Now Sky Is Home [Round 9, Chapter 88, Blank]

The sunlight streaming through the window invaded Bo’s sleep, but he didn’t open his eyes. It had been days since Heaven left, but he still wasn’t used to her side of the bed being empty. The previous day had been like a bad dream. For some silly reason, he thought there was a chance Sky’s birth would make Heaven want to come home. He was wrong.

He considered calling his club the Counsel Council over after he returned home last night, but he realized it was more important to be with his children. Gem seemed sad but resolved. Asa was just angry, and he wasn’t sure how to address it. He knew he would seek Laurel’s advice at their next club gathering. She’d successfully raised a teenage son, so she had to have advice she could share with him.

As she did most mornings, Gem was up at sunrise to get ready for work. Being a barista for the before-work crowd was hard work, but it was money her family sorely needed. She made all sorts of coffees for demanding commuters on their way into the city for work, then headed home to change for school.

She barely paid attention in school that day, and rushed home to make sure the bassinet was setup for her baby sister Sky. Luckily, they didn’t have to purchase much because she was still so little. Gem shuddered to think of everything they would need when she aged up to a toddler, but that was still a few days away.

Gem stood outside her home and allowed herself one moment of feelings while no one was looking.

Then she pulled herself together and went to get her sister from her mother’s house.

She returned shortly with her baby sister and got her setup in her new bassinet in their father’s room. Sky smiled at her then immediately fell asleep.

Gem grabbed her homework and decided to try and get it done right away before Sky woke back up with needs to be addressed. Her father joined her at the table with his lunch, having just got home from work himself.

“Your sister is here now? I did not want to check in the room in case she is a light sleeper,” said Bo,

“Yes,” said Sky with a smile, “and she is sleeping peacefully. I don’t think she is a light sleeper. She slept through everything last night. She is a trooper, and she is beautiful. She has mother’s eyes–well she has her disguise’s eyes.”

“Listen Gem,” began Bo, “I want to make sure you are okay. Last night, I saw how grown up you have become. You are mature enough to acknowledge your sadness through tears, but you also had the strength to hold our little family together and make a plan in the midst of those emotions. I really do not know what I would do without you.

“Because I know I can count on you, I think it may become easy to forget that I am the father and you are the daughter. If you need to share with me how you feel or adjust what the plan is for our family, you must know that you can talk to me about these things.”

“Oh father, I’m fine,” said Gem. “I appreciate what you said, but I am happy to support you. You are a single parent now, and I want our family to succeed, so I must step up. I am fond of our lives here, we cannot have our mission fail and get called back to Sixam. At this point, I have lived more of my life here than there. Say no more on the matter, and let me finish my homework.”

“Alright,” said Bo. “I will say no more about it.” They relaxed into companionable silence. There was no more to say, but having each other close by provided comfort to both of them.

Bo finished his meal and turned to Sky. “I am going to spend some time with Sky. I need to make sure she is familiar with me since I will now be her primary caregiver.”

Gem finished her homework, and relaxed for a moment. She planned on spending time with Sky as well, but she wanted to give her father time with the infant first. Father-daughter bonding was something Gem understood the importance of.

Gem: I’m glad love is not something that is finite. If Sky has half the relationship with Father that I do, she will be one lucky girl.

Gem considered getting a new book for the bookcase to pass the time.

After considering the options, she changed her mind.

Gem: Well never mind. The current book list is just depressing. I wish Asa didn’t have to work evenings. Okay, I guess I’ll just do the extra credit for school.

In his bedroom, the current home of Sky’s bassinet, Bo stood watching his newest daughter for a moment. She really did look very much like Heaven’s disguise. His heart was full of love for his daughter and regret about his wife.

He finally picked her up, and she smiled as she stared into his eyes. “Sky is the perfect name for you,” said Bo to his daughter, “because that is where your family came from. And if I have anything to say about it, there will be no limit to what you can do. You will never have to worry about whether your family loves you and wants you, I promise you that. You are my constant reminder to put my family and my mission first from now on. Do not worry, little one, I will never forget it again.”

Bo kissed his daughter on the forehead and returned her to her bassinet. He left the room to work on his daily tasks for work. Gem took that opportunity to come check on Sky.

“Hi, little Sim, I’m your big sister Gem. It’s a big world out here, even bigger than your fellow Sims even know. But I’ll teach you everything I know if you’re interested.”

