Rory’s Interview [Round 9, Chapter 84, Ralston]

“So Jessie is pretty great right? I really liked her,” said Gavin.

“Are you sure she’s great? Or are you just enamored with her family connection to surrogacy?”

“Um… both…? Besides, you loved her too.”

“I know, I did,” said Akira, “but I’m trying to keep an open mind.”

“I’m keeping an open mind too. I’m open between Candy and Jessie.”

“That’s not what I meant,” said Akira with a chuckle.

Before Gavin could respond, in walked the next candidate. The guys weren’t sure which lit up the room more, her beautiful smile or her golden hair. There was just something about her that was so… relatable. Her casual style matched both of theirs and they were thinking more about inviting her to brunch next weekend than asking interview questions.

“Um, hi,” she said tentatively. “You have some questions for me?”

“We sure do,” said Akira, smiling at what he thought was shyness. He thought it was really sweet. “So, Aurora, tell us a little bit about yourself, whatever you’d like us to know about you.”

“Well, uh, first off, I guess you guys can call me ‘Rory’… That’s what most people call me. My Mama was always obsessed with Doctor Who, so I think that has something to do with it… Anyway, I have two older siblings… They’re back in Germany too, with my Mama and Papa… Well, most of the time. My parents are retired now, so they’ve been doing a lot of traveling…

“Sorry I keep rambling about my family! I kinda suck at talking about myself. Hmm… Well, I’m working on going back to school to get my nursing license… That’ll be pretty exciting, I think! I kinda passed my certification program by the skin of my teeth the first time around, so I’m hoping to get a lot of good experience under my belt so they know I mean business when I go back! Obviously I’m taking a break from all of that right now though… Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here! And whether this works out or not, I’m just really excited to be here. I’ve never really flown abroad before. So thank you for the opportunity!”

“Heh, you’re welcome,” said Akira. “We’re pleased you’re considering surrogacy during your schooling break.”

 Gavin looked at Akira who was messing up the pace of their interviewing plan. They were supposed to swap asking questions, so he jumped in. “Other than the fact that you have the time to do it right now, what made you decide you want to be a surrogate?”

“It’s actually kind of a personal reason…,” said Rory. “My Uncle Auggy and his husband have a really beautiful daughter together… They had her through a surrogate too. But… where I’m from, surrogacy is actually illegal. Crazy, right? They had to jump through so many hoops, and actually had to go abroad where it was legal to find one. They went through hell just to become parents, and I never thought it was fair.”

Gavin and Akira smiled at each other before turning back toward Rory to hear the rest of her statement.

“I’m not sure if I ever really wanna have children of my own, but as soon as I heard about the opportunity to help out a couple in their shoes, I knew I had to do it. I’m really happy for both of you.”

“Thank you,” said Gavin, “And really we love the personal connection to surrogacy. I’m sorry your uncles had to go through that. Our reason for casting our net so far is different from theirs. I’m in the political field, and we felt it would be best if our surrogate wasn’t one of my constituents–”

“But,” interrupted Akira, “if you decided you loved it here and wanted to stay, we would love that. We’re always pushing people to join our little world.  I can only imagine what your family thinks about you not having children of your own, but giving us children. They must be proud of you.”

“He means possibly giving us children,” clarified Gavin. “Speaking of family, what are your thoughts on future contact with the children if we pick you? You will spend some time with at least one of them during your second pregnancy, so that may factor into your decision.”

Rory smiled and said, “I guess this is something I feel should really be up to the two of you. I mean, if you are open for it, I would definitely love to get to know these kids. Like I said, I probably don’t want any children of my own… But I would be all for being part of their lives in some way. I mean… I won’t lie. It’d probably be really hard to say goodbye forever if I get to know one of them, y’know?”

Both guys nodded, and she added, “but if you guys aren’t as open to that, that’s okay too. These kids are gonna be yours. And I know they’ll be in good hands with the two of you.”

“We appreciate the vote of confidence,” said Akira. “And you’ve certainly given us something to consider going forward in terms of the ending of the surrogacy agreement.”

Akira looked like he wanted to say more, but at a warning look from Gavin, he stayed on task. “Let’s switch gears just for a moment for a bit of a silly question that may still give us insight. What’s your favorite animal, and why?”

“Oh,” said Rory, “this will probably be such a boring answer… But I’ve always really loved dogs. They’re so playful and loyal and sweet. I’d really love to have one of my own someday. I said I don’t picture myself having kids of my own, but I’d make an exception for some furry kids!”

“That’s sweet,” said Akira, “and we’re sure you’ll make a great mommy to some fur babies in the future.”

Gavin asked the next question. “Our next question is about your traits and aspiration(s). How do you think they add up to you making a great surrogate?”

Rory said, “well, um… I guess I’m pretty geeky about stuff like my parents are. That kinda runs in my family, I guess. I’m not always the most graceful person in the world… Oh gosh, I’m not making myself sound too great, am I?! I guess despite how awkward I come across, I really, really love people. I love making new friends. I love helping people. And being a surrogate for you would be a great way to maybe do both.”

“We prefer honesty over what sounds great,” said Akira, “and Rory, we honestly think you’re pretty great. We don’t have any more questions for you. But before we end the interview, do you have any questions for us or anything else you’d like to add?”

“I don’t think so… Just… Thank you for considering me for this, and best of luck to both of you as parents!”

“Thanks! We’ll let you know our decision really soon,” said Akira.”

Rory stood up to leave, and gave a small wave before she walked out the door.

“I could tell you really liked her,” said Gavin.

“I really did,” said Akira.

“So you’re no longer pushing for Aubree?”

“Let’s just meet the last girl, then review their files. And maybe we’ll talk to Carmen and Laurel too for their opinions. I didn’t think it would be this hard to decide, you know?”

“Yeah, I know,” said Gavin.

Author’s Note: Aurora “Rory” Vaugn was submitted by CitizenErased14, who writes over at Ashes to Ashes. Rory is a minor character in her story.

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  1. Are we going to see them go through the files? I’d love to see if any of their’s had information in it that was either contrary to the interview or a complete turn off for them.

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