Liz Leaves Luca to Handle Home [Round 10, Chapter 132, Holloway]

Liz Holloway had a lot of thoughts about what type of father Luca was going to be. Of all the things she worried about, she never thought he’d be absent. He didn’t start off that way, but once his father Jim moved in with them to “visit” for Daniella’s wedding, Luca was often gone off to Watcher only knows where with him.

Liz had learned very early on in their relationship not to ask probing questions about what her husband did with his time away from home. She didn’t like his evasive answers, and she felt like he sometimes lied to her. She didn’t know why and she didn’t want to know why.

But when it came to her children, she wanted them to grow up in the same loving household she did. She felt like talking to Luca to fix the problem wouldn’t work, so she’d have to try something more drastic. She considered her options as she went to check on the twins.

By the time Luca was dressed for the day, she had been awake for hours. She’d fed the babies, worked out, tended to the orchard, and showered for work. Luca knew better than to ask her about food for breakfast. As newlyweds, he learned that if there was no food visible on the counter, she hadn’t cooked, and he was on his own.

She headed to work with purpose, not even bothering to remind him of the twins feeding schedule. With two grown men in the house, surely they would figure it out once Logan and Lara started screaming their heads off. As she exited their front door, Luca called out to her to have a nice day. She didn’t even look back to notice his lack of smile undermining his bright tone.

Luca still wasn’t a great cook, but he knew his father expected real food, not just microwaved pastries for breakfast. He tried to hurry so he could go see which of his babies were crying, and he soon learned that turning up the heat on the burner to make the eggs & toast cook faster was a bad idea.

He wished his father would wake up and help, but he knew that would never happen. When Luca returned home from partying with his sister and the Epsteins, his father wasn’t even home yet. Even if Jim Holloway hadn’t been sleeping in since his “run” last night, he’d still be of no help in the kitchen. That was just the type of man he was, and had tried to raise his son to be.

Luca finally sat down to eat after changing Logan’s diaper, and was pleased that the food tasted great good edible. He knew his father would assume Liz had cooked, and he wasn’t going to correct him.

Jim Holloway finally woke up and came upstairs to eat. “That wife of yours sure is pretty,” he said. “At least she has that to counteract her lack of domestic skills. These eggs are barely edible.” He got up and threw the eggs out and grabbed some leftover salad from the fridge.

“Heh, well, she doesn’t have the skills of mia mamma, or even Daniella, but she does okay.”

“I see she’s done quite a number on you if you think those eggs were okay. And she has you washing dishes! I can’t believe it.”

“Believe it Babbo,” said Luca, “and she’ll have the same effect on you the longer you stay with us, you’ll see.”

Jim snorted in laughter. “I doubt it.”

17 thoughts on “Liz Leaves Luca to Handle Home [Round 10, Chapter 132, Holloway]

  1. Boiiii, Am I glad that Luca didn’t end up like his father…I wonder how his mother was, I mean, if both Daniella and Luca aren’t like his father, than that means some other person must have influenced them to be the people they are today. And talking about Liz…if it comes down to either Liz or Jim, who would Luca choose? That is the question…

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  2. Ughhhh, men! 😂 That about sums up my thoughts on both father and son in this one haha I’m irrationally irritated at Luca being so willing to pass off his shitty cooking skills as Liz’s!

    I’m really loving these chapters with Jim, by the way! Even if he pisses me off haha

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    1. It was a very Luca, and very shitty, moment for him to pass the buck. It was part trying to cover his lack of skill, and part not wanting his father to think he was becoming too domesticated.

      I’m glad Jim pisses you off, that was kinda the angle I was going for, lol.

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      1. Yeah, I know that’s what she plans to do, but it looks like all she’s doing is being distant to force him to help out more which also isn’t good. Hopefully off camera she isn’t missing that much. It’s not good for the kids.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You’re exactly right about her plans. And I hear your hopes, but Liz isn’t the most… logical person. She did show up that one time to try and stop Logan from painting their front walkway… So, yeah, she’s not completely absent…?

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