A New Season For The Epsteins [Round 9, Chapter 94, Epstein]

Laurel wasn’t sure how to feel about Kurt’s new behavior. He’d been so flirty recently, and very insistent that they needed to start reconnecting so they would be happy once they were all alone in the house. She admitted to herself that she’d missed him, she’d just gotten so used to being more his teammate than his wife. She was enjoying feeling wooed by him, and hoped it continued.

She had other things on her mind as well. She was still thinking about whether they should let their freshly aged up twin daughters go to Germany for school. As was thinking about how to convince Kurt, Quincy, and Daniella that it was a good idea for the young family to move back into the big Epstein house.

“Mommy! You’re not listening to me, and I’m not sure if the glue gun is ready yet,” said Emilie. She was really enjoying being the only child in the house. All the girls received projects from school to take home and work on, but Emilie was the first one Laurel chose to help.

“Here, take this clay,” said Laurel, handing it over to Emilie. “Let me look at the instructions. I never was much of a crafter. I remember I had to do a scrapbook one time during Home-Ec. Let’s just say it was not pretty.”

“What’s ho-meck?”

“No class you’ll ever have to take,” murmured Laurel as she perused the instructions. “They’ve given up life skills classes in order to make standardized test robots who can’t even boil water or change their own car oil.”

Laurel had already made dinner while everyone was at school. She was excited their oven was fancy enough to keep the roast chicken warm without drying it out. She didn’t hear Kurt come in because he didn’t do his usual stressful flop onto the couch while simultaneously unbuckling his pants and turning on the TV.

She was finally made aware of his presence when she heard his voice call up the stairs, “hey, any chance all the beautiful ladies in this house want to join me for dinner?”

Emilie giggled. Laurel smiled. She heard the twins and Robyn both yell down that they’d be down shortly. All three of them were also working on their own school projects. They’d never been yellers in this house before. Mostly they just stayed to themselves if they happened to not be in the same room or on the same floor. Laurel called down that she and Emilie would join everyone for dinner as well.

Laurel: It’s a new season in this house I guess. I kind of like it.

Laurel was the first to join Kurt in the dining room. Their four girls had to leave their projects and wash up for dinner. Laurel was pleased when she saw Kurt had brought out the roast chicken and apple pie she’d made for dinner and dessert. She was amused when she saw that he’d already started eating.

“You couldn’t wait for us?”

“I’ve long learned not to wait until everyone is seated to eat,” said Kurt with a wink. “Did you see I set the table?”

“I did,” said Laurel. “And at the risk of sounding ungrateful, I’d rather you let the kids do it in the future. We’re short on time to teach them some manners before they age up.”

“Gotcha,” said Kurt. “I’ll forget my table manner to encourage theirs.”

Laurel laughed as she grabbed at plate of chicken and sat down. The girls were making their way into the dining room one by one.

“Daddy,” said Robyn, by way of greeting.

“Robyn,” responded Kurt in between bites. He would never play favorites with his children, but Robyn held a special place because she was the only one to continue calling him daddy even after she aged to teen.

Soon all 6 family members were gathered around the table. All three teenage girls had chosen to eat pie as their dinner. When Laurel served dinner, she knew better than to bring the pie out before they at the real food first. But Kurt still got points for trying to help.

Emilie noticed she was the only sister eating chicken instead of pie for dinner. “Will I get to have pie for dinner too after I age up?”

“You sure can,” said Robyn, then quickly changed it to, “but you shouldn’t,” at the quelling look she received from Laurel.

Once her mother turned back to hear the rest of Bianca’s story about German class that day, Robyn winked at Emilie and mouthed, “of course you can.

Kurt finished his dinner first, stood up and made an announcement. “Girls, your mother and I are going out after dinner on a date. Bianca, clean the table then take some medicine before you get us all sick. Robyn, you’re in charge of Emilie. Brooklyn, take a shower. Laurel, I’ll meet you by the front door when you’ve finished your food.” All the ladies at the table smiled and nodded.

