Asa, The Flirty Alien [Round 9, Chapter 90, Blank]

After an amazing morning and afternoon at the pool, Asa returned home. He wanted it to at least appear that he was returning home from school. It wasn’t unusual for him to cut class, so Gem didn’t think much of him being missing from the only class they shared in school.

He headed to work at the usual time. He really didn’t want to go, but he knew his family needed the money. It paid off because he got a promotion. He texted his friends the good news on his way home. He barely got into the house when his phone buzzed.

The suggestion from Kalyn Branham sounded way better doing his homework or trying to sleep through Sky waking up to be fed every few hours. He agreed, and made the trip back to Windenburg. It really was the most convenient meeting place outside of the city for everyone except those who lived in Willow Creek.

He arrived to the bar around the same time as everyone else.

Asa smiled when he saw all his friends. He’d been friends with Elsa Bjergsen, Robyn Epstein, Max Villareal, Kalyn Branham, and Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis almost since the day his family landed among the Sims.

Asa wondered if he should’ve invited Gem along. She’d always struggled to connect with the Sims like he did, and she would’ve loved to be included in this group of friends. But then he thought about how responsible she was. She had to get up for work in the morning, plus she took turns with Sky’s night time feedings with their father. And he really didn’t need anyone joking about him skipping the entire school day in front of her.

Everyone else began to head inside, but Olivia blocked his path. “I missed you at school today.”

“You did?”

“Of course I did silly.”

“You know, next time you cut school, you should hang out with me, not Robyn.”

“Well, that was a club thing, but I’d be happy to hang out with you one on one,” said Asa, trying not to admit he was strongly considering asking Robyn out on a date not 8 hours prior.

“You’re such a flirt, Asa Blank,” said Olivia. “How am I supposed to know you really like me and aren’t just trying your chances with every pretty girl you see?”

“I guess you don’t know,” said Asa, “but I can hopefully clear things up for you right now. I really do like you Olivia. Any guy would be lucky to get with you.”


“I can prove to you how very interested I am in you,” said Asa.

“Okay, then prove it,” said Olivia.

“We’ve been friends since we were kids, right?”

“Right, what’s your point?”

“Well, that means we know a lot about each other. For instance, I know you haven’t had your first kiss yet,” said Asa.

Seeing where this was going, Olivia responded, “and I know you haven’t had yours either.”

“I think as good friends, and maybe something more, that’s something we could share,” said Asa. “And because I really like you, you’re the one I want to share that with.”

“That actually sounds really sweet,” said Olivia. “You really are too smooth for your own good.”

Asa smiled at her. “I take it that’s a yes?” She nodded, and he leaned in and kissed her softly on her lips, sharing something together that they would never be able to share with anyone else.

Asa felt himself get really happy. “Now what do you think about that?” He asked the question to get her thoughts because it was only a matter of time before his emotion showed all over his body.

“I think that was really special. I’m happy you are the boy I got to share my first kiss with,” said Olivia.

“I think it should be more than that,” said Asa.

“More? How?”

“I want you to be my girlfriend. The flirting is fun and exciting, but my life is so topsy turvy right now. You’re one of the few constants, and after that kiss, I really don’t think there’s any reason to keep circling around the inevitable.”

“Oh wow,” said Olivia. “It’s really sweet that you see us as inevitable. Well, okay, I’d like to be your girlfriend, as long as I don’t have to worry about you flirting with a bunch of other girls.”

“I promise, you won’t have to worry about that,” said Asa. “the last thing I want is to make someone I care about worry if they truly have my affections.”

“Great! I’m going to update my Simbook status right now,” said Olivia. She whipped out her phone to change her status from Single to In a Relationship. She almost didn’t notice that Asa began to glow bright green in the dark.

“I can’t wait to tell everyone insi–what the plum?!”

“Oh plum,” said Asa. “I’m really really happy right now, and it’s showing.”

“Did you smuggle some punch from one of the city festivals or something?”

“No… crap. I should’ve told you this five minutes ago, or five days ago, or even before that, I don’t know. But I guess you need to know, and I really can’t hide it right now.”

“You’re scaring me Asa,” said Olivia. “Just spit it out and tell me what the hell is up with the green glow.”

Asa gulped and said, “okay, but promise to hear me out.” Olivia nodded so he continued. “I’m an alien. My family is from a plant called Sixam, and we were sent here on a mission to blend in with the Sims on this planet.”

“Wait what?!”

“Please don’t be upset! I promise, the mission is safe for your kind. And we’re not at risk of getting called home, I’m supposed to live my whole life here. I know it’s a lot to take in, but if you could just–”

Olivia put a finger to his lips to silence him. “What was the point of being in the League of Adventurers if I was scared of the unexpected?”

