Woohoo Is In The Air [Round 9, Chapter 95, Epstein]

Laurel continued to stare daggers at Liz. She wondered how a very-obviously-pregnant bartender would feel about serving juice or nectar to a kinda-sorta-looks-pregnant woman.

Liz didn’t appear to see Laurel, which was weird because Laurel and Kurt were the only other non-ghosts there besides the bartender. But it wouldn’t have been impossible because, at least in Laurel’s opinion, Liz was a ditzy aloof woman.

Suddenly, without ordering a drink or saying anything to anyone, Liz got up and left.

Laurel: Very suspicious. I wonder if I should bring it up to Luca… No, that may cause unnecessary drama that I don’t want to be a part of. Maybe I’ll ask Daniella. She seems to have Liz’s number.

Laurel almost didn’t notice when her husband Kurt appeared at her side. Once she registered his presence, she said, “oh, hey honey.”

“Oh hey?? Honey??? First, where did that pet name come from, and B, I think it’s a bit weird to say ‘oh, hey’ to someone you walked in with. Is everything okay?”

With a last glance back to where Liz was previously seated, Laurel shook off the moment and put her attention back on her husband. She said, “of course, hon–Kurt, everything is fine.”

Laurel stood and gave him a deep embrace. “Hey,” she said, “do you wanna sit outside so it’s just us with no hazy ghosts trying to block our sight?”

“I sure do.” He grabbed her hand, which was apparently something they did now, and headed to one of the umbrella covered tables outside the bar.

Kurt looked at Laurel and couldn’t quite read her face. “So what are you thinking right now?”

“Laurel tilted her body seductively and said, “I’m thinking how unfortunate it is that this bar doesn’t have closets inside or bushes outside.”

Kurt: Well damn, who is this woman and what has she done with my wife? I like it and I hope she sticks around.

Kurt recovered quickly from his shock and found his voice. “Wanna head home early? It’s almost midnight, so everyone but Emilie will be sleep when we get home,” he said with a chuckle. “We did a lot of talking inside, so I’ll happily switch to the not-talking portion of the evening.”

“Seeing as how you didn’t even let me change out of my apron before dragging me out, it’s only fitting that you drag me back home before the date is properly over,” said Laurel, smiling in spite of her sassy words.

They stood to exit the bar and head home, but before they could completely leave the premises, Laurel stopped Kurt’s exit. “Just one more thing before we go.”

Robyn had a plan. If Baby wanted her to date boys her own age, that’s exactly what she was going to appear to do. And if her plan worked, Baby would be begging to make her his just in time for her Young Adult birthday.

Robyn went down to the basement gym one evening after dinner. She was sure she’d have the space to herself because her family were more morning exercisers. She pulled out her phone and looked at the various teenage boys she had a phone number for.

She chose three and sent out a Happy Text, then waited to see who would respond.

Robyn: First come, first served, boys.

The first to respond was Erik Rocca. He was a cute boy from Robyn’s class at school. He’d actually asked Robyn out before, but she turned him down. He chose to see this text as Robyn opening that door back up for him. Robyn was just happy he took the bait.

Robyn knew her parents would be antsy about her going to Fledermaus Bend Park because of where it was located. Forgotten Hollow was still considered a dangerous place by her parents even though her mom was pretty sure all the vampires had actually integrated into regular Sim neighborhoods.

She decided not to tell them where she was going and just announced she was going out. Being the oldest in the house came with some privileges after all. Her parents were snuggled on the couch watching a movie and their only response was for her to be home by curfew.

That was going to be tough because of how long it took to to travel to Forgotten Hollow. She basically had to go all the way around the mountains past where Granite Falls was. That was not a short drive. Robyn decided it was worth the risk.

She arrived to the park and saw that Erik brought a friend with him. The friend was cute too. Robyn recognized him from school, but didn’t know his name.

She figured Erik brought the friend to show he knew it wasn’t a date. Robyn considered if she should chat with both boys first before picking one to include in her plan. She didn’t miss how no-name cutie was looking at her. She quickly did a coin toss in her head and landed on Erik. That was the better idea anyway because she didn’t have time do crazy things like learn the other boy’s name.

She closed the distance between Erik and her, and leaned in for a hug, which he gladly accepted. She could feel his friend’s eyes burning a hole through them, so she asked Erik if they could talk off to the side, over by the bushes.

As they walked away, she head Erik’s friend say not-too-quietly, “‘Over by the bushes’, heh, noice.”

Once they were by the bushes, Robyn smiled the flirty smile she’d practiced in the gym mirror and said, “you like me, don’t you Erik?”

He seemed floored by receiving the attention she’d withheld from him since they aged up. “Y-yes, I do, you know I do.”

“Good,” said Robyn. Then she leaned in and kissed him. It was one of those messy inexperienced teenaged kisses. Robyn figured she wouldn’t be a very good kisser because she’d never done it before, but that didn’t matter to her plan. She’d been trying to save all her kisses for Baby, but he wasn’t cooperating, so now she had to give them away as an investment in a better future.

She turned towards the bush, and an idea popped into her head. But would it be going too far? There were passersby everywhere in this creepy park, and Robyn hated the thought of being the subject of gossip.

She also considered how she imagined her first time would be. Even without Baby in the picture, she never thought it would be with some boy she wasn’t sure she even liked like that, outdoors in some bush.

While Robyn was busy thinking through whether she should make this abrupt change in her plans, Erik realized she was pondering the bush. His dreams were about to come true, and to help it along he stayed very still, like a hunter wary of scaring away a doe in the clearing.

Robyn opened her mouth to speak when her phone buzzed with a text from her father.

To Be Continued…

8 thoughts on “Woohoo Is In The Air [Round 9, Chapter 95, Epstein]

  1. Saved by the text! Robyn…I don’t think any of this is a good idea! And even when you are ‘of age’ howmdo,you know Baby wouldn’t have repaired his relationship with his wife enough to not want to leave her. You are in for real heartbreak!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Robyn has a plan, and no one is going to convince her that the plan won’t work. She’s considering calling an audible right now, and luckily we get to see first thing tomorrow what she decided to do!


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