Let’s Make This Official… Again [Round 9, Chapter 75, Ralston]

“What did you do woman?”

“Nothing! I simply asked them in a calm voice why they didn’t want to give me great-grandchildren. They’re not that upset, it’s fine.”

Cristian chuckled and considered his words for a moment before responding.

“Is this what’s had you all in your head for the last few days? You’ve got baby fever?”

“Oh, Cris, don’t call it that! I don’t have baby fever. But… we live in a four bedroom apartment. It’s like these walls are screaming for babies. It’s not even me, really.”

“Mmm-hmmm,” said Cristian. “I know we don’t have a lot of days in front of us, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to see Gavin settled with a family before we’re gone. But we gotta let that boy live his own life, even if we all live together.”

“I know! I’m not saying that, I just– don’t you want to have some grandchildren-type kids around we don’t have to raise? We never got to spoil grandkids because we only have Gavin, and we were basically his parents since he was a Child.”

“It would be nice,” conceded Cristian. “We could laugh when he or she spills paint all over the floor rather than figure out a punishment.” Then he got distracted because the new maid was approaching his beloved stove when it didn’t even need cleaning.

“Cris! I hired that maid to help us keep this big place clean, but if she’s too distracting for you, she’ll be dismissed.”

“Calm down Kenya,” said Cristian. “Let’s get out of this woman’s way before you do something to me or her. You’re seeing things, and you need a great distraction. I know what will get your mind off of babies.”

“Don’t you tell me I didn’t see what I know I saw! Let me tell you something–”

“Get dressed and meet me in the lobby of the building,” interrupted Cristian, “I promise to make it worth your time.”

Kenya huffed, but she left the maid alone and went to get dressed. Cristian didn’t tell her where they were going, but she figured it out pretty quickly when they started walking rather than getting into a cab.

Cristian was feeling pretty proud of his choice of activity for the day. He’d brought Kenya to Myshuno Meadows.

He instructed Kenya to follow him, and she did so, but with a slightly confused expression on her face.

Cristian: Oh yeah, I’m so smooth. What better way to get her mind off her grandson’s relationship than to focus on her own?

Kenya: Why are we here? The only people whose marriage I want to witness are both at work, and we’re the only two people in this park. What is Cris up to??

“Why are we here?”

“Isn’t it obvious, love? We’re here to reminisce about our wedding.”

“Our wedding wasn’t anything like this though,” said Kenya. “I wish it was, but back on our island, there were no venues this nice.”

“Use you imagination for a moment, Kenya,” said Cristian. “Look at me, think about what it would’ve been like to be able to get married here.”

Cristian grabbed Kenya’s hands, and she turned towards him.

“You’re right that this would’ve been amazing. It’s too bad we don’t have an audience here, we could renew our vows.”

Cristian smiled a smile of success.

“Let’s do it.”


“Kenya, let’s renew our vows. So much of our lives has been lived for other people, and that’s okay, but let’s do this for us.”

“Oh, I don’t know.”

“Yes, you do know,” said Cristian. “What have you got to do that’s better than reaffirming your commitment to me?”

“Shopping for a new maid,” answered Kenya half-jokingly.


“I’m just kidding, calm down. Okay, okay, let’s do it!”

Cristian kissed her cheek, “That’s my girl.”

Cristian spoke first.

“Okay, here goes. Kenya Simms Ralston, you are my whole world. And you have been ever since you sat in front of me with those pigtails just begging to be pulled, haha. When our school teacher said I only bothered you because I liked you, she was right. Not a lot of people are lucky enough to meet the love of their life when they are children. And for the love of my life to be the most beautiful, passionate, strong, and fun-loving person I know? Hell, I don’t know what I did to deserve it.

“I’ll probably be a slug at a salt farm in my next life to balance things back out. I know If I talked about all the amazing moments in our life, and all the hard times we made it through together, I’d be standing here talking until next week. So I’ll just say that I love you just as much as I did, and a million times more than I did, on the day I first said these words to you. I love you Kenya, and I will until and past my dying breath, in this life and the next.”

With tears in her eyes, Kenya took her turn to speak.

“Cris, I’ve built my whole life around you. I have followed you around this globe, and I would follow you to the ends of the earth and back without blinking an eye. You love me for who I am, and you’ve never asked me to be someone else. You’ve given me an amazing family and more adventure than I even knew to ask for. It brings tears to my eyes to consider all the days behind us, and it makes my heart race to think about all the days we still have in front of us.

“Whether the whole world is a witness or it’s just the two of us standing alone in a park, it’s paradise. Supporting you and our family has been my life’s mission, yet somehow we managed to keep our individual dreams alive as well. You’re the most caring and supportive man I know, and I love every bit of you. You have the best personality, you know? You’re like the sun, shining your light on everyone fortunate enough to be placed in your path. Thank you for 100 days, and I pray every night for 100 more.”

They kissed to seal their re-commitment.


“The surprises aren’t done yet,” said Cristian, as fireworks began shooting to the sky.

“I know the perfect way to end this renewal of vows,” said Kenya.

“Oh yeah?”

11 thoughts on “Let’s Make This Official… Again [Round 9, Chapter 75, Ralston]

  1. Cristian’s vows especially got to me! I also got tears! So beautiful ❤ This is such a great couple and they are such wonderful "parents" to Gavin. Please let them live forever???

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If only. It’s moments like these where I just wanna say screw it, turn aging off, and play with only these Sims forever. Who cares about their kids? Sure they’ll grow up to be interesting people in their own right, but so what?

      Liked by 1 person

    1. They’re not going just yet, but yeah… they’re days are numbered. I’m really in my feelings that I gave Gavin grandparents instead of parents. Well, he has parents, but you know what I mean.


    1. So my reply to your comment on yesterday’s chapter is what I should’ve written here… *facepalm*

      Basically, yeah, they’re the best, and I was hoping you’d love this chapter. I wrote it with you in mind!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aw, thanks. I really adored it. I’m not sure what it is about Cristian… the smile? Those gorgeous locks? I think it’s the smile and the eyes–He gets to me! I LOVE the way he looks at Kenya, like he’s laughing at her, but adoringly. Anyway, we don’t get that many elder couples in SimLit, and this one is a joy to me! Thank you!

        Liked by 1 person

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