Momma Is Here For You [Round 9, Chapter 101, Butler]

Rodrigo: My Momma is the best! Every breakfast is tasty!

Rodrigo: My Momma makes potty time so much fun!

Rodrigo: She has the funnest sleep stories!

Rodrigo: My Papi has good stories too!

Rodrigo: When Papi is gone, and Momma is talking, I watch my baby brother and my other baby brother. I’m Momma’s Helper!

Carmen and her boys were doing well. Rodrigo loved being a big brother and he was always excited to “help” take care of his baby brothers. Carmen felt blessed, and she promised herself she wouldn’t mess up her blessings by continuing to engage in reckless behavior. She stuck true to her promise to herself and hadn’t slept with Hugo since she found out she was pregnant.

Hugo didn’t like her decision, but he accepted it. He still came around often to help with the boys, and they were settling in well to the new boundaries of the co-parenting situation.

Even when Hugo wasn’t there, Carmen still got lots of visitors. One afternoon, she was surprised when Elizabeth and Luca Holloway stopped by to visit Carmen. Neither of them had ever been to her house before.

Liz started gushing over Rodrigo before she was even in the door good. “Isn’t that cute? He’s watching them sleep! I can’t wait until our baby is here. How do your boys sleep through the music you have playing? I should only be so lucky that any kids we have are heavy sleepers. It’s so quiet out there where we live, I bet any loud sound will wake them up.”

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by Liz’s effusive energy, Carmen paused to process everything before choosing which part of Liz’s statement to respond to. “Babies can get adjusted to pretty much any environment,” said Carmen, “at least that’s what all the baby books tell me. So Luca, what brings you two by?”

“What, we need a reason to visit a friend? Maybe we should go,” said Luca in mock passive aggressive voice.

“Oh don’t be a Silly Willy,” said Liz. “Carmen loves having visitors, don’t you Carmen? I mean, my mom’s here all the time!”

“Heh,” said Luca, “I didn’t know Mrs. Chong was over here a lot. Small world.”

Carmen had a lot of energy herself, and she could find something to like about everyone, but Liz just had this way of getting under one’s skin. Carmen took a deep breath and looked away before responding.

Carmen: Well damn, no wonder both Daniella and Laurel find this girl annoying. However, I will not let the opinions of my friends sway me without giving things a chance. I owe it to my girl Hope to not assume her daughter is a chatty dingbat.

“Well,” said Liz, “am I right, or am I right? It’s totally fine that we’re here right?”

Carmen finally responded, digging deep to find her cheerful and hospitable voice. “Of course it’s fine that you’re here. Any daughter of Hope’s is welcome here. And Luca, you know you’re always welcome. You know you oughta call Liz’s mom Hope instead of Mrs. Chong. I mean, you’re closer to her age than you are to Hope’s!”

Carmen: Darn, that came out petty. And hypocritical. Oops. Rein it in girl.

Liz’s smile faltered, but Luca busted out laughing. “You know,” said Luca, “you’re right Carmen. I can always count on you to tell it like it is.”

Once she heard her husband’s words, Liz seemed to regain her smile, though it was smaller than before. Still, Carmen was grateful she hadn’t ruined the potential for them to be friends.

Carmen: Well, at least now she’s knows I’m sassy. And I know she gets a bit…too familiar. We can build on that.

Carmen returned a small smile in Liz’s direction.

“I am being so rude,” exclaimed Carmen suddenly. “I haven’t even offered y’all a seat! Please, sit down.”

Liz took a seat on the couch, but Luca did not. He noticed Rodrigo had started bobbing to the music and decided to join in.

“Luca,” said Liz as she watched him dance, “will you teach our kids to dance like that? That’s so adorable! Carmen, won’t that be adorable? Like, the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen?”

“Erm…,” began Carmen, not entirely sure how to answer Liz’s question.

“Please don’t ask her to find our imaginary dancing children more adorable than her actually dancing child right in front of us,” said Luca.

“That’s not what I was doing, sweetie,” said Liz. “Carmen knows what I meant, don’t you Carmen?”

“Erm…,” began Carmen, not wanting to be rude but not wanting to answer dishonestly. She decided to change the subject. “You seem to have children on the brain Liz. What’s–”

“I know! I do! It’s because I’m so excited,” said Liz. “We’re expecting! I know I’m not showing yet, it’s my darn athletic body, but I’m pregnant! I mean, some women look like they’re in their second trimester the second they know they’re pregnant, but not me. My doctor said I could have twins in there, but you wouldn’t know by looking at me.”

“Yeah,” said Luca, “my wife’s body is banging. She is indeed knocked up, but luckily she’s not baby-fat yet. The way she looks now makes me hope her body will bounce right back after. If I had any money, I would’ve made her sign a prenup promising to stay hot and skinny, haha.”

“Well, alright,” said Carmen, ignoring the implied fat shaming and joining Liz on the couch. Laurel had shared some gossip with Carmen regarding Liz’s possible pregnancy, so Carmen was glad to have the confirmation. Luca sat down too as Rodrigo headed back to the bassinets to watch his brothers. “Congratulations are in order! Since I’m the old pro at baby carrying here, do you have any questions for me?”

“Yeah, I do,” said Liz. “They say childbirth hurts a lot. Is it really that bad? I can’t get a straight answer out of my mom or sister-in-law.”

“Honey, of course it hurts,” said Carmen. “But it’s worth it. You went to high school with Hugo and Luna Villareal, right? Well, Luna’s wife Aadhya is a doctor. Dr. Villareal has delivered every baby born in our world in the past 10 weeks, so she’ll likely deliver yours too. She’s not the most… skilled, but she’ll make sure you and your baby come out alright, okay?”