Gem jumped right into the work of helping to raise her little sister. She fed her, burped her, and bonded with her.

“You are a very unexpected gift, you know that? I think our lives will surely be better for your presence in it.”

Heaven finally felt free. She was able to use her income for whatever she wanted. After paying her third of the rent, and giving some money to Bo to help out at the other house, she still had a lot of disposable income. She had left her beloved guitar at the other house, and no one had offered to return it to her. So she got a new guitar, and much more to make her new space all her own.

25 thoughts on “Now Sky Is Home [Round 9, Chapter 88, Blank]

  1. OMG that book title… perfection 😂 I love seeing the family come together despite the unfortunate circumstances with Heaven. This was such a great chapter ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. First, Heaven did do something not so nice, but her new room is very pretty! Second, I’m glad everythign seems to be going just fine with family, and I belive Gem will be a lovely big sister!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I had a lot of fun putting Heaven’s room together. It’s really the only space that’s been all hers that she had the money to decorate.

      So far, the rest of the Blank family is making their new life situation work.


    1. I agree. I hate how Heaven’s choices have affected her family, but I can’t be too mad that she’s really trying to live her best life.

      Gem is wonderful, always autonomously taking care of Sky. And I never have to force her to go to work or school.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m actually kind of rooting for Heaven. I mean, who says a biological mom *has* to be the one to raise the child, especially when there’s a dad who’s willing and able to?

        Gem sounds so great–plus her face! Her goodness and sweet nature just shine through, along with the more complex emotions, too.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. No one says! You’re very right about that. I think her handling of it is disastrous though. Her kids are definitely going to have Mommy issues. Bo isn’t helping in that regard though. I’m not sure if you read Heaven’s pen pal letter, but when she went over there to see the kids, he wouldn’t let her.


      3. I did read the pen pal letter. It was sad. The whole thing with these two is sad. I’m attributing a lot of it to cultural anomy . .. Bo and Heaven both proceed from the emotional stance and reality of their home planet, and then Bo starts sliding into the emotional reality of his new planet, and the kids are left to find the if own emotional footing.. . Very confusing . I don’t know if you knew many individuals from the Great Generation , but it reminds me of the conflicts between them and their Boomer grandkids .

        Liked by 1 person

      4. My family has a gap in the forties believe it or now. Most of my elders I grew up with were all born in the 20s, my parents and their cousins/friends were all born in the 50s for the most part. I only have one elder born in the 40s (and she is NOT a good representation of her generation), so I actually missed witnessing a lot of that. But I get your point about how a lot of this family’s conflict has arisen from the different speeds at which they are acclimating to the new cultural expectations.

        I think Heaven figured the kids would assimilate and she and Bo would still be themselves, following this mission as planned. Bo changed things and that did not land well in her world.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. And he basically hid it from Heaven instead of trying to help her catch up. The more I think about it, the more I realize this marriage was doomed from the start! I had no idea when I placed them in Newcrest that this was how things would go.

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Yeah. I think that’s one thing I love so much about your story: All these rich, complex plots, interactions, and dynamics developed organically from your game-play and from letting the characters be themselves. Then your careful attention, observation, and interpretation brought out these amazing storylines. It’s really Sims at their finest!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Gen really stepped up and I really like Bo. It’s like he has a second chance to make things right. Just wonder what will happen with Asa.

    And Heaven – it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if she took her guitar and went back to Sixam.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Lol, don’t worry, Heaven is NOT going back to Sixam, unless it’s a flashback.

      Well Gem and Bo are doing their best with what’s happened. But all the Blanks can’t be handling it well, now can they?


  4. *snort* Oh…so, you just over there living it up, huh? Girl please. At least she’s paying child support. She gets points for that.
    I’m glad Bo had his ah ha moment about the mission. Hopefully his focus will be the catalyst for the family getting back together.
    Gem is so cool.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Girl, Heaven has lost her damn mind. I’m thinking of weaving a flashback into future chapters (maybe the next Round or so), that gives some insight into these characters and where they came from. The backstory Heaven and her family now have in my mind would be a lot of fun to show I think.

      I have child support turned on for MCCC, but I also just take some of her money to give them because I’m not always playing either how on the right day of the week, lol.

      Bo finally had his ah ha moment! Hopefully that helps him take some real responsibility in his role in Heaven leaving. But whether it gets them back together… I don’t know yet.

      I’m glad you like Gem. I wish more Sims in her world agreed with you.

      Liked by 1 person

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