Twin Teens [Round 9, Chapter 92, Epstein]

Brooklyn stood in front of her birthday cake. She and her twin Bianca had a lot of plans for themselves, and step one was aging up to Teen.

She considered what her birthday wish might be. She felt like she should’ve done more coordination with Bianca on what to wish for. Perhaps if they wished for the same thing, their wish would hold more power. But since she’d been awaken out of her bed and not even given time to get dressed, she just winged it.

She blew out her candles and spun into a taller, bustier version of herself.

She pulled out her camera, turned on the selfie mode on the camera, and grimaced at her appearance.

“It’s okay,” said her big sister Robyn, who recognized the signs of a less than stellar age up, “you can go fix that soon, after we watch Bianca age up. I can even help with your makeup.”

Brooklyn sent a quick text to a friend explaining that the post-birthday selfies on simstagram were going to have to wait until after her post-birthday makeover.

“I think’s she’s beautiful no matter what her hair and makeup and clothes are doing,” said Kurt.

Robyn muffled a snort of laughter and managed to keep her face relatively neutral, just a hint of a smirk at their father’s sweet but useless words.

Finally, it was Bianca’s turn at the cake. Laurel re-lit the candles and Brooklyn boisterously burst into song.

Robyn: Okay… so aging up didn’t make her any cooler, good to know.

Bianca thought about what she should wish for. She figured Brooklyn had wished for the right thing: pliable parents, who were open to good ideas from their wonderful twin daughters. Twin power was a real thing, so she tried to figure out the best way to word her wish to give it the most chance of success.

Robyn was amused as the rest of the family joined in on the birthday song. She was the only one not singing, but it didn’t mean she wasn’t celebrating on the inside. She was looking forward to having more teens in the house. Maybe she’d even open up two spots in the Neighborhood hang club for the twins. That club was special. It’s how Quincy got himself on Daniella’s radar, and how she first met Baby.

Bianca settled on her wish wording and blew out her candles.

Bianca had a kind of sparkle about her as she aged up, the whole family could see it. In lingered about her longer than what you’d usually see when a Sim aged up.

Robyn: Now this is more like it. I think I can work with her vibe.

Now that both twins had aged up, the very first step was to fix their clothes, hair and makeup. Brooklyn chose a look that wasn’t too far from what Bianca naturally aged up into. Biaca went in a different direction though. The girls embraced their twin-ness with their matching hairstyles and same style of braces.

After they updated their look, they held a pow-wow that lasted most of the day. They were planning on how to bring up something big and important to their parents. They made their plan, then put it into action. Step one was catching their mother’s attention. They headed to the kitchen and broke the sink. Step two worked out perfectly when Laurel entered the kitchen right as Bianca was repairing it.

Laurel took in the scene of Bianca fixing the sink with Brooklyn helping/supervising. “What in the world happened here? I appreciate you girls helping with this, but this is why we have a butler,” said Laurel. “Be careful with those tools, Bianca.”

Laurel did what any good parent would though, and encouraged the good behavior of fixing the plumbing. When Bianca was done, Laurel marveled at how good of a job she did. Bianca seemed to be a natural at everything, she didn’t even need handiness training to fix things around the house!

“Hey, since you’re in here mom,” said Brooklyn, “can we talk to you for a bit? You and dad?”

“Um, sure,” said Laurel. Her spidey senses were tingling and she knew she should be worried for whatever the girls had to say. “I’ll grab your father and meet you in the living room, how about that?”

The girls agreed and soon Laurel, Kurt, and the twins were seated in the living room. Brooklyn and Bianca smiled nervously at each other, having a nonverbal debate on who was going to start.

“Well, come on girls, spit it out,” said Laurel. “Your father has been trying to convince me all day to ditch our kids and go on a date. Give me a good reason to be glad I didn’t take him up on his offer.”

Brooklyn said, “okay well–” at the exact same time Bianca said, “see, the thing is–“.

They both laughed at each other and finally said, “you go,” “no, you go.”

“Well, somebody go,” said Kurt amused at these new personality quirks that had arisen since that morning.

Finally, Brooklyn, the brown-haired twin, spoke. “Okay, well here’s the thing. Bianca and I have been talking about our plans for our lives. We want to branch out, to become world-class entrepreneurs or maybe international restaurateurs. But there are no really good schools here that would prepare us for that before college, you know? And we just really want to get a leg up. We’ve got big plans, and we must strike while the iron is hot!”

“Exactly,” agreed Bianca, the red-headed twin, “while the iron is hot.”

“I love you both,” said Laurel, “but this talking in circles is giving me a headache. Any chance you can hurry it up to your point?”

“Yes, of course we can,” said Bianca. “To get right to the point: we want to go to school in Windenburg.”

Kurt was confused. “Why would you want that? The schools are better here in Oasis Springs. Now if you’d said Willow Creek, then we’d have something to discuss–”

“No. Windenburg, Germany,” said Bianca.

Kurt was sure he misheard his third born daughter. “Say what now?”

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    1. Yeah, they’re trying to grasp all the wonderful opportunities afforded to them by being trust fund babies. It’s something that really wouldn’t have occurred to Quincy and Robyn to pursue. But the twins are a different type of kid.

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