Deutsche Zwillinge [Round 9, Chapter 93, Epstein]

“We want to go to school in Windenburg, Germany,” Bianca, the red-headed twin, repeated herself. She paused a moment to give the words a chance to sink in before plowing on.

“Here’s our plan. There’s this amazing university there that focuses on international business. We’d come out of school knowing everything we’d need to take over the world, #nosupervillain. That’s worth it’s weight in gold! But German schools are sooo different from here. Without taking the Abitur, it’s near impossible to get admittance to this school.”

Bianca’s explanation was not clearing things up for Laurel. “The arbiter? what’s that?”

“Not the arbiter, the Abitur, it’s their secondary school final exam. We need it to go to the university,” said Bianca. Brooklyn thought about jumping in to help, but figured it might be easier if Bianca just explained everything.

Kurt’s mind was swimming with questions, but he only asked one. “Can you take the exam here?”

“Nope,” said Bianca, “we want to go to secondary school student there to take it. Now we’ve already missed the start of secondary school, but if we transferred this next school year, we could pick up right as they start the comprehensive courses, and we could catch up  over the next 6 years.”

“Six years?!?!” Laurel and Kurt exclaimed simultaneously.

“Yes, six years,” said Bianca, now speaking in a gentle soothing tone, the same as you would for a toddler about to have a tantrum. “But university is just three years, maybe 4 if we do a joint degree.”

“This all sounds very expensive,” said Kurt.

“It’s not cheap,” agreed Bianca, “but we know you have money for each of us kids for when we age up, youjustgottagiveusoursbeforeweageup, and if Brooklyn and I combine our money, we’ll be set. Finding an exchange family to take us in during secondary school won’t be that hard. Then we’ll be in dorms during university. We’d use some of the money for that. But if our guess is right, we’ll have just enough left over after we graduate to come home and start our first business together.”

“Bu–but… but,” stuttered Laurel, feeling a lot of shock over this plan her twins had hatched, “why this school, and how are you even going to live in Germany? You don’t speak German.”

Bianca took a deep breath, then said slowly and deliberately, “Wir möchten in Deutschland zur Schule gehen. Es bedeutet uns sehr viel. Wir hoffen dass Ihr das versteht und zustimmt. Außerdem ist die Schule einer der besten der Welt und wir wollen nicht warten bis wir alt sind, um die Welt zu sehen. We picked German to learn at school, obviously.”

“Well damn,” said Kurt and Laurel. Then Laurel asked, “what did you just say?”

Brooklyn finally chimed in. “She basically said that we really want to go to Germany, it’s really important to us. And she answered your question: this school is ranked near the top in the world. Plus, what’s the point of having a huge inheritance if you don’t use it to better your life and do amazing things? Like see the world? So what do you think?”

“I think this is a lot to take in,” said Laurel.

“I agree,” said Kurt. “Your mother and I have to discuss this, then we’ll get back to you.”

“We’d need to know soon so we can start working on finding a host family, and getting a visa, and all that,” said Brooklyn as she stood up to head to her room.

Bianca also stood and said, “we’d love you forever if you let us do this! Now I’ll head up too. Mom, you should go back to considering Dad’s date offer.”

“Mmm, okay,” murmured Laurel as she turned to smile at Kurt, planning on following Bianca’s suggestion. “We’ll consider both and let you know.”

Bianca walked away, then peeked over her shoulder to see Laurel and Kurt smiling at each other at the thought of actually having time to go on a date with each other.

Before Bianca was even out of the room, Kurt leaned over and kissed Laurel softly on her lips.

Laurel smiled and asked, “what was that for?”

“It’s been too damn long since we’ve shared a kiss, on purpose, with both of us wide awake. I wanted to give you a taste of what you’ll get if you go on a date with me.”

“Oh really?”

“Oh yeah,” said Kurt. “I’m gonna remind you how to enjoy my company, even when it’s just you and me. And from the looks of things, it’ll be just us and Emilie really soon. We’re going to relearn each other, meet the adults we’ve become. We’ll learn to laugh together again.”

“I can fix that,” said Laurel with a mischievous glint in her eye. “One group laugh, coming up.” Then she tickled Kurt, who laughed uncontrollably. Part of it was the joy of having his wife’s hand on his body when he was awake enough to truly enjoy it. The other part was that it really did tickle. Laurel laughed too, her laugh sounding both flirtatious and amused.

Kurt’s laughs subsided, and he looked at Laurel. “Are you sleepy?”

“No, why?”

10 thoughts on “Deutsche Zwillinge [Round 9, Chapter 93, Epstein]

  1. “#nosupervillain”… see, this is why Bianca is not friends with Harper 😛

    This was a great chapter… especially the end! It was super cute. Cautiously optimistic for Kurt and Laurel right now 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “I’m gonna remind you how to enjoy my company, even when it’s just you and me. And from the looks of things, it’ll be just us and Emilie really soon. We’re going to relearn each other, meet the adults we’ve become. We’ll learn to laugh together again.”

    That is an excellent plan, Kurt, cuz your wife definitely doesn’t have similar plans right now lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol, Kurt wants his empty nest, and if he can get it sooner, he’s all for it.

      Though I wonder how that will work with Emilie still there… Will she be the ignored baby because they’ve already raised their other kids? I mean, it’s not like she was an oops baby. She was a tried and true Try for Baby baby because of both parents’ whims.


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