Ralston Family Recap Part 1 [Chapter 110, Ralston]

Hey, at least it was only a month and a half of post gaps this time!

I’m so excited the recap the Ralstons. I added them to the game when San Myshuno was added. I knew the story cast was getting too large, so this would be my last added family. Don’t worry, I’m not adding a Brindleton Bay family, someone will just move there eventually. But these Ralstons are special to me. Okay, let’s get started!


When Laurel Epstein first showed up to the Ralstons’ apartment in San Myshuno, Gavin wasn’t home. His grandparents were amused to hear that a random Sim named Carmen who Gavin met while singing karaoke had recommended him for membership in some random club.


The fact that the club was led by a rich pregnant housewife that clearly had too much time on her hands was a bit of a worry. But she seemed nice enough, and they were happy for Gavin to make new friends so soon after moving to town, so they were nice to her and let her stay until he got back  home.


When Gavin arrived home, he agreed to join the club. He’d only just met Carmen Butler, but if she thought this was a good idea, he figured it was worth a shot. Carmen wouldn’t suggest anything unless it was fun and/or fulfilling.


Gavin lived with his grandparents. He hadn’t lived with his parents (his mother and stepfather) since he was a teenager. He preferred it that way. The three of them lived a happy life, and they hoped that would continue in San Myshuno.


Gavin had grown up nicely middle class, but he was unprepared for the type of wealth he would soon encounter, like when he arrived at Laurel’s house for the first club meeting.


Gavin shared a story with the club about his awful dating luck. He had a few bad dates since he moved to town. One was with his landlord.


Then another bad date.


But luckily he had made a friend. He and Akira Kibo were both from families of immigrants and they really connected. They hung out all the time, and it helped take Gavin’s mind off his terrible luck at dating.


Once Gavin was involved with the club, he spent a lot of time with his new friends. It wasn’t long before Laurel was asking for their help with a vampire problem. Gavin struggled to explain to his grandparents that he was getting involved with this problem. Before he could even bring it up, he was distracted by his grandmother fussing at his grandfather.

Gavin always found the arguments between them amusing. It was mostly Kenya fussing, and Cristian making flirtatious jokes to end the fussing. They’d been that way since as long as he could remember. They were so in love, and Cristian never did anything to deter Kenya’s jealousy. Gavin hoped to find someone he loved as much, but with way less arguing.

He didn’t get a chance to bring it up until his grandmother went to bed. He told his grandfather about the camping trip. Cristian wasn’t comfortable with it, but he promised to help keep Kenya calm while Gavin was gone. He was very relieved when Gavin returned home safely a few days later.

Kenya and Cristian were happy Gavin was making a lot of friends. Their favorites of his friends were Carmen and Akira. After Carmen had her first baby, she didn’t have as much free time, so Akira was the friend they saw the most. He lived in San Myshuno, s so they often ran into him.

One of times Kenya ran into Akira, she told him how happy she was that he was close to her grandson. He deflected by talking about what great friends they were. Kenya told him that where she grew up in the Caribbean, people weren’t always welcome to be themselves, but she was glad that wasn’t the case here. Then she let it go because she didn’t want to speak for Gavin, and their conversation moved on to Akira’s promotion.

When Akira wanted to go out to celebrate his promotion, Gavin was happy to join. He thought it was going to be just him and Akira, but he didn’t mind when they were joined by Baby Branham and Robyn Epstein.

After Baby and Robyn both made weak excuses to leave the table, Akira took advantage of the opportunity to talk alone. After jokingly guessing at the reasons Baby might’ve chosen to bring Robyn with him to the celebratory dinner, they moved on to other topics. Akira said that with his new promotion, he had enough money to move into a much bigger and better apartment. He invited Gavin and his grandparents to join him. Akira felt like the Ralstons had become his family in San Myshuno, and he wanted them to celebrate in his success.

Gavin wasn’t sure his grandparents would think it was a good idea, but Akira swiftly knocked down all his protests, and Gavin promised he’d ask them after his protest in the morning. Akira and Gavin made plans to meet the next afternoon.

The next morning, as Gavin was heading out to his protest, his grandfather asked his opinion about redecorating their apartment. He wanted to settle in more since it seemed they really like San Myshuno and were obviously going to be there for a while. Gavin tried to limit what he would do, but still didn’t bring up moving to Uptown with Akira.

He invited his grandparents to his protest, but they declined because they felt his protest cause wasn’t a great one. They told Gavin they’d happily support once he got a cause they could get behind. When Gavin arrived at the scheduled protest, there was only one person there. He wondered if his grandparents were right that Sims would support more if he chose another protest cause.

When Gavin met Akira at the part in Oasis Springs that afternoon, Akira was disappointed to hear that Gavin hadn’t brought up moving with his grandparents yet.

He promised he’d ask them later that night. Akira told him he was going to meet him there so he could hear what the verdict was. When Gavin got back home, he finally sat down with his grandmother Kenya to ask about the move. Before giving her answer, she asked Gavin about Akira. She felt that there was something there more than friendship, and wanted Gavin to talk about it. Gavin tried to deflect at first.

Kenya didn’t want to force her grandson to do something he wasn’t ready for, but she told him they wouldn’t consider moving in with Akira until Gavin decided for sure if all he wanted with Akira was friendship. Gavin went for a run to clear his head and think about his conversation with his grandmother. He decided what he was going to do then headed back home. Akira arrived to the apartment shortly after Cristian returned home from work. Akira and Gavin spoke in his bedroom while Kenya and Cristian cuddled on the couch while she filled him in on what was happening.

In his room, Gavin explained that his grandparents didn’t say yes yet to the move, and that his grandmother encouraged him to talk to Akira. When Akira asked what he wanted to talk about, Gavin responded by taking hold of his hand.

Akira felt like they should talk about what Gavin was feeling, and what he’d been feeling. Akira had always been open about his bisexuality with Gavin. He thought Gavin felt more than friendship for him, but was deep in the closet. He had resigned himself to being just friends, and he really thought a conversation could uncover what had been simmering under the surface this whole time. But when Gavin closed the distance between them, looking full of wonder and excitement for the previously unexplored possibilities, Akira decided conversation could wait.

It wasn’t long before it was clear that Gavin was like a fish taking to water. Their deep friendship was the perfect foundation on which everything else could be built. Once it was clear they both wanted this, there was no hesitation.

The next morning, Gavin was all smiles and full of chatter about what their new lives in Uptown would be like. Akira was happy at first too, but then a realization dawned on him. He rescinded his offer to have the Ralstons move in with him. Gavin didn’t understand why, but Akira was very sure. He was fine with everything when they were just friends, but things had now changed.

Akira felt that Gavin had spent so much time not being who he truly is. It was obvious in his choice in who to date, it was even obvious in his career choices. Gavin was hurt, but promised Akira he could prove to him that he wasn’t afraid to be himself. Akira told him, he was looking forward to meeting and loving a more true-to-himself Gavin.

[Author’s Note: I’m going to stop here because we’re at 1500 words. Part Two will be out in a few days, and with some luck, we’ll keep it rolling.]

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