PlantSim Challenge Completed [Round 8, Chapter 69, Epstein]

“Okay,” said Carmen, “we’re all here at the Council Building, love that name by the way Gavin, you’re such a politician, hehe. Everyone got their beans?”

“Yes,” they all replied.

“Laurel, you’ve got the tree stump?”

“Yes ma’am,” said Laurel.

“Luca, any chance you can quickly explain how you ended up a PlantSim?”

“No ma’am,” said Luca.

“Well, alright, let’s get this show on the road then,” said Carmen.

Laurel setup the tree stump, and added her two beans, which were Uncomfortable and Angry.

Gavin stepped up next to add his Confident bean.

Bo added the Flirty bean.

While Bo was adding his bean to the tree stump, Laurel noticed Luca having an odd reaction to the sun. “What is going on over there?”

“Haven’t you ever heard of photosynthesis? Mind your business.”

Luca stepped up to the tree stump and added the Sad bean.

Last up was Carmen. She placed the Playful bean in the center of the tree stump.

They all stood there for a moment, wondering what came next. Nothing seemed to be happening.

Then Carmen got an idea. “Well, am I a gardener, or am I a gardener? I’m gonna water this thing, and y’all just watch the magic happen before your eyes. Trust me, I know what I’m doing.”

Carmen listened to her instincts about the tree. “Y’all might wanna step back,” she said as she put some distance between here and the tree stump after watering it.

Before long, magic really did start happening.  They watched as a stump with 6 beans on it turned into a magnificent tree.

Gavin: I swear I have come across more voodoo since I been hanging around these people than my grandparents ever encountered back on the island.

Carmen: It’s… beautiful!!

Laurel: Thank creator it actually worked, and I didn’t waste the club’s time.

Luca: Oh shit, it worked.

Bo: It is no longer a surprise that they are accepting of  an alien in their midst when they have multiple supernatural occurrences in their everyday lives.

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“Okay, who’s going in there? I’d go, but I worry they wouldn’t let me take the forbidden fruit in my current state,” said Luca.

“They? I wonder who this ‘they’ is that you speak of,” said Bo.

“Don’t worry about it, you two,” said Carmen. “I was too scared to be of much help in Forgotten Hollow, but dealing with a plant is right up my alley. Be back in a jiffy.”

Carmen approached the tree tentatively. It’s pale purple leaves looked like a a cross between palm fronds and feathers swaying in the wind. As she approached, nothing happened, the tree just continued to sway in the breeze.

When she arrived at the opening, she couldn’t see inside, so she had no choice but to go all the way in. She said over her shoulder as a joke just before the darkness consumed her, “Gavin, if I don’t come back, don’t let that vampire and Hugo take my son. You and Akira raise him.”

The last thing she heard before the silence of the tree was Gavin chuckling and replying, “woman, you’re crazy, but sure, I promise.”

Carmen was in the tree for a while. It was long enough for the sun to start setting and the rest of the club to head down to their council room.

She finally emerged, having accomplished her goal.

She decided to check to see if she could get more than one forbidden fruit, but it was not to be.

Carmen headed down to the council room, and happily set the forbidden fruit on the table. “Would you look at that. Pretty isn’t it? Oh, and Luca was right, there’s definitely a ‘they’ associated with the tree on the roof.”

“You came back,” said Gavin, “there goes my easy way to have a kid.”

“Sorry, not today,” laughed Carmen, “get your own baby, will ya?”

“Maybe I will.”

“That doesn’t look like I thought it would,” said Laurel as she eyed the fruit and tossed popcorn in her mouth.

“No, that’s what it’s supposed to look like,” said Luca.

“Since you’re the PlantSim expert,” said Gavin, “you want to tell us how you know this?”

“What’s your problem, bro? No one grilled Bo when we found out he was an alien,” said Gavin, feeling the uncomfortable after effects of being in the sun.

“That was different,” said Gavin, “he was born an alien and sworn to secrecy by those who sent him here. We all suspect you’ve done something unsavory to end up in your current state, so don’t compare the two.”

“It’s not even like that–,” Luca’s response was swallowed up by the surprise of leaves branching out of his arm. “What the hell? Oh plum, day five can’t come soon enough.”

