So Sad, So Sorry [Round 9, Chapter 97, Epstein]

Robyn awoke the next morning to see Baby had left to head home. As they fell into bed together, she made him promise to leave before the butler and her mother, both early risers, woke up. He kept his promise, but she still felt a pang of sadness at the sight of her bed that now felt so empty with just her in it.

She tried to shake off the feeling and got out of bed to get ready to go to school.

She dressed for the day, then headed to school. She wasn’t feeling quite herself and she wasn’t sure which bad decision from the previous night was causing it.

Robyn: What the plum is wrong with me? Who sleeps with two guys in the same night? The first night they even have sex? And used no protection either time?” My best case scenario is that Carlton and Erik forget they saw me last night, Baby decides our night together means we were meant to be, and the butler doesn’t notice anything unusual about my room. There’s about a 1% chance that’s what’s going to happen. This was a terrible plan!

Robyn needed to tell someone what was going on, and as soon as she got to school, she pulled Olivia to the side so they could talk. She didn’t get the chance to say what was on her mind though because Olivia was crying. She convinced Brooklyn to help them sneak out of school for some much needed girls time.

Brooklyn was a bit of a computer nerd and was always in the school’s computer lab. There was an emergency exit right near there that had an easily fooled alarm. Brooklyn said she was happy to help and jumped at the chance to show her older sister how badass she could be. Brooklyn felt like Robyn favored Bianca and wanted to change that. But something went wrong, and she ended up activating the alarm, and got them all caught. The principal decided to call their mother.

Laurel was still dolled up from the night before with Kurt. Renewing their interest in each other had been fun, but it was still tiring as they weren’t actually empty nesters yet. She didn’t wake up in time to make everyone breakfast before they left for the day. She’d still be asleep if not for her phone ringing.

Laurel mumbled something about a real friend helping with studies, not hindering, then hung up and dragged herself to the tub to take a long hot soak. If she timed it right, she’d be perfectly relaxed and still be able to crank out a tasty meal before the kids got home.

While preparing the meal, she received a text from Robyn asking if Olivia could come over after school. Laurel was fond of Olivia and was happy Robyn was still friends with her group from childhood. She texted back “K” and returned her attention to the pot she was stirring on the stove.

After school, Olivia arrived to the house with Robyn. They never got a chance to talk at school after Brooklyn got them caught. Brooklyn fell on her sword and took the blame. She insisted to the principal that Robyn and Olivia were only trying to stop her from cutting class, not there as less tech-savvy accomplices. Robyn was impressed by Brooklyn’s handling of the situation because any little thing she did wrong might cost her and Bianca their dream of going to Germany.

“Liv, before we go inside, can we talk out here?” Olivia still looked upset, but she wasn’t too upset to notice that Robyn was also unhappy.

“Sure,” said Olivia, “do you want to go first, or shall I?”

“You first,” said Robyn. Olivia launched into a story about how great she thought things would be with Asa Blank ever since that night they all hung out in Windenburg. Asa was doing his best to be a good boyfriend, but ever since his parents, Bo and Heaven Blank, split up, he was a different person. He had moments where he was charming and vulnerable and sweet, but mostly he was becoming more and more of an asshole who only wanted to spend time with Olivia when there was potential of them hooking up. And overhearing other girls in school talk about how cute he was and how interesting and different he was didn’t help. She felt like she had to keep hooking up with him to keep his interest.

“Dang Liv,” said Robyn, “I’m so sorry to hear that. I know you’ve liked him for a while, and vice versa. It sucks when your parents do something stupid and ruin your life.”

“Is that what you’re upset about? Did your parents do something? They’re not breaking up like Asa’s parents, are they? Or worse, they’re not pregnant again, are they?”

“No, nothing like that. My parents are fine. Better than fine actually,” said Robyn. “It’s me! I’m such an idiot. Believe me, you want to be careful of the things you think are a good idea to keep a man’s attention, you may just make it worse, especially when you are trying to fix things by hooking up. I may have ruined my life and so many others as well.”

