Aubree’s Interview [Round 9, Chapter 80, Ralston]

Aubree smiled an infectious smile and waved at Gavin and Akira. “Hi!”

“Good morning,” said Akira. “We have to get through six interviews, so if you don’t mind, I’m going to jump right in with our questions. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and whatever you’d like us to know about you?”

“My name is Aubree Hart. I’m 23. I am an only child and was raised by my mom in the city. I never knew my Dad. Me and my mom were homeless. It was hard but my mum kept me safe and healthy I don’t know how she did it. She’s my hero/rolemodel.”

Gavin couldn’t believe his ears. Aubree had been through so much in her life and she was still so young.

“There wasn’t much help around for sims like us,” continued Aubree, “and when I turned 18 I lost her. But I discovered my father had passed away recently and left me a small inheritance. As I stated in the form I am unemployed. But I’m planning to use my inheritance to start a foundation to help other sims now that I have the means to do so. I want to do good in the world and make my mother proud by helping those in need in any way possible.”

“I’ve always had this passion for helping people,” said Aubree, “it’s just that now I have the means to do it. I heard about you trying to become parents and would like to help if I can. I know I am young, but I am not maternal in anyway and have no desire to ever become a mother. But if I am able to help create a happy loving family, I would have found my purpose in life.”

“It’s so inspiring to hear that you want to dedicate your life to helping those who can’t help themselves,” said Akira. “I don’t think we ever really thought of ourselves as fitting into that category, but when it comes to making a family, I suppose we do. Gavin is in the political career, so we really connect to what drives you and how you spend your time.”

“I’ve realized that everyone needs help sometimes,” said Aubree, “and to be that person that others can lean on in times of need really makes me happy. That’s sounds really interesting being in politics and nice that you understand what I am passionate about. The people of your city are lucky to have someone in a position of influence that can connect to the needs of the residents regardless of their financial standing.

“I’ve found that since coming into wealth others don’t understand my need to use my good fortune to help others. Maybe it’s coming from nothing but I have learned that money doesn’t grant you happiness. It may ease the stress of not knowing where I’m going to sleep tonight or when and where my next meal is coming from, but I just don’t feel I can justify throwing away money on fancy cars and handbags when I can use it to give the homeless some peace of mind if only for a while.”

Gavin nodded and said, “I get that. I haven’t come into a large inheritance recently, but I’m certainly more well off than I ever thought I’d be when I was younger. I truly understand the importance of being a good steward of your blessings. Okay, so in light of the fact that you don’t feel very maternal, what are your thoughts on contact with the children after the surrogacy agreement is complete?”


“I hadn’t really thought about contact after the surrogacy,” said Aubree. “I didn’t think you would want someone invading your space as a new family or confusing the children by being involved in their lives. I do intended to step away, but I would love to know that you are doing well and I’d always be a phone call away should you need me for any reason. I believe the way you parent your child/children is your prerogative and I wouldn’t want my presence in your lives to affect your family dynamic.”

“We really appreciate your commitment to making sure our children are clear on who their parents are, “said Gavin. “Just in case you didn’t know, we intend to have two pregnancies, one with each of us as the father. So there will be a small window where you will be around after the first pregnancy. Hopefully that will be fine.”

“Yes that would be okay with me,” said Aubree, “as long as my presence wont feel like too much of an intrusion. I know I mentioned I haven’t a maternal bone in my body, and I hope I’m not giving you the impression that I dislike children because that is far from the truth. I’ve been around them and like them but they are just not something I want for myself.”

“I think we understand you,” said Akira. “I want to switch it up for a moment and ask you something random. What is your favorite season and why?”

“My favorite season…? Hmmm…,” said Aubree as she considered her answer. “Honestly I’ve never really experienced winter being from Plumbob City and I’m quite grateful given my childhood. So I’ll have to say summer just because it’s warm, people always seem happier, more relaxed and are usually more willing to stop and talk to you.

“Lately I’ve developed a love of a summer rain storm. My mum used to tell me the warm raindrops on my face were happy tears from heaven. I know it’s silly but I when it does rain I think of my mum crying tears of joy just to let me know she’s there watching over me. I feel a little embarrassed now. I guess it’s just how I coped losing her and it always makes me feel better thinking of my mum that way. I know it’s nonsense but… I don’t know… Sorry!”

