Ralston Family Recap Part 2 [Chapter 111, Ralston]

[Author’s Note: We’re almost done with these recaps guys, and hopefully the story train will keep rolling after that. Can I be honest with you? I’m really a game-driven Simlit writer, but I started adding in some story-driven elements, and I got overwhelmed. But I’m hoping I can just get through those parts, then back to giving story to the natural inherent craziness of Sims (and MCCC).]

A few days ago, we were recapping how Akira couldn’t commit to being with Gavin until Gavin showed he could be unapologetically himself, and Akira said he would. Once Akira left, Gavin called Carmen and after hearing about the latest drama between her and Hugo, filled her in on what happened. She wasn’t surprised at all to hear that his and Akira’s relationship had taken a romantic turn. Happy that Gavin had someone who loved him, Carmen was happy to offer advice, and her suggestion was that Gavin start by changing his protest cause. Gavin knew she was right and agreed to start that day.

Gavin and both of his grandparents were off that day, so they spent some time together as a family. They played cards and talked about Gavin’s plan to finally accept and be his best self. Cristian and Kenya were of the same mind of Akira and Carmen. Gavin was happy they were on board with the plan, and felt really good about his plans. They enjoyed their time with just the three of them because all of them expected that their lives would soon look different.

Soon they were ready to implement their plan. Gavin, Cristian, and Kenya were down in the Spice Market, and they were ready for their protest.

It meant the world to Gavin to have both of them there. They never came to protests when his cause was Simoleons for Everyone, but they were happy to jump in for World United. As was part of the plan, Gavin invited Akira to the Spice Market to see the new him. Akira showed up right on time, as the protest was in full swing.

Unlike all of Gavin’s previous protests, this cause caught on. Sims came out to join in as scheduled, but many others jumped right in after they passed by and were swept up by the moment.

When Akira asked Gavin to head upstairs to his apartment to talk, Cristian told him they would hold down the protest and encouraged him to go. He had the feeling that Akira wouldn’t need much convincing that Gavin really had embraced his true self. When they got upstairs, Gavin saw that Akira had also invited their friend Baby over. It became clear that Akira thought Gavin might shrink back into the closet rather than have their close friend witness the change in their relationship. He was wrong. Gavin was finally being his true self, and he wasn’t ever going back.

After their night together, followed by Gavin’s protest for his new cause and now him being affectionate in front of their friend Baby, Akira was ready to accept that Gavin really was ready to be his true self. He immediately offered again for the Ralstons to move in with him. Gavin and his grandparents happily accepted.

The Ralstons took quickly to their new lives in a high rise apartment in Uptown. Kenya and Cristian were more in love than ever.

And Gavin and Akira were excited for what their new life would be.

Gavin’s changes really paid off. Not only was he finally in a happy relationship with a wonderful man, he and his family were literally living the dream of all immigrants with the physical trappings of affluence. Also, the change in protest cause paid off and Gavin finally made his move to becoming a real politician.

The Ralstons plus Akira made a happy home. They quickly settled into a routine as a family.

Gavin and Akira had started having real conversations about their feelings and their relationship. They made their relationship official, and were happy to call each other boyfriend. They were in no rush to marry, which Kenya wasn’t happy about. She wanted great-grandchildren. Cristian switched things up a bit when he found himself fussing at Kenya. She justified herself by saying that they weren’t getting any younger. Their relationship with Gavin was really more of a parental one, and she wanted a chance to behave like a real grandparent. Plus, they were only using 2 of the four large bedrooms, and what should they put in them if not grandchildren?

Cristian decided their time would be better spent focusing on themselves, so he took Kenya to a park in Uptown. The place was very romantic, and they were soon swept up in the atmosphere. They rededicated themselves to each other and renewed their wedding vows.

By the time Cristian and Kenya got back home, the guys had news. They’d discussed children after not having a good answer for Kenya’s questions earlier. While they still saw no need to marry, they did want children. They thought their best bet was to go the surrogate route. They both wanted biological children, and having a surrogate with multiple pregnancies meant their children would actually be related to each other.

With Cristian’s and Kenya’s blessing, they decided to reach out for help. They met with the Counsel Council that night to discuss it. As with most of their hangs outside of the club room, the gathering was as much of a party as it was a business meeting.

Once the gathering around the bonfire spread out further in the ruins, Gavin took his opportunity to talk to Laurel and Carmen about his plans. Laurel knew a guy back in Bridgeport who could help them find a surrogate through less official channels. Everything was still legitimate, but they were able to circumvent the concerns about the new relationship, lack of marriage, and immigration status. Akira and Gavin were really grateful for their friends’ help.

Soon after the plan was hatched, Laurel had news. They called an official club meeting to fill everyone in. This time the meeting was at the Ralston (plus Akira) apartment. Everyone sat down to dinner to hear that Laurel’s guy had come through. If Akira and Gavin were ready, her guy could setup meetings with potential surrogates. Based on what they were looking for, he had found 6 candidates. It was all happening so fast, but the guys felt ready. They told Laurel to set it up, and the club finished their hang.

A couple of days later, Gavin and Akira found themselves outside of an office building. They went inside where Carmen was ready to bring them upstairs. Laurel was already there with their six surrogate candidates. The plan was for Gavin and Akira to meet them one by one. They wanted to meet them and get a feel for who they were. They would review their files later that evening and choose their surrogate. Carmen could feel Gavin’s nervous energy and hugged him to reassure him that everything was going to be okay.

They headed up to a room and sat at the table. The six women were in the next room, waiting for their turn to interview to be a surrogate.

Their first interview was a woman named Aubree. She was very poised and seemed to have the perfect answers to all their questions.

Their second interview went by Candy. What she lacked in polish, she made up for in realness. She had a big heart and wore it right on her sleeve.

After Candy came Corina. She was neither full or poise or heart. She was a genius. And she was batshit crazy. If nothing else, she was a very interesting interview.

Their next interview was with Jessie. Her personal connection to surrogacy and unabashed openness really appealed to both men.

Next came Rory. Her down-to-earth girl-next-door vibe made both men feel like they wanted her around forever. That wasn’t part of the surrogacy plan, but they couldn’t help it after speaking with her for just a few minutes.

Their last interview was with Iris. She was a soulful artist type who dreamed of being a parent one day. She loved her family and loved the thought of helping someone else have a family.

After reviewing the files of their interviewees, it became pretty clear who their chosen lady would be. They asked her to stay and met with her the next day to share the news. They picked Jessie!!

Okay y’all, this recap is all done! I’m going to do a wordless chapter next to review the antics of the Counsel Council, then we’re starting with Round 10. I’ve missed these guys. I had to stop playing the save since I wasn’t writing the chapters, and I can’t wait to get back to my beloved Sims.

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