Parental Stamp Of Approval… Or Not [Round 10, Chapter 124, Butler]

After their chat in the bathroom, Carmen and Hugo headed back to the boys’ room to check on them. The only one in there was Marco, and he was curled up on the chair in the corner asleep.

“Oh no, I better wake him,” said Carmen. “He already had a nap, and if I let him sleep now, he won’t sleep through the night.”

“Or…,” said Hugo, “we can let him sleep and you can show me upstairs.”

“Hugo! Are you serious right now? This house is full of people.”

“Haven’t you missed me? I know I’ve missed you. Let me show you how much.”

Carmen had almost made her peace with the fact that she was sleeping with a married man. Somehow, knowing what she now knew about his marriage helped. She wasn’t sure yet if she was ready to gear up for whatever kind of fight they’d have to have if he really tried to divorce Imane, but she knew she loved this man. After everything they’d been through, she now knew she had his whole heart like he had hers.

The deterrent of having her parents and her babies in the house wasn’t as powerful as she’d hoped either. When Mr. and Mrs. Butler were around, that used to be the only thing Carmen needed to behave herself around the opposite sex. Carmen had been what you could call a “good girl” growing up.  All through her high school years, that phrase was a good description. Maybe part of the reason she never got in trouble was that she only had eyes for one boy. His name was Korbin Shepherd, and Carmen thought he was beautiful.

Back then, not many folks wore their hair natural like Carmen’s family did, so Korbin’s dreadlocks really stood out. He didn’t care what anyone thought of him–except Carmen of course. After crushing on him for most of high school, she finally got up the nerve to tell him she was interested. To her pleasure, he immediately asked her out. She didn’t care if she technically had to make the first move, she was going out with Korbin Shepherd!

The only way her parents would agree to her dating was if they met the young man first, so Carmen brought him home from school with her one day. Carmen was nervous it wouldn’t go well because the last teenage boy that was in their house was snuck in by her sister, and was unceremoniously kicked out by their father. She remembered being terrified of how her father would react if he caught her with a boy. Being grounded for the remainder of high school like Cassandra was did not sound appealing, so Carmen was glad she was going about things the right way.

Her parents weren’t home from work yet, so Carmen had some time with Korbin to hang out first. Being at school together didn’t lend itself much to deep conversations, so this was their chance to really talk. Carmen was even more smitten as she realized he was interested in art like she was.

They talked and laughed and flirted. They should’ve been doing their homework, but young love has always had misplaced priorities.

When he asked Carmen if he could kiss her, she happily said yes. He wasn’t rushing her into anything, and that made her all the more eager to get closer to him. They had already had their first kiss outside her locker at school, so this kiss in her living room was a bit more intense.

Before things could go any further, Carmen’s little brother warned her of the arrival of their parents. Her sister Cassandra went to head off their mother by asking for homework help, and her little brother planned on sidetracking their father by asking for help with the building blocks.

“Let’s get back to the couch before we look too suspicious,” said Korbin.

“Good idea,” said teenage Carmen, “we can pick up from where we left off at another time.”

They sat on the couch and barely covered that they were flirting with each other. Carmen’s father assisted his son building Watcher only knows what at the blocks table and tried to pretend he wasn’t watching his daughter like a hawk with his peripheral vision.

Eventually, Jeffrey gave up the pretending and headed over to the couch to grill meet the young man who wanted to date his daughter.

“So tell me, why do you think you’re good enough to date my little girl? Answer carefully now,” began Jeffrey as he sat down.

“Dad! You can’t say things like that! Can you just–be nicer please,” said Carmen, hanging her head in mortification.

“What? I’m asking a fair question,” said Jeffrey, feeling admonished.

“Okay, let me re-word it. If I allow you to date my precious teenage daughter, can I count on you to not take advantage of her, break her heart, ruin her reputation, or derail her future dreams and plans?”

“Oh my God, Daddy! That’s so much worse!”

An uncomfortable silence ensued. Carmen wanted to try and fix it, but she had the sneaking suspicion that unless she let Korbin answer for himself, this would get much worse.

“Um, well, Mr. Butler, I will do my best. I have no plans to take advantage of your daughter.”


“Or… break her heart, or ruin her reputation, or… what was the last one?”

“Derail her future dreams and plans.”

“Right, I will not derail her future dreams or plans.”

“Hmph, you better not.”

“Okay, okay, I think that’s enough thinly veiled threatening for one day,” interrupted Carmen’s mother Genevieve. How about we all sit and chat and actually get to know Korbin as a person, hmm?”

Genevieve, Cassandra, and little Marcus joined them in the living room. “Thanks so much, Momma,” said Carmen. “Daddy is being too much right now.”

Genevieve got to know the young man and was pleased to find out he had a lot of interests in common with her daughter. Cassandra watched the interaction and wondered why she never bothered to introduce a boy to her parents before. Marcus did his job and continued to distract their father. And Carmen breathed a sigh of relief because it seemed like she was going to end up with a stamp of approval to date the boy she was crazy about.

The rest of the evening went well. When it was time for him to leave, Korbin even took out the garbage on his way out without being asked.

Jeffrey had effectively scared the crap out of Carmen and her new beau, and true to their word, they didn’t cross any lines that would disappoint her parents.

But Carmen was grown now, her relationship with Korbin had run its course as most teen relationships do, and she was in her own house. It was a house that was bought and paid for by her, with a renovation paid for by Hugo. As much as she was sure she would die from embarrassment if either of her parents walked in on her and Hugo, that wasn’t enough to stop her from taking him upstairs to see her new bedroom.

There is something about two Sims woohooing for the first time knowing that they are each other’s one and only true love. Let’s just say, the hearts and sparks were flying.

Carmen had a long day, and fell asleep as soon as they were done. Hugo got up and changed into his pajamas. He was about to get back in the bed when a woman he presumed to be Carmen’s mother walked into the room. He froze, not really sure what to say or if he should wake up Carmen. The woman walked over to the mirror and checked her makeup, giving him the side eye the entire time.

Hugo found Mr. Butler intimidating, but was able to dig deep and turn on the charm to halfway win him over. But that was when he was fully clothed and not standing next to a naked sleeping Carmen. Somehow he knew this conversation wouldn’t go as well. He took a deep breath and braced himself.

10 thoughts on “Parental Stamp Of Approval… Or Not [Round 10, Chapter 124, Butler]

  1. Oh my lord..I really don’t know how Genevive did not yell something like ”WHAT DID U DO WITH MY DAUGTHER!???” the side-eye thing just seems soooo uncomfortable….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh no! Doesn’t anyone ever knock? I have a feeling Carmen might kick her parents out if they go off on Hugo now that she has decided they are in love with each other and want to be together.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope it wouldn’t come to having to choose between the parents. But Carmen is asleep, so… she’ll probably miss whatever happens next.

      And Audrey, you know Sims never ever knock. That’s why they had to have that previous convo in the tiny bathroom that could fit literally no other Sims, haha.

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