Laurel: I don’t know who kidnapped my husband and replaced him with this attentive man, but I’d like to keep this one.

Robyn: Who even are these people right now? I’ve literally never seen them flirt with each other before this week.

Bianca: Awwwwwwwwww. *cough, sniffle*

Brooklyn: I need a shower? Do I stink?

Emilie: Yes! Me and Robyn are going to have so much fun. She always lets me stay up past my bedtime if Daddy goes to sleep early when Mommy is at a club meeting. Tonight, they’ll both be gone, so this is even better!

Kurt escorted Laurel to the Rattlesnake Juice Bar. They always talked about maybe making this place their local watering hole when they first moved to Oasis Springs, but life got in the way. The Laurel he knew would ask a bunch of questions about the night’s agenda, so he preempted that by showing her his intentions for the night.

There were no questions needed after that kiss. They headed inside the bar for a drink. It was ghost night. The ghosts were seat swapping as they hung out at the bar, so the only two seats Laurel and Kurt found free were at opposite ends of the bar. They ordered nectar and just chatted with each other, having no issues seeing each other through the translucent ghosts.

A non-ghost person entering the bar caught Laurel’s eye. It was Liz Holloway, Luca’s wife. Laurel had never been very fond of Liz, though she couldn’t put her finger on why. Laurel wondered why she’d come to a bar over in Oasis Springs by herself at this time of night. And Laurel hadn’t gotten confirmation yet, but she was pretty sure Liz was pregnant. At the very least, she knew they were trying.

Laurel: If she orders a drink, I swear to the Watcher…

To Be Continued…

11 thoughts on “A New Season For The Epsteins [Round 9, Chapter 94, Epstein]

  1. “They’ve given up life skills classes in order to make standardized test robots who can’t even boil water or change their own car oil.”
    This is so true that it physically hurts 😭😩

    Yay for Kurt and Laurel ❤️ Definitely loving this little arc for them. Interested to see what happens with poor Liz though… I have a feeling Laurel will end up meddling somehow 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Laurel is not opposed to meddling, that’s for certain. Also, she’s been spending so much time with Carmen, she can’t help but speak truth and nothing but, lol.

      Kurt finally got some attention from his wife, lol. I’m happy to see them actually acting like they’re happy to be married to each other.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. “They’ve given up life skills classes in order to make standardized test robots who can’t even boil water or change their own car oil.”

    The aliens can keep the other Kurt lol. This one can stay. I like this authoritative vibe he has going on!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was so easy for him to come last in Laurel’s life. He’s decided to try and fix that. Luckily, Laurel is a fan of this new him too.

      And now in some alternative head canon, she really does check with No to see if aliens did something to her husband.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Liz is like that one character that barely does anything wrong, and people stilll don’t like her…And I like that! Jumping back on topic! Oh My! Little Luca baby? I wonder how he/she/they will look like!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve never seen anything like it. Whenever Liz is around, most of my Sims get the thought bubble with her face in it, but it’s got that big red Ø over it, lol. They all hate her, and for no good reason, lol.

      But yes… little Luca offspring on the way. He didn’t need to have kids since his sister has two girls, which gave him three options to inherit his club membership. Liz wanted kids though, and she seems to get what she wants out of Luca, no matter what he wants, lol.


  4. It’s so sweet that Kurt is rekindling his and Laurel’s love affair. ❤️ I can say from experience that date nights are a great thing!

    But Liz???? I hate to say it but Laurel isn’t the only one that thinks Liz is a bit off. 😏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Date nights are the best. I was just talking to my husband about our next date night.

      Lol, very few people have neutral feelings about Liz. I… think she can be very sweet, but is a bit weird. And I can’t figure out her and Luca. She seems falsely bright with him, you know? And she always looks sad when she’s around him and his family.


    1. Liz is such a trip, she shows up at the weirdest times. I think Laurel might tackle her to knock a drink out of her hand, even if she is pregnant, lol.

      It seems like this family is finally becoming what Laurel always wanted when they moved into the big house.


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