Varied Responsibility [Round 10, Chapter 136, Blank]

Bo came home from his date, and saw the kids off to school. Then he dropped Sky off at daycare before heading to work himself. They had questions about his time with their mother, but he didn’t have time to give them answers. Wondering about their parents put them in weird moods at school.

When they arrived home after picking up Sky from daycare, it was clear the day hadn’t gone well. Asa was very uncomfortable from a bully trying to give him a wedgie. He had plans to inform his crew, the Renegades, about what happened and plot his revenge. Gem was mortified about something that happened. Whatever it was upset her so much, she wouldn’t even discuss it.

Not one to wallow, she headed straight to the bathroom to give herself a pep talk.

After calming down from her mortification, Gem went looking for Sky, The toddler wanted to play and Gem obliged. The messy house quickly made her very uncomfortable, but taking care of Sky came first.

“Asa, if you’re not going to do your homework, can you at least do the dishes?”

“Do I ask you to do the dishes at 4am before you go to work? No I don’t,” said Asa. “I’m trying to relax before I have to go endorse capitalism for another day. You can do it after you finish playing with the brat.”

“Do not call her that!”

“Whatever, it’s a term of endearment. Chill out.”

After play time was done, Gem grabbed Sky a snack. She refused to wash the dishes while Asa was still there, so by the time he left for work, there were still dishes everywhere. She went to grab some leftovers and tried talking to him again.

“What do you think happened when they went out last night? Our father did not come home before bedtime, so that has to be a good sign, right?”

“Who cares,” said Asa, “they’re not getting back together anyway. Don’t bother getting your hopes up. I’m over this. I’m going to work. Catch you later.”

Gem hated arguing with Asa, but it seemed he only had kind words for his girlfriend Olivia and that mean club of his, the Renegades. She wished he wanted to be more a part of their family. And she wished he would have washed the darn dishes!

It wasn’t long before Bo arrived home from work, and he had good news. He got a promotion at work! They even gave him a coffee pot as a reward bonus. He was happy he didn’t spend the money on one during the renovation.

He checked on Sky, and of course she wanted to play. Now that her co-parent was home, Gem was able to clean up the house. She gathered all the dishes.

Some teenagers maybe have resented the role she’d been thrust into, but not Gem. She loved that her father trusted her enough with the responsibility to help raise his youngest daughter. And it’s not like anyone else was stepping up to help. Besides, Sky was a Sim, not Sixamian, so that basically made her a special needs child. She needed so much attention and help. her birthday was in a few days and she wasn’t even potty trained yet. No, Gem was proud to step up and help. It made her happy.

15 thoughts on “Varied Responsibility [Round 10, Chapter 136, Blank]

  1. I do *not* like the way that Asa is acting..*sigh* I hope is just a fase…A responsible sister and a harmless-esk lazy brother, now, were did I see that before..?XD, Jokes aside, I’m glad Gem is dealing with all her situation in a good way.

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    1. Their situation definitely reminds me of when the holloways story first started. Luca is surrounded by people who aren’t going to question his behavior, except for his father. Asa however is surrounded by people who are constantly questioning what he’s doing, lol. Olivia is not going to be like Liz, and Gem is not going to be like Daniella.

      As for whether or not this is a phase, I’m hoping that Asa takes more of an interest in his family going forward, but we’ll see…

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  2. *snort*
    Special needs child LOL. I’m glad Gem is embracing parenting cuz she’s right. No one else is interested. Asa is so lame LOL. I kinda hope he gets his feelings hurt.

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  3. Awww Gem! I hope this poor girl gets some time to enjoy being a teenager in between all the parenting duties! 😦

    I also loved the “special needs child” part 😂 It’s so funny to see how they view their “simple-minded” sim sister hehehe

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  4. Gem is a sweetheart. I’m glad she’s taking it all in stride. But I feel really bad for her that she has had to take on such a huge amount of responsibility because her mother doesn’t seem to care about anyone except her mother and maybe getting her freak on with her estranged husband when she feels like it. Not a fan of Heaven. Can you tell?

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    1. Oh, I can tell, haha. That lack of fandom, is well deserved imo. I need to get back to writing pen pal letters because I enjoyed exploring Heaven’s perspective on all of this. But alas, we only see it from Bo’s side. And. She. Is. Trash. He just feels so responsible for everything that has happened. I often wonder if she would have stayed, albeit apathetically, if he hadn’t changed their alien mission.

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      1. Haha…maybe she might had….who knows. She was just so mean to have sex with him like maybe they would work it out and then left! And then dumped the baby on him.

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      2. Mean is the perfect word to describe what she did. I would say that in this case, the punishment did not fit the crime. In that moment, when she felt so betrayed, it seemed all very sensible. Time has not been kind to her decision (or subsequent behavior).


    1. There’s a buff that got added with Parenthood. It’s a happy buff, but I can’t quite remember what it’s called. It makes the Sim super happy whenever they’re around family. I think they get it once they have high relationships with all their family, but I’m not sure. Gem has had that buff basically since the pack came out.

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