Asa’s mouth hung open in shock. He’d spent his entire childhood fearful of the reaction Sims would have to discovering his alien heritage. Maybe this was why his father had no qualms about revealing himself to so many people and had pushed to have the mission changed. “So you’re okay with this? Just like that?”

“What kind of girlfriend would I be if I ran at the first secret you share with me? I want to know everything about you, Asa. Hopefully this shows you that I can be trusted to take care of your heart.”

“So you’re really not upset?”

“Nah,” said Olivia, “if anything, it’s kinda hot.”

When Asa walked out of the closet towards the rest of this friends, he felt he was in love. Olivia was better than he ever expected. He couldn’t imagine anyone else reacting better to his charm and his truth than her. He knew she had his back, and that was worth so much to him these days.

He was worried because he was now glowing pink, but luckily it was ghost night at the bar, so his glow didn’t stand out among the other glowing and seethrough patrons of the bar.

He saw Robyn, and decided he should speak to her about Olivia. She was speaking with Kalyn, asking her a bunch of questions about her older brother Baby, but now she’d moved away to watch some people play Wake the Llama. He wanted to make sure she understood about how he was just a harmless flirt, but that his heart was with Olivia.

“Don’t worry about it,” said Robyn after hearing his explanation. “Congratulations! You know Olivia is my friend, and I’m happy you all are happy together.”

“So you’re not mad?”

“Of course not,” said Robyn, “I’m used to all the great guys being taken.”

“Oh yeah? What other guys?”

“None of your business.”

Author’s Note: This is the last chapter for the Blank family for this round. We pick up Monday with the Epstein family. See you then!

27 thoughts on “Asa, The Flirty Alien [Round 9, Chapter 90, Blank]

  1. Asa is legit becoming one of my faves ❤ Like, he's being such a girl-crazy idiot right now, but he's also going through a… quarter-ish life crisis? Haha with all the craziness going on I mean.

    I loved Olivia's reaction to finding out he's an alien. Had me smiling the whole time 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, ow it seems Olivi is wonto some quinqy stuff…Well, if it works for they, than, I’m happy! I hope Asa and Olivia are very happy together, and, In case they do end up getting marry, I really wonder how their babies are going to be like, as, child sims with a ”colerful” skin tone can’t hide theyselfs…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol, did you just call Olivia kinky?? I love it. Yes, I think kinky works for them.

      I don’t know if they’ll end up married or not, but that is Asa’s mission after all. He’s supposed to marry and mate with a Sim so mission control can observe the results.


  3. She just needs to become a YA. They aren’t Jocelyn and Mark far apart in age are they? Of course he is married although not happily. With a kid. I don’t want her to be a home wrecker, but it would be some mighty fine drama! Lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He’s the same age as Quincy. So if I were playing on a normal life length. He’d be 13 days older than her. In the age comparison I’ve worked out for my story, that would make him 7 years older than her. Think of it as her being 17 and him being 24.


      1. He absolutely does. I can only wonder if Heaven’s abandoning him (in his eyes) will spill over into his relationship with Olivia and how it plays out and how he will handle things.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. This is my first time paying real attention to her. I now love her too!

      I’ve enjoyed getting to know some of the premades I didn’t know well, like Hugo!

      I’m also really digging into the townies, like Liz and Baby. I love them so much, I wish they were pre-mades so I could see them and the rest of the Chong and Branham families in other stories. I would totally put them on the gallery if I knew someone would put them in a story!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. *sqeeeee*. This was so sweet. Olivia is really pretty too! I was worried she would tell everyone. I am glad Asa is so happy. He has been so grumpy and sad since Heaven left.

    I am a little worried about him going over to Robyn right after the closet luvvv. Olivia had a strange look on her face. And doesn’t she have a mean streak? Asa was smooth with his lines, but that wasn’t such a smooth move. She may not understand that he was just telling her about them. And Robyn is still in love with Baby…sigh….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Olivia is a very loyal friend (to Asa at least), so he has no worries about her keeping his secret. We shall see if Asa’s happiness lasts.

      There are a lot of ways this sweet moment could go wrong in the future, you are right.

      Olivia is a bit bossy and frowny, but mean is an overstatement I think. Since she’s friends with some of the teens in my households, it’s been interesting to see how frowny Child Olivia is now that she’s frowny Teen Olivia. We’ll see more of her when we get to the Epsteins.

      Lol, yes, Robyn is still in love with Baby. You don’t approve??

      Liked by 1 person

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