Blank Family Recap Part 1 [Chapter 108, Blank]

The Blanks, ironically enough, were one of the first Sim families to move in during the day time. It’s ironic because they had the most to hide. They were new to town, on a mission from Sixam. They arrived, and had a brief moment as themselves.

04-24-16_12-46-05 AM

They assumed their disguises, and shared their first Sim meal together as a family.

04-24-16_12-54-04 AM

Bo Blank was the father, and the one who pushed the family to accept the mission. He would be a stay-at-home dad, helping to raise the kids. Heaven Blank was the mother, and she accepted the mission, though she seemed sort of immediately over it. She was pursuing a career in the entertainment field and hoped to be a famous musician one day. Their son Asa and daughter Gem were both children, and they were happy to be on an adventure, though they didn’t quite know what that meant yet.

That first day when Heaven left for work and the kids left for school, Bo ventured out. They had moved into Newcrest, but the nearest open air park was in Oasis Springs. Bo headed there and met a random Sim to play chess with. He also met a teenage Quincy Epstein, who somehow immediately discovered Bo was an alien. Bo wasn’t sure what to make of this, but had to admit he felt a thrill at being found out. Quincy agreed to keep his true identity a secret, and he agreed to keep it a secret that Quincy was cutting school.

04-24-16_1-27-41 AM

While Bo was adjusting to how to appear more Sim-like, his kids appeared to be doing just fine. There were a lot of kids to meet and make friends with, and Asa did just that.

04-24-16_1-48-21 AM

Gem struggled a bit more with making friends, but she was always included because she was Asa’s sister.

04-24-16_1-48-36 AM

Bo continued to have free time while the rest of his family was gone for the day. He started a small garden with the easily harvested plants near his home. And he befriended several Sims that walked by his house. He kept telling himself he didn’t mean to do it, but he invariably ended up revealing that he was an alien. Every single Sim took the information positively, much to Bo’s surprise.

05-18-16_4-53-51 PM

The neighborhood kids were always over to the Blank house in the early days. They’d have any number of guests, but the most frequent visitors were Alexander Goth, Max Villareal, Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis, and once her family moved to town, Kalyn Branham.

05-18-16_5-08-19 PM

Bo was getting pretty good at showing Sims he was an alien. If he was honest, he was being a bit reckless, but he felt it was all okay in the moment. Plus, science, you know?

One day he met a woman names Lily Branham. She was pregnant with what she said was her third child, a boy to be named Jamison. Bo had never tried an alien mind read on a pregnant woman before, and even though there was a witness in the form of a Sim child named Lucas Munch, he simply had to do it. He covered his tracks by telling the boy it was a magic trick to be re-enacted at Asa’s and Gem’s birthday party.

05-23-16_3-55-21 PM

Bo was trying to figure out how to tell Heaven he was completely messing up the purpose of their mission. They were supposed to integrate with the Sims, not stand out from them. But Heaven seemed so out of it. She wasn’t connecting with the children, and she never seemed happy. He was worried she might confess the mission errors back to Sixam in an effort to get them sent back home, and Bo didn’t want that.

05-23-16_3-58-54 PM

Heaven’s happiest times were when she could get lost in her music and forget that she hadn’t really made any friends and struggled to stay connected to her family. Bo was a Loner and somehow made friends. Asa and Gem seemed quite popular among the school children. Heaven hadn’t found her place yet, and she was feeling pretty isolated. But when it was her and the music, at least the isolation felt on purpose.


Heaven felt weird thinking it, but she was happy when their offspring decided there were monsters under the bed.


She figured it was some sort of psychological reaction to wanting more parental attention, but when she effectively handled it, it made her feel more like a good mother to her offspring. The children were happy to talk to her at breakfast the next morning. If only she found joy in talking back to them.


After the kids were off to school, Bo decided to fess up to Heaven. He didn’t know how she’d take the news that many Sims knew he was an alien, but he didn’t want to hide anymore.


But at the last moment, he changed his mind. He didn’t want to know how she’d react at the real news, so instead he made up something about using Sixam fertilizer on his garden.


