Author’s Note #13: Happy New Year! Where the Hell Have I Been??

Happy New Year everyone!!

You know that thing that happens when you find a Simlit story you enjoy? You read it, you enjoy it, you can even tell similar-looking members of the Sim families apart on sight.

Then the unthinkable happens. The story stops updating. For no good reason, there’s just no new chapters. Sometimes it’s an announced break that gets prolonged until forever. Other times it happens without warning.

You guys, if you read my story, and could even tell my Sims apart, and have been wondering where the hell I’ve been since late September, my bad. I’ve got nothing to blame except some writing fatigue, some reading fatigue, and a whole lot of real life.

But I’m trying to reclaim all the stuff that mattered to me as I’m preparing to head into the new year. And SimLit definitely matters to me. So I’m going to put together some recap posts for you while I’m preparing new chapters. I left off at the end of Round 9, and I still have all my great plans for Round 10. I have tons of screenshots and great story to tell, and I’m excited to share it with you… once I write it down.

I’m thinking I’ll do 6 recap posts: one for each family plus one that is dedicated to the activities of the Counsel Council. And you know I’m going to find some way to work Baby Branham, my favorite townie, into it. The posts won’t be any particular length; I just want to refresh existing (and maybe catch up new…?) readers to what’s happened so far and prep you all for Round 10. If I spread the posts out, I should be able to give myself 2-3 weeks to bang out Round 10 and start updating my story again. Yay for spreading!

So, welcome back to my story, hopefully I stick around this time.

Oh! and in between writing, I’m also going to be catching up on the stories I read and haven’t read in forever. Seriously, y’all, I have 495 unread e-mails from my post subscriptions. So give me like a month to catch up, lol.

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