“Slow down, slow down,” said Olivia. “What guy? I never knew you even liked anyone. And who’s life have you ruined? It’s not like you’re a mother.”

“I think it’s exactly like that,” said Robyn ominously.

“What?!?! Wait, no, start from the beginning,” demanded Olivia.

After swearing her to secrecy, Robyn did as she asked. She started from the beginning when she first laid eyes on Baby at a meeting of the Neighborhood Hang club.

She told the whole story up to her half-baked idea to convince Baby they were meant to be together.

“And now I think I’m pregnant,” said Robyn. “I can’t bring myself to take a pregnancy test yet. But I’ve been nauseous all day, I have to pee like every five minutes, and I’m starving.”

“OMG. This is so crazy. How old is Baby again? Wait, it doesn’t matter. What are you gonna do though?” asked Olivia. “You can’t just live in denial.”

“I know! I don’t know what to do. I just need to think and figure this out.”

“Maybe you should tell your mom,” said Olivia.

“No! She’d be so disappointed. All she wanted for me was to do better than her and not become a teen mom as well. At least she was smart enough to get knocked up by the love of her life. I can’t even be sure that the man I love is the father. It might be Erik.”

Having run out of drama to discuss for the moment, They headed inside to the kitchen. There were so many feels happening with so many teenage girls in one small space. Olivia and her half-broken heart. Robyn and her nauseous-and-possibly-baby-filled stomach. And joining the fray was Bianca, the deepest in her feelings, entering a sad phase. Bianca didn’t understand why her sisters left her out of their jailbreak attempt earlier in the day. It. Just. Wasn’t. Fair!!

Later that night, Robyn went to bed, still unable to relax and rest. She waited for the hours to tick down. She would either become aware of the inevitable or breathe a sigh of relief soon. She woke up out of her sleep around 3 in the morning, and she just knew. Her stomach was just as flat as it had ever been. But that flat stomach was telling a lie.

She ran upstairs crying and asked her parents, who weren’t yet asleep for some reason, to meet her in the living room. They were worried because they’d never seen Robyn like this. Even as a child, she never got this upset. She asked her parents to sit. Laurel sat, but Kurt chose to stay standing. Robyn fell into Laurel’s arms, and could only manage five words before she went mute.

“I’m so sorry. I’m pregnant.”

17 thoughts on “So Sad, So Sorry [Round 9, Chapter 97, Epstein]

  1. Holly drama! I’m not so sure what I feel about this…It really wasn’t a smart decision to make herself pregnant, but, love does make you do crazy thing.We shall see if she is actually pregnant, and how her Parents are going to react. I think Laurel will freak out, as she wants the best for her childrem. And, hey, be carefulfor what you wish for, maybe they won’t have an empty nest so soon…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol, I didn’t even think about the twisted way this made Laurel’s desires come true. More nooboos in the house!

      But yes, Robyn took a risk, and it was stupid risk, and I imagine she won’t like how it affects everything going forward.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow! What a turn of events!
    I always thought Robyn was just a cunning kid with smarts. I didn’t think she’d wind up pregnant. Definitely a “make him jealous” plan gone wrong.

    A part of me kinda hopes she’s pregnant with Erik’s kid, just to rope him into the mess lmaoo
    D r a m a 😂
    She also might not even be pregnant and is just overreacting from thinking about it so much 🤔

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She is cunning and smart. Love done gone and made her dumb as a box o’ rocks! Now we shall have to see if Robyn’s brain helps her learn from this mistake. Sims tend to repeat mistakes before they sort their stuff out. We’ll see over time if Robyn is a one-time dummy or not.

      But you’re right, that tummy is mighty flat. She might be wrong…

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I be trying she’s not! She’s just sick about what happened! At least I hope she’s not. I’m very glad she told her parents though. I wonder if she told them everything though. Baby could be in a whole helleva lot of trouble!

    Liked by 1 person

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