She was relieved the secret wasn’t something worse. She made Bo promise to only use his Sixam secrets in private, where no one would know, so as not to compromise the mission. This made him feel even worse because now he had doubled down on his secret.

Never one to learn from his lessons, Bo met and outed himself to more Sims.


He simply had to know if they were all going to be okay with finding out he wasn’t a Sim. So far, he’d only gotten positive reactions. He started trying to think of ways to make this okay with Heaven. He considered that maybe there was a way to change the mission so he wasn’t violating the rules.

Later that night, the kids got another visit from the Monster Under the Bed.


Gem tried to befriend the monster, but it didn’t work. Luckily, Bo came to her rescue.


He brought her back in the room to show her there was nothing to be afraid of.


And for the first time since, they started their mission, he felt like just a father. Gem was glowing bright red because of her fear and discomfort. Instead of giving her a lecture about controlling her emotions lest they be found out, he just hugged and comforted her. He wished they could have more moments like that without being so worried about the mission.


Gem calmed down and was ready to go back to bed. Unfortunately the monster had other plans. This time, she wasn’t scared though. Before long, she’d befriended the monster.


Neither Bo nor Heaven noticed that Gem wasn’t making friends as easily as Asa was. They just assumed because there were always kids around, they were friends with both of them. But Asa noticed, and he wanted to help Gem fix it. He had joined two clubs in the neighborhood, and wanted to help Gem get into one of them. She wasn’t sure it was a good idea, but agreed to try if it would help get get more friends.


The morning they were going to put their plan into action, Asa invited over a bunch of friends. Most of the kids hung out by the monkey bars, but Lucas Munch came into the house. He talked to Heaven while she was having her breakfast. He asked when Asa and Gem’s birthday party was going to be.


Heaven told him she didn’t know if they were going to have a party, and Lucas seemed so disappointed. He told her he really wanted to see Bo’s magic mind trick again, and maybe have it for his own birthday party. Heaven stayed calm while talking to Lucas, but inside she was fuming. She couldn’t believe Bo had revealed himself to be an alien, in front of a Sim child no less. She vowed to get to the bottom of Bo’s odd behavior.


Asa and Gem joined his friends outside. Asa tried to get Gem to join into their fun, but it was just kind of awkward for everyone.


That didn’t stop them from trying even harder.


When they finally got around to asking Elsa if Gem could join the club, she said it was too late. They’d just gotten another member and had no more room. She promised to put Gem on the “waiting list.”


Gem tried not to feel dejected and rejected. She decided maybe friends would come easier once they aged up. At least she had her father.


Bo spent most of the day at the Romance Festival. He hung out with lots of the friends he’d made since arriving to Newcrest. He was very proud of himself for not revealing to anyone new that he was an alien. He figured his wife Heaven would be proud of him.


The next morning at breakfast, everyone could tell Heaven’s mood was lower than usual, but she said she didn’t want to talk about why.


Heaven hadn’t decided how to handle what she’d learned about Bo. She decided to gather more information, and to give him another chance to come clean. Before she knew it Christmas had arrived. The Blank family did their best impression of a Sim family celebrating the holidays. They may have overdone it.


Right after the holidays, Bo accepted Laurel Epstein’s invitation to join her new club. He had gone far past revealing himself as an alien, he’d started experimenting with erasing Sim’s memories as well. So no one in the club remembered that he was an alien. He thought it was the perfect way to test if Sims had consistent reactions to his reveal. What could go wrong?


When the club was getting to know each other, Bo shared a story about being abducted by aliens. He wanted to gauge their reactions to the idea of aliens being so nearby.


He felt like they took the news well. The abduction story was buried in a story about how much he loved to spend time with his family and friends, but it still counted.


Soon it was time for Gem and Asa to age up to Teen. Bo was proud of the people they were becoming and told them so often.

Realizing that he wasn’t setting a very good example for his offspring, Bo decided to come clean with Heaven.

Yikes, this is getting long. I swear I was trying to keep these recaps short, but all these important (and importantly adorable) things happened that I wanted to include in the recaps… Okay, well, you know the drill, the rest of the Blank recap posts in a couple of days!

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