Asa Gets Some Attention [Round 9, Chapter 89, Blank]

Asa: I can’t believe I have to learn how to cook. I guess if I want something other than cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner… Ugh, this is my life now.

Asa was deep in thought as he prepared fruit salad, one of the only things he could figure out how to make with so little cooking skill. As he cooked, he though about how he felt like the odd man out in his family. His father and sister never seemed that upset that his mother left. And they were both so consumed with caring for his new sister Sky, so they never noticed that the fridge was always empty these days.

Asa: I miss the way things were. I used to think it was so weird to have a stay-at-home dad, now I would do anything to get that back.

He finished breakfast and ate alone. His father was still in his bedroom caring for Sky. And his sister Gem was at work, making endless cups of coffee for spoiled affluent early risers. It occurred to him that no one would even notice if he didn’t go to school. So he didn’t go to school.

He went to Bathe de Rill in Windenburg.

The natural progression for a Sim who aged out of the League of Adventurers was the Renegades. That’s how Asa saw it. Sure, the Adventurers were more fun-loving compared to the Renegades’ mischief, but it was basically the same. Careless grew up to be reckless, at least that’s what matched his life’s experience.

Soon enough, the rest of the club showed up. He thought he was the only addition to the original members, but he was pleased to see Robyn Epstein with them. He’d always thought she was cute, and it was always nice to have a backup in case things didn’t work out with Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis.

“Where’s your swimsuit? I can’t believe you came without it,” Robyn said to Asa.

“Don’t worry, beautiful,” replied Asa. “I’m going to change shortly. Would you like to watch?”

“You wish,” said Robyn with a smile.

Kenya Ralston walked up and was shocked to see two teens she knew. “What are you all doing here?? Shouldn’t you both be in school? I know this isn’t a field trip, and I’m willing to bet your parents don’t know you’re here.”

Asa looked at the older woman with a face expressing insolence and irritation. “Who even are you? Feel free to tell. Good luck finding my mother, and I’m sure she doesn’t care anyway.”

“Oh honey,” said Kenya, “don’t say that. I don’t know your mother well, but your father is in a club with my grandson. And from what I hear, the issue between your parents was between them. I’m sure your mother loves you very much.”

“No one asked you old lady,” retorted Asa.

“Old lad– You know what? I was just about to say that you could obviously use a day to blow off steam and we could keep this between us,” said Kenya. “But perhaps what you need is a bit more discipline. I’m going to make sure your father hears about this.” And with that, Kenya stormed off inside the pool.

Asa watched Kenya walk up the stairs. For a moment he regretted his rudeness, but then he let it go. His mother wasn’t around to discipline him, and his father was likely too busy raising Sky and bonding with Gem to pay attention to him. Besides, Robyn was in front of him, taking a selfie, and making a very alluring motion with her mouth to get the perfect duck lips for the shot.

“Have I told you how beautiful you are? You aged up really well,” said Asa, using the line he knew worked.

“You’re sweet,” said Robyn. “You haven’t aged up bad yourself.”

Asa: Jackpot.

He was about to say more, to see if she was really a viable alternative to Olivia when Robyn spoke. “You’re cute, maybe ask me out for real instead of just flirting, and I’ll consider it.” She winked at him, then headed into the pool.

Asa smiled to himself, then followed her. He didn’t want to appear too eager, so instead he sat to chat with another club member named Morgan.

“You gotta be careful not to cause trouble for the club,” said Morgan. “One of the reasons we work well is because we don’t attract attention until after the damage is done and we’re gone. Mrs. Ralston is not an ‘old lady’ you wanna mess with, even Max won’t mess with her.”

“Okay, okay, I hear you,” said Asa. “I’ll apologize to her. Not because I’ve done anything wrong, but because I don’t want to get grounded. I want to make sure I’m free to go on dates.”

“Oh yeah? Who will you be dating?”

“I was thinking about asking out Olivia, but now I’m thinking about Robyn.”

Morgan chuckled then responded, “make sure you pace yourself killer. You know those girls are friends, right? You might do better to just pick one to focus on.”

“You have a point,” said Asa. “I don’t want to end up with no girls because I was going for two. Well, tell me this, oh wise Morgan, if I wanted to impress Robyn right now, what should I do?”

“Hmmm,” said Morgan as she considered his question. “Well, if I were a teenage girl and was looking for a boy to impress me and were both at a pool playing hooky from school with a crowd of people who could possibly get us in trouble… I’d want him to do something big and splashy.”

“Big and splashy? I like that, but I’m not sure what you mean,” said Asa. Morgan didn’t respond. She just continued to stare at him, waiting for his brain to land on the right answer.

“Oh! The diving board! Yes, that would be perfect. That’s sure to impress her. Thanks Morgan.” Asa jumped up immediately and ran to make a fantastic dive.

Robyn was floating in the water near where he splashed in. Asa rose to the surface and looked around for her. He didn’t see where she went, so he turned to his other club members. “How did that look? Really cool, like you’d want to date me if you were a teenage girl?”

He heard chuckles behind him over his right shoulder. Robyn was right there and was laughing at his words to the other club members.

“I told you all you have to do is ask, but I appreciate the show,” said Robyn.

“I just needed to make sure I had your attention,” said Asa. “I’ll call you sometime.”

11 thoughts on “Asa Gets Some Attention [Round 9, Chapter 89, Blank]

  1. I freaking love Asa. I was laughing out loud when he gave all that attitude to Kenya! And him flirting with Robyn was epic too 😀 I feel bad for him though. He needs to talk to his dad and sister about these feelings instead of accosting poor elderly ladies at the pool! 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love that you’ve referred to Kenya as a poor elderly lady! 😂😂

      Asa has been in quite a mood since his mother left. He wasn’t even close to her, but he’s acting much the way I’d expect a teenage boy to act who finds his family terminally uncool but suddenly discovers their world doesn’t revolve around his perception of them.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh it totally makes sense for him to act this way. His mom walked out on them and he feels alienated (lol) by his dad and sister, so it totally makes sense!

        (And don’t tell Kenya I called her that 😛 )

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, Asa, don’t tell me you are going into a the ”rebel tha dosen’t have hs parent’s affection” pahse…I would surely not mess with Kenya! This surely is going to cause some drama, at least on Robyn’s side…I think Bo would not know very much how to deal with childrem not liesting to him.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Asa…well at least you found some friends although you mad the wrong enemy! I wonder if his apology will help. Not likely knowing her! Robyn’s really pretty! So, do they know he’s an alien? I would guess not.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Asa has a ton of friends, which we’ll see in tomorrow’s chapter. We’ll see what Kenya decides to do with him… or to him… next round.

      Robyn is so gorgeous to me! I remember the first time I saw her as a teen. I was playing a different household and had taken the family to the park. She came walking onto the lot with one of the twins and started playing with the other kids. I hovered over her and was like WHAAAAA, that’s Robyn?!?! She got a great combo of both parents in her looks.

      And no, Asa has gone to great lengths to make sure no one knows he’s an alien.

      Liked by 1 person

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