“Don’t apologize for getting emotional,” said Akira. “We really appreciate anything you want to volunteer to share with us. It’s helping us to get to know what motivates you.”

“He’s right,” said Gavin. “You’ve told us quite a bit about your outlook on the world, which has been great. Now we’d like to talk a bit more about your own personal characteristics. Can you tell us about your specific traits and aspirations, and how they add up to you making a great surrogate?”

“I’ll start with my traits,” said Aubree. “The first you may have already guessed is Good, and I think its the most important as it means you can trust me to do the right thing in every situation. I’m not going to add anymore I think it speaks for itself.”

“The second is Unflirty, I didn’t think that would be something that mattered but now thinking about it maybe the fact that I’m not romantically inclined should give you peace of mind that I’m not going to get flirty and inappropriate around you, your friends, family or neighbors. Nor will I find a lover and disappear.

“I am also Outgoing, which is helping right now with getting to know each other and since we would be sharing intimate details of our lives. well more mine since you’ll probably need to know something of my medical history and a lot more of my background. Had I been a shy, private, guarded person this whole situation would prove very difficult. My aspiration is Bestselling AuthorI hope one day to write self-help and healing books to help my fellow sims to help themselves.”

Gavin smiled through her answer, and when he finished he said, “that all sounds amazing! The ways your traits influence you is so impressive. Well, it really was a pleasure to meet you Aubree. We are out of questions for you, but do you have any questions for us or anything else to add?”

“It was really nice to meet you both too,” said Aubree. “Just in case we don’t see each other again, can I just say, you seem like great people. I hope you achieve your dream of being parents and everything in life goes well for you and your family.”

“Thanks,” said Akira, “we really appreciate that. You can head back to the other room now. Laurel will let you know soon if you’ve been chosen as surrogate.”

Author’s Note: Aubree Hart was submitted by Charliimai, who writes over at Rainbow Plumbob. Aubree is her Gold Sim and you can read about her here.

17 thoughts on “Aubree’s Interview [Round 9, Chapter 80, Ralston]

  1. She sounded great until I read CT’s comment lol. I think I could go for that kind of drama LOL.


    “I didn’t think you would want someone invading your space as a new family or confusing the children by being involved in their lives.”
    My sentiments exactly! Why would they want the mother to stick around and stay in the child’s lives after the agreement is up? This isn’t an open adoption. They’re just a vessel. I’d love to know why that is so important to them because I definitely think it would be confusing for the children.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. From Gavin’s perspective, he knows what it’s like to feel the pull off missed parents. The kids are gonna know they came from the same mom, so they may ask questions when they get older. He wants to make sure he’ll have an agreeable person on the other end if the kids start wanting more info.

      Akira is more of the mind for a closed adoption, so he’s using it to assess the women’s perceptions on family and unexpected situations. Plus he doesn’t want to trample on Gavin’s feelings on the matter. He’s prolly just got his fingers crossed that the kids won’t be asking too much about their birth mom.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I get Gavin’s perspective, but that’s just so weird to me. This isn’t an adoption at all. It’s surrogacy! The “mother” has no right to the child at all is literally just letting them use her body. And…yeah, ok, since it’s a same sex couple the kid will more than likely have questions about where they came from, but they can just explain and move on. It doesn’t have to be a thing. Guess I’m more on Akira’s side but more extreme lol.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Right? I used to work in this shop kitchen every Saturday when I first moved to NYC before I switched to another your of volunteering. Her interview answers were the best!

      Do me a favor though, read literally any chapter of the story she comes from.

      Then come back here or PM me. I NEED am updated opinion from you.


      1. I kept thinking when I was reading what she was saying, “This is TOO good to be true!” Then, when I saw the link to your story, my jaw dropped! I thought I must be mistaken! Ooooh! I am worried! 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

    1. Lmao! If only there was a way to warn the guys, but alas, the guys have already made their decision. We’ll see if they picked Aubree in just days!

      Also, I thought you were gonna say, “hide your kids, hide your wife,” lol.

      Liked by 1 person

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