You Still Haven’t Asked Them Yet?! [Round 8, Chapter 52, Ralston]

Gavin was getting a ride home in a cab and thinking over what Akira proposed at dinner. He wasn’t sure he wanted to leave the Spice Market district. And he wasn’t sure how to even present the idea to his grandparents. But mostly he wasn’t sure about living with Akira.

Gavin got out of the cab and decided to walk to the rest of the way back to his brownstone. The fresh air helped him think.

Besides Carmen, Akira was Gavin’s closest friend he’d made since they moved here. The thought of hanging out with him all the time, living with him, waking up with–or rather around him–every day was appealing. It was an uncomfortable set of thoughts for Gavin. He’d never followed that line of thinking to where it followed, and he wasn’t ready to start now.

Gavin: He’s my friend, and that’s all there is to it… right…?

Gavin arrived home. Both of his grandparents were wide awake and having their usual argument about how much time Cristian spent away from home.

“Gavin just walked in the door, and I don’t see you yelling at him about staying out too late. Why’re you yelling at me and not him, woman?” asked Cristian with a smile on his face.

“Because Gavin is a grown man,” replied Kenya.

“And what am I?!”

“You’re my grown man, don’t you see the difference? Gavin, you see the difference, don’t you?”

“I see nothing, I’m going to bed. See you all in the morning,” said Gavin.

He could hear them still arguing in their amusing and good-natured way as he headed to bed.

When Gavin got up in the morning, his grandfather was still seated where he left him last night.

“Good morning, Gavin,” said Cristian. “Hey, what do you think of us painting the place? I think a brighter blue would be just the trick. We’ve been saving up some money and I’d love to spend some of it making this place feel more like home. Some art on the walls, some rugs, some curtains. Really, just something to help your grandmother focus on something other than me!”

Gavin chuckled and said, “maybe let’s just start with paint. We have time to worry about feeling at home.”

“Paint it is,” said Cristian. “I’d ask you to help, but you’re headed to your protest, right?”

“Yes sir,” said Gavin, “I’m leaving out right now.”

“Still fighting for ‘Simoleons for Everyone’?”

“Yes sir.”

“Such a ridiculous cause,” said Cristian. “There are much bigger fish to fry here, son. And people like you, you could do so much more if you chose a cause we could all get behind.”

“I hear you,” said Gavin, “but this cause is important too. Any chance you want to join my protest?”

“I’ll pass thanks. When you work on something really important, you let me know. Until then, I’ll be here choosing between Sky Blue 5, Police Strobe, and Azure Blue.”

Gavin nodded in understanding and headed out by himself.

When he arrived at the scheduled protest, there was only one other person there.

He put on his Serious Protest Face, but he worried he may have just looked uninterested.

While he was (possibly mindlessly) chanting about Simoleons, Gavin thought about how he would bring up the idea of moving in with Akira to his grandparents.

His grandfather was upstairs painting their apartment, making it more like home. Gavin stopped him from spending all their savings on decorations, but he wasn’t sure he could sell his grandfather on moving. He decided to start with his grandmother, and he would talk to her today after she got off work. The divide-and-conquer method always worked well with them, as talking separately allowed him to approach them in unique ways.

Having a solid plan in his head gave him a sense of determination, which translated over into the effort he put into his protest, even though it was still just the two of them.

Gavin: If I need to think about living with Akira to have passion, maybe I have chosen the wrong cause to support. Perhaps a different one would give me more passion. And that will help me get more supporters and eventual voters.

Gavin was relieved when the protest ended. He packed away his signs and his bull horn and headed to the park in Oasis Springs to meet Akira.

“Hey! Tell me you’ve got good news,” said Akira. “What day am I sending the moving truck?”

“Well…,” started Gavin.

“Oh, come on!”

“Look, what happened was that I decided to bring it up to them separately. You weren’t there. My grandfather decided today of all days to repaint the main living space. So I’m going to talk to my grandmother tonight, I promise.”

Feeling a bit better, Akira said, “I suppose she is a softer target, especially if he’s painting the house. Maybe you’re right, maybe they won’t want to leave that apartment.”

“I’m going to convince them,” said Gavin. “The more I think about it, the more sure I am that I want to live with you. Imagine how great it’ll be to not have to travel to see each other.”

“Yes, I have imagined that too,” said Akira. “It would be great.”

“Have you imagined anything else?”

Akira paused, not sure how to answer that question. Instead all he said was, “I’m coming over tonight. If you haven’t asked them by then, I’ll do it myself.”

Unaware that Gavin was waiting at home to speak with her, Kenya was enjoying another day of working from home. She checked out a few food stalls, and had even learned enough to begin recommending great places to her friends and acquaintances.

She was going to head home once she completed her daily tasks, but then she got sidetracked because she saw the Humor and Hijinks Festival was back in town. She was quite fond of the bubble blower, it reminded her of home.

She sat on the brightly covered poof and enjoyed the bubble blower all by herself. She remembered how on late evenings back home, there would be a haze filled with the smell of bubbles that would cover the island. Vacationers seemed to like it as much as the natives. For a moment before the Dazed feeling set in, Kenya wished they’d done more before now in San Myshuno to make their place feel like a home instead of so transient.

Kenya made her was back to the apartment, enjoying her Dazed feeling, intending to talk to Cristian about fixing up their place. She didn’t even notice the brighter blue color of her apartment walls. She took the garbage out and barely won a fight with the garbage shoot.

Gavin noticed his grandmother’s odd state, but figured now was as good a time as any.

Gavin: perhaps her feeling Dazed will help my case.

To Be Continued…

11 thoughts on “You Still Haven’t Asked Them Yet?! [Round 8, Chapter 52, Ralston]

  1. “waking up with–or rather around him–every day was appealing” I giggled hehehe Do not deny your feelings, Gavin! Also, Gavin’s serious protesting face is very handsome 😀 ❤

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  2. Haha, seeing chubby Akira is adorable 😂 Hopefully Gavin will be able to talk with them. A future politician needs to be able to talk!

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