasn’t happy for them, right? Because obviously, all this time later, Lesley is still his wife and Robyn is still his secret. That’s why she was so sad to even be in the same space with that woman.

      And yes, looks like Daniella and Laurel have figured out the secret to being happy in laws, haha. They just kick the can of the hard stuff down the street until later!

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  3. You’ll see about half of those dresses across all my stories before they’re all over lol. That industrial venue was amazing! What’s it called? I’m not sure I have Sims who are cool enough to get married there either. Well, I think Manveer is, but you know there are plans for that.

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    1. The venue is called Industrial Wedding. It’s on the gallery by swcheppes. You’re right that Manveer might be the only couple cool enough to get married there, lol. But yes, I know there are other plans for them.

      Those dresses will definitely get used more in my story now that I have them. Most come in way more colors than white.

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  4. I always feel a little sad when Liz is included begrudgingly. She’s got feelings, too! Maybe they could accept her instead of judge her? (Well, I’m more like Liz than the others, so I’ve have ample experience being on the outs looking in!) And I’m sure they’ve got their reasons for feeling Liz is a bit extra!

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    1. I’m so glad you picked up on that. Liz has done nothing to these people! The only one who even has a legitimate complaint in my eyes is Carmen. Liz has genuinely acted way too familiar around her, and been a little too into her personal business. But Carmen is the only one who’s nice to her. Everyone else is just punishing her because they’re not happy with Luca’s choices.

      I wish my Sims were nicer people when it came to Liz, but I gotta write it how I see it. Everyone who is written to barely tolerate Liz continually gets thought bubbles with her face and this symbol: 🚫.

      I imagine if the Chong family spawned on another hard drive, she would’ve lived a much happier life.


      1. Aw,thanks! You know, Simlit writers like you are my inspiration for writing this way. I remember this chapter you wrote about the blue-green (I apologize if I’m misquoting you). From your Sim’s perspective, you explored the space they inhabit before the exit CAS, and it was such a fantastic read. Even though my Sims aren’t game-aware, I try to have that same spirit focus from their perspective, you know? In the scope of the world they know, what’s possible, what’s ingrained and immutable, what’s malleable and evolving? And I think that’s what helps me recover from the unexpected twists and turns of coding plus the MCCC mod, lol.

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      2. First, thank you! 🙂 I did have fun with that blue-green chapter. Haven’t felt the inkling to return to that story for a while, but I’m sure I will, once I wrap up a few more of the ongoing ones…

        With your story, I love how you put yourself within the perspective of the Sims–and, since you don’t control all the Sims, it is so neat to see the way you interpret their behavior. It’s really rich! And it’s one of the best gifts that SimLit offers! 🙂

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  5. Wow….that was nice that she got to get to know Quincy’s mom….and it looks like Baby is Robyn’s baby Daddy but he stayed with his wife….and she was a bridesmaid…awkward!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tomorrow’s chapter digs more into Robyn’s pregnancy, and we get to meet her son (another adorable toddler).

      But yes, I’m glad Daniella and Laurel got to bond. They never seemed particularly fond of each other. I imagine all their dialogue was motherhood, and “Luca’s wife sucks,” lol. They have in common a disdain for Liz, whose done nothing to either of them.

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