Jessie’s Interview [Round 9, Chapter 83, Ralston]

“Okay, so that was fucking crazy, right? I can’ t believe you went mute on me,” said Akira. “I had to do the whole interview by myself!”

“I can’ t believe you asked any questions after the first one,” said Gavin.

“Well–yeah, you’re right, I don’t know what I was thinking,” said Akira. “If I had to choose right now, I’d pick Aubree.”

“I’d pick Candace,” said Gavin.

“Well, let’s see if we can find someone to agree on,” said Akira, “but remember, we’re agreed to not decide until we’ve met them all.”

“Agreed.” Gavin got up to move Corina’s specimen containers to the table outside the room before the next woman joined them.

The next woman to walk in was Jessie Spinks. She smiled at both guys as she took her seat and waited for them to speak.

 This time, Gavin started. “Hi Jessie. Please, tell us a little bit about yourself, whatever you’d like us to know about you.”

“I’ll just jump right in here, I don’t want to waste your time,” said Jessie. “My parents both died on the same day when I was just a teenager. I returned home from school to find them both still in bed and my toddler sister, Sophia, crying. My older sister, Kristi, took us both in. Her three step children had already moved out leaving only her two youngest in the house.”

Her story really touched Gavin and Akira.

Jessie paused for a bit before deciding to add, “I did have a boyfriend but we split up recently. My sister didn’t approve of us being together.”

“We’re so sorry to hear about your parents, said Akira, “that must’ve been so hard. Hopefully things are working out with you and your sister Kristi. Hopefully she is a good support system for you even if she doesn’t approve of your ex-boyfriend. So, what made you want to be a surrogate?”

“My sister’s husband was born through a surrogate,” said Jessie.

Upon hearing this, both men smiled. They were impressed by her personal connection to surrogacy.

Jessie continued, “when I heard about that, I thought it was pretty cool. It was the sister of one of his fathers that carried him. After hearing the story and thinking about it, I thought that it would be cool to do the same for another couple who wanted a child that they were unable to have without help.”

“Oh wow, said Gavin, “that’s so cool that you have a personal connection to surrogacy! The way you describe it sounds ideal. Unfortunately neither of us have any female relatives in the right age range. Your brother-in-law’s situation actually brings us to our next question. We understand that your brother-in-law had an aunt/mother who was likely a part of his life because she is family. How do you feel about contact with the children you will carry?”

“It is not something I would be against,” said Jessie, “but I would leave it up to the two of you since you would be raising the children. I would be happy just with a letter and a picture from time to time to let me know how the children are doing. I know that the children would still be biologically mine, since it would be my egg and all, so if at some point, the children, or even the two of you, would like me to be a part of their lives, I would be okay with that also.”

“We’re happy to hear that because there are two pregnancies involved” said Akira. “After the first, you will still be around to carry the second pregnancy. We don’t expect you to take on full mothering duties, of course, but knowing there is some interest on your part helps.”

Akira looked at Gavin to see if he still wanted to be an active participant in this interview. Gavin smiled back and him then turned to Jessie.

“Our next question is a bit unconventional, said Gavin, “but I think it will help us get to know you even better. What’s your favorite animal, and why?”

“I love all animals,” said Jessie. “They are all special in their own way. But if I had to pick just one, I would probably have to say a cat. They are independent, yet can show love and affection when they want to. They are a lot like humans in that sense. They all have their own personalities, which is usually them trying to be the boss of their situation.”

“Haha,” laughed Akira, “cats are bossy, it’s true. Okay, last question for you Jessie. How do your traits and aspirations add up to you being a great surrogate?”

“My aspiration is to be a City Native,” said Jessie with a hint of pride. “While I love Newcrest, I have no problem with moving away from there if I need to. As for my traits, I am very cheerful. That plays well with being a surrogate because the pregnancy hormones shouldn’t lead to any of that depression or severe mood swings some women get. 

“The insider trait shows that I love to be around people. This can be helpful when talking with other women. I can get ideas on how to make it a successful pregnancy and what I need to do to deliver the healthiest baby. The jealousy trait just shows that I am protective of the people that I love, and any children would be included in that. I would want to make certain they are safe and secure.”

“It’s nice to see we have some things in common,” said Akira.” Gavin has the City Native aspiration, and Akira is Jealous. It certainly does make you fiercely protective of your loved ones. You’ve answered all of our questions. Do you have any questions for us or anything else you want to add?”

“Just one question,”said Jessie. “If anything happens to split the two of you for some reason, and let’s hope nothing ever does, who would the children live with?”

“Oh wow, that’s a great question” said Gavin. “We haven’t talked about it at length, but we did decide we wouldn’t want to uproot the children in that unlikely event. So they would stay in our home, which is a large apartment in Uptown in San Myshuno. That means they would live with Akira, but we would definitely have a co-parenting agreement so they would still have both parents.”

Akira added, “If we pick you as surrogate, that’s where you’ll stay for the duration of both pregnancies. Anything else before we move on to our next interview?”

“I think that is all, said Jessie, standing up to leave. “It was great meeting both of you. I really hope to hear from you soon about your decision.”

“It was great meeting you too, said Akira. “As soon as we decide, we’ll let you know.”

Before Jessie even left, Akira turned to Gavin and mouthed the words I love her. Gavin mouthed back I love her too.

Author’s Note: Jessie Spinks was submitted by Skcaga6, who writes over at Another Sims 4 World. Jessie is a character in her story Pieces of Time.

14 thoughts on “Jessie’s Interview [Round 9, Chapter 83, Ralston]

  1. That question she asked them comes from the fact that since she lost both her parents at a young age and had to live with her sister, she wanted to make sure there would be someone for Gavin and Akira’s children. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If something happened to Gavin and Akira at the same time… Well likely Kenya and Cristian will be gone. The kids wouldn’t go to Gavin’s parents because they’re awful, and Akira’s parents live in another country and don’t speak Simlish.

      I think they’d want their kids to go with either Carmen or Laurel. Carmen might be the preference because Gavin is closer to her. But Laurel has more money and more room and more mom experience.

      Maybe I should have the club discuss that! Who they would send their kids to in the event of their untimely death…

      Liked by 1 person

    1. She was! There’s this one screenshot I couldn’t figure out how to use where her and Akira were giggling and clutching their sides at a shared joke.

      There’s so many wonderful moments in each interview. I’m so grateful to all of you who submitted Sims and wrote their dialogue for these interviews.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Jessie’s a very thoughtful girl. With each interview, I kept thinking how hard it would be to choose need on interview alone. If Gavin and Akira were real people I knew, I’d feel so badly got them that neither had a sister or cousin to carry the babies for them. Gotta roll the dice with strangers and hope they work out.


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