For Luca, this part was even worst that the sunbeams that radiated around his body when he was outside during the day time.

Soon it was over, and he picked up where he left off with Gavin. “As I was saying, it’s not even like that. I was on my way home from work, and I stopped in the park. To put it kindly, Liz’s cooking hasn’t quite reached the levels I’d gotten used to with Daniella. So I figured I’d see if someone left something to eat on one of the picnic tables. Well, I saw what I thought was produce, and I ate it, and it turns out it was forbidden fruit. There, now you know what happened, so stop grilling me.”

Gavin wasn’t sure whether to believe him. “Heh, well if that’s true, it’s really funny. You should get Laurel to teach your wife how to cook so you don’t have to resort to picnic table leftovers.”

Bo however was more than amused. He cracked up laughing, for the first time finding something Luca said truly funny. “That was extremely funny! Am I glowing? I feel like that much hilarity would make me happy enough to glow.”

“Happy to be here for your amusement,” said Luca wryly.

“Okay, okay, boys, let’s refocus,” said Carmen, “at least now we know no one should eat this forbidden fruit.”

“Well,” began Laurel, “it’s in the name of it, so I agree, no one eat the fruit.”

“I’ll just plant it and see what grows,” said Carmen.

“Great! I think we can actually head home early today,” Laurel continued, “I just wanna fix one thing, this table. It’s not quite what I want it to be.” Laurel quickly chose a new table in Build Mode, then everyone gathered around the new round table.

“See, isn’t that better? We can all see each other without having to turn back and forth now,” said Laurel.

“This is better,” said Gavin, “and you got us a drink tray. Sweet!”

After Gavin made everyone a drink, Laurel said, “I think we’ve accomplished everything we set out to do today. Thanks for completing the PlantSim Challenge with me you guys. Carmen, let us know what kind of tree that thing grows and if the fruit is worth anything. Let’s finish our drinks and get home to our families.”

Everyone smiled and they toasted to friendship, support, and crazy adventures together. They finished their drinks around their new round table then headed home.

Author’s Note: This was the last chapter of Round 8!!! The way I’ve got the story organized now, it takes 10 weeks to get through a round, can you believe it? Round 9 starts Monday morning at 9am EST, and we’re back in the Holloway house. Don’t worry, Luca’s time as a PlantSim will be over by then. :wink:

9 thoughts on “PlantSim Challenge Completed [Round 8, Chapter 69, Epstein]

    1. Luca isn’t overly fond of aliens, and is downright distrustful of vampires. Carmen likes aliens and wavers between fear of and interest in vampires. Laurel is wary of unfamiliar aliens, and is terrified of vampires. Gavin is smoothly neutral on all as long as they treat him well. And Bo wishes he’d taken the science career path on Sixam rather than his chosen job of Data Gatherer so he could do research on all these supernatural types.


  1. I loved it when they asked Luca if he cared to explain how he became a plant sim and he was like “Nope” LMAO and then “Haven’t you heard of photosynthesis?” You have such good one-liners!

    It’s always so fun to see this group bonding together! It’ll be really interesting to see how the club changes in the next generation… But I will miss these guys! (Seems like we still have a while with them though… I hope!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I may or may not keep changing the life length…. *coughs*

      We do have a bit of time with these guys before they’re gone. Right now, only Luca and Laurel are adults. Then Carmen, then Bo, then Gavin become adults.

      You don’t get booted out of the club until you’re an elder. so Laurel will be the first to go. Ironic because she’s the group leader… But I’m pretty sure I want to stick with the inheritance rules I came up with. Just think of this way… You get to go shopping for heirs to the club membership! Any blood relatives of Laurel’s that are male between ages Teen to Adult get to take her spot in the club (there will be a vote). So there’s something interesting to look forward to… Right?

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you like the building. I put it on the gallery in case anyone wants it!

      Luca turning into a PlantSim was an odd moment for me. It happened on accident, and then it took me a while to figure out how to fix it, so it just ended up in the story, lol.


    1. My Sims did it a while ago. My story posts are usually a handful of weeks behind when I played that moment in game.

      But, if you want the result of the challenge… You could always download the Counsel Council Building. I have the magic bean tree on that lot. You could go get a forbidden fruit and plant your own forbidden fruit tree. Our you could just use the debug cheat!


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