Revenge Against the Villareals [Round 9, Chapter 72, Holloway]

Luca slept late the next day, and by the time he woke up, Liz had already headed off to work. He was feeling sexually frustrated, and the knee pain he felt when he got out of bed too fast didn’t help his mood. After grabbing leftovers for lunch, consisting of the breakfast he had to cook for himself the other day, Luca headed out for a jog.

As he ran, many thoughts ran through his head.

Luca: We’re basically still newlyweds, but she is never around when I want some loving… See, I’m not old, I’ve still got it, I could run a marathon right now… Is that Jasmine Holiday? Why is she still around when the PlantSim Challenge is over? It must be a Boost Week. Whatever… I still have all my hair with not a hint of gray, I get that from my daddy…

Luca: Liz is right that these runs can be peaceful. I prefer to just box in my room, but running is good to keep the love handles away… If Liz were home when I got ready for my run, I’d probably have to put on a shirt… She used to love seeing my abs on display, I wonder what changed… Is this haircut too “young” for me now?… If I’ve timed this right, I should run into Hugo’s sister any moment now…

Luca was right in his estimate. One of the guys in his crew had passed him information that Luna liked to spend time on the coast of Windenburg, so he timed his jog for that exact time.

Luca: And I thought Daniella had resting bitch face.

When he saw her up close, he found her unexpectedly attractive, but that wasn’t the point of why he was there. He was there to settle the family club business. No one hurt one of his people and got to have their people walk away unscathed.

“Hey, you’re Luna Villareal, right?”

“Who’s asking?”

“Don’t worry, I’m not some creeper,” said Luca. “I’m friends with Carmen. I believe your son is her son’s cousin?”

Luna relaxed and responded, “oh yeah! I swear everyone in this world is connected to Carmen through friendship, family, or one of her clubs!”

Luca smirked and wondered if his old charms would work. Just like any immature school boy, Luca made fun of Luna, then told a mischievous joke at her expense. He followed up with a thinly veiled insult about her sexuality, then ended where he always did, with a not-so-subtle flirt & smile.

Luca couldn’t believe it worked!

Maybe Luna was flattered by the attention. Maybe she scored lower on the Kinsey scale than she would ever admit to her wife. Maybe she was bored and stupid. Luca didn’t care the reason, he was just happy she was into him. The words asking her for casual woohoo rolled off his tongue as if he often propositioned strange women in the street.

She accepted his proposition and they headed to the same bushes Liz hoped she’d find herself in with Luca soon.

Luca: This was almost too easy.

The bush erupted in hearts and stars.

They finally made their way out of the bush, both giggling.

Luna spoke first. “Oh my! That was fun, but I can’ t believe I did that! You’re not going to tell anyone, are you?”

Luca laughed, then laughed harder. The smile fell from Luna’s face as she started to wonder what was that funny.

“Even if we weren’t both married, I wouldn’t tell anyone about this,” said Luca. “You were trash.”

“What?!” Luna couldn’t believe her ears. Where did the silly-but-cute guy go? He was replaced by a venomous snake.

She couldn’t believe her ears as Luca listed everything he thought was wrong with her, her body, her breasts, her sexual abilities, and her eyeglasses.

Luca seemed to be venting all the frustration that had built up over the last several days. Everything he couldn’t say to his sister because she was pregnant, everything he couldn’t say to his wife because they were newlyweds, everything he couldn’t say to his expanding circle of friends because they were so nice. It all came pouring out in a tirade against Luna.

“You should stick to women because you have no skills! And your whole family is awful and I’m not interested in continuing to know any of you!”

“You’re awful!”

“Yes I am. Now that you know that, why are you still here?”


Luca smirked as she walked away.

Luca: Mission accomplished.

Luca headed home and hopped in the shower.

He was on the couch watching his favorite TV show when Liz arrived home from work. She wasn’t in a good mood.

She walked to the couch, and exhaled deeply as she approached.

“Come here, ” said Luca, “tell me all about your day.”

21 thoughts on “Revenge Against the Villareals [Round 9, Chapter 72, Holloway]

  1. I just… CAN’T with this dude. Ughhhhh Luca. This chapter was so hysterical, but also incredibly frustrating. And the ending just made me even more mad at Luca! 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Even if we weren’t both married, I wouldn’t tell anyone about this,” said Luca. “You were trash.”
    Is it bad that I laughed so hard at that line? 😀 You called the woman trash but yet you were more than willing to use her to relieve your sexual frustrations. This guy! Smh.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yup. And trash had so many layered meanings here. It’s like three layers of insult. And Luna felt the pain of all three.

      At this rate, it won’t be long before everyone hates Luca. But he is who he is. At least Daniella will always love him.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah… Sims behaving badly… Luca having the Mean trait, plus thinking Luna was attractive, plus MCCC making all sorts of things autonomous… Yeah… At least I got good screenshots and it fits with where I wanted my story to go anyway…

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh, Luca…you made a big mistake, Elizabeth and you should have waited a little more before running into a thing sjust as serious as marriage! Maygbe they can work things out….? Surelly, Luna told everyone about he and Luca.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh Luca! You should never have married someone you didn’t really know. I am speechless! And so disappointed in him. And why is he being so sweet to Liz? He got his sexual frustration taken care of so now he can be nice to her or is he feeling guilty? And what’s wrong with her? Did she find out? Surely if she did she wouldn’t let him hold her like that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Is it bad that I’m glad you’re disappointed in Luca? It’s just that, I was aiming for that exact response, so… Yay…?

      He’s being sweet to Liz because that’s what she expects from him, and for some reason, Luca strives to meet Liz’s expectations.

      Exactly, sexual frustration taken care of. He actually really enjoyed woohoo with Luna, though he’d never tell her that. And he’s not feeling guilty at all, not one bit… Sorry.

      You’ll find out in the next chapter what’s wrong with her. And you’re right, if she had found out, she wouldn’t seek comfort from Luca.


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