“Um, that does not make me feel better,” said Liz.

“I thought you wanted the truth, not to be made to feel better,” said Carmen.

“No, I’d prefer to go with the answer that keeps a smile on my face,” said Liz.

Carmen: That explains a lot.

“Well, hey, let’s focus on the bright side,” said Liz, her smile returning to full brightness, “our doctor thinks it might be twins! It’s too early to tell, but if he’s right, I’ll only have to go through this once. I only ever wanted two kids, so maybe I’ll get lucky!”

“I’ll cross all my fingers and toes for you honey,” said Carmen.

“Thanks! Okay, I’ve gotta run to the bathroom,” said Liz, “I’ll be right back.”

As soon as she was out of sight, Rodrigo took her place on the couch. Carmen smiled at him then turned to Luca.

“Okay, tell me why you’re really here,” said Carmen. “I know it wasn’t just so I could burst your wife’s bubble about the pain of childbirth.”

23 thoughts on “Momma Is Here For You [Round 9, Chapter 101, Butler]

    1. I would be very interested to learn Rodrigo’s opinion of Liz, haha. In this scene, I controlled Carmen and Rodrigo, but mostly let the Sims do whatever they wanted. Liz actually chose not to interact with him at all.

      Luca on the other hand, kept talking to him and dancing with him. Rodrigo didn’t even get the stranger danger buff by the time they left. Those interactions surprised me, I must admit.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Love Carmen! Show Liz, girl! Also, I’m not so sure it would be a good idea for Luna’s wife (?) to be doing the birth, I mean, there was all this stuff about Him and Luna…Also, Luca is being just as classy as always, talking about the body of his wife like that, while Liz is kinda of a ding-dong…Well…They deserve each other.XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If only they could request a different doctor. But unfortunately it’s Luna’s wife who has shown up to 100% of my Sim’s deliveries.

      You bring up an interesting point though. Do you think Luna has confessed her embarrassing indiscretion to her wife?

      Also, lol at calling Liz a ding dong. She would not appreciate being called that, but you would make Daniella and Laurel laugh.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I still love Liz ! I think she and I could be friends . .. I’m also socially awkward and used to be blinders-on optimistic , so I understand that urge to keep it happy even if it means looking away sometimes .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Liz is both lovable and irritating, lol. But which perception you lean more towards is totally up to you.

      A love playing her, and when I hear her voice in my head during the game, it always makes me smile in a really fond way. But as I’m typing out her dialog I find myself irritated, haha. She is like a Rorschach test in Sim form.

      Liked by 2 people

    1. My view of Liz is that she grew up in a large family where there was a lot of activity. Her family lives and that 1 big house that comes in San Mysuno in the spice district I believe. And she’s got several siblings.

      So the idea that she was very chatty and familiar and a bit all over the place might not be seen as a social behavior her family felt the need to correct. She just sorta blended in with the bustle of a large family spacious home.

      She probably thinks her social skills are time period she’s never then auto loss of company, plots she’s so friendly

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, I love her family house! That’s where Jasper lives! It’s awesome. Gosh, you know… that sounds like the social behavior of a younger child in a noisy, busy family…. I wonder if that’s where my own social style comes from!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. If I didn’t already have 1000 characters I was spending time with, I would totally go over to her house. I only played it once to update it to accommodate beds etc. for everyone in case the Holloways ever get invited over in game.

        You grew up with a large number of siblings? That’s really cool. It was always just me and my brother.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Well, only two other siblings, but lots of big family gatherings with tons of cousins… I always felt like I could say anything, anytime, because no one listened to me so it didn’t matter! πŸ™‚ I’m still sort of like that, and then when it turns out someone is listening, I get embarrassed!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Ha! I can only imagine. I have something similar where I don’t often tune in to conversations that don’t seem to concern me so I get surprised when I find someone else is paying attention to my conversation that doesn’t concern them. Then I get embarrassed and wonder if I should’ve expected the attention.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Crap, hit send too quick. I was trying to say that she probably thinks her social skills are fine. And being married to someone like Luca wouldn’t exactly teach someone that their interpersonal skills could use some work.

      Carmen and Luca hardly ever spend time together without rest of the club around, so I think she’s still trying to get a feel for if his rude behavior is carelessness or malicious. As more time passes, we’ll see if she continues to let those types of comments slide.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I just think it’s fascinating that all your Sims react that way to Liz! I wonder if there’s some hidden coding about social expectations and if Liz never quite follows it… I mean it’s so uncanny the way every single one responds to her! Must be amazing to watch in game!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. There’s some define coding there. If I make a Sim in CAS, and you make another, they have similar interactions and relationship development if left to their own autonomous behavior in every pretty much save and on every hard drive. Your stories, in particular your Plum Day chapters, really drove that home to me.

        So I wholly agree with your theory that something on the coding governs this. Makes me think about the dead scientist’s robot coding postulates in the movie version of I, Robot.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Carmen!!!! She cuts through all the BS! Gotta love her. But I am curious too. What are they doing there? I am with everyone else. I don’t like Liz! She is so superficial and flighty. I didn’t like what Luca said about being fat though. That was rude. I was glad Carmen let it slide.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Luca is so rude, like all the time. I’m honestly surprised he has any fans, lol.

      So I’ll add another person in the “dislikes Liz” crowd. Flighty is the perfect way to describe her.

      I had a lot of fun writing Carmen in this one. Her facial expressions alone gave me so much!


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