Fight For Your Man [Round 8, Chapter 50, Butler]

After they left Hugo’s house, Gavin had a lot to say.

He declared Hugo a snake and a rolling stone. He felt bad for Carmen that she’d been duped, but she felt that maybe that wasn’t the whole story. He encouraged her to not be blinded by love and see things for what they were. Carmen decided she needed to hear Hugo’s explanation first.

Gavin also told her she was completely forgiven for not telling him about Bo being an alien. She was chatty and always had something to share about mutual acquaintances, but she took secrets seriously. He would do the same if she wanted this kept quiet.

Carmen thanked Gavin for his discretion, and promised to call him after she got a hold of Hugo.

They each headed home. Carmen checked on Rodrigo and mentally flipped a coin to decide which of her happy places to head to. It was a toss up between easel and garden. Garden won.

Carmen headed out to the garden and saw the latest harvest of garlic was ready.

Carmen stepped in the house briefly to call Laurel. She was happy to deliver the news that she finally had enough garlic. She promised to bring it by the house when she came for the birthday party in a few days. They chatted just long enough for Carmen to relay there was trouble with Hugo, but she didn’t have the full story yet. She promised she’d fill her in with the whole story soon.

Carmen headed back out to the garden and saw a woman she didn’t know but thought looked vaguely familiar. She greeted her and the woman stopped to talk.

“Hi, I’m Carmen Butler, it’s nice to meet you.”

“Ah yes, Carmen! You’re a friend of my husband’s. I’m Lily Branham.”

Carmen remembered the many times she’d run into Davin around town.

Friend might be a strong word, but they were certainly friendly. Looking at his wife, Carmen understood why he was so taken with her. Lily was gorgeous.

Carmen: If I’m going to accidentally get involved with a married man, I’m glad it wasn’t Dr. Davin Branham.

Carmen and Lily chatted and got to know each other, and Carmen was grateful for the distraction. The longer they spoke, the more Lily reminded Carmen of Lily’s and Davin’s son Baby. He graduated with Daniella and Quincy (and Hugo), and Robyn Epstein had a huge crush on him.

Lily soon left to head home and Carmen returned to her garden. She didn’t have a chance to get much done though because Paolo turned up at her front door.

Giving up on her garden for the night, Carmen went to greet Paolo on the porch. She ran inside to wash her face and by the time she returned to invite Paolo in, there were more people on her porch.

She wasn’t expecting Hugo, and she really wasn’t expecting him to show up with his wife.

Reading the tension, Paolo announced he was just going to stop by another time and left.

Carmen invited in the Villareals. Hugo walked in and headed straight for Rodrigo’s room as he’d done so many times before. He promised he’d explain when he got back from checking on his son.

“So, is this as weird for you as it is for me?” Carmen asked Imane.

“When I asked how you knew Hugo,” said Imane, “that would’ve been a good time to tell me that you knew him because you shared a child!”

Hugo returned to the room and stood in front of Carmen, ignoring his wife for the moment.

He began to explain himself.

He said things with Imane moved really fast, obviously. He met her while out sitting on a park bench at night, feeling bad about himself because things weren’t going the way he wanted with Carmen, he felt she was keeping him at arms length, and he always had to come to her, she never invited him over, and she never came to a decision.

“It’s been a week! One week,” said Carmen.

Hugo didn’t respond, he just continued his explanation. The night he met Imane, they commiserated over unrequited love.

“We kiss, hug and woohoo almost every time you’re here, how could you consider our love unrequited?!”

According to Hugo, he and Imane started flirting and ended up woohooing in a bush. She called him to her house to tell him she was pregnant. Hugo, not wanting a third child to grow up with no father in the home, proposed, and she said yes.

Carmen was heartbroken. She felt Hugo’s intentions were clouding his judgement and he still had a lot of growing up to do.

“Did you know she was a vampire?”

“I didn’t at first,” said Hugo, “but now I know.”

“Is the baby a vampire too?”

“We’re not sure yet,” said Hugo. “We won’t know until she’s older.”

A vampire lifestyle wasn’t what Hugo signed up for, but he’d already made the commitment, and now he wasn’t sure what to do. He begged Carmen to understand that he never meant to hurt her, he’d acted rashly and was now trying to come to terms with what happened. He’d tried to tell her, but couldn’t find the words.

Carmen: How inappropriate. A baby with his sister’s wife, a baby with a woman who was finishing high school when he was in diapers, and a baby with a vampire. Hugo sure can pick them!

“I wish you’d stop talking to each other like I’m not here,” said Imane.

“I’m so sorry,” said Hugo, though it wasn’t clear if he was talking to his wife or his girlfriend.

“I thought we were soulmates,” whispered Carmen.

“Okay, that’s enough,” said Imane. “You’re crazy if you think I’m letting you take my man. I will fight for him, literally, if I have to.”

As if to emphasize her words, she pushed Carmen.

Carmen was taken aback by the push, but she was no pushover. While Hugo looked terrified, she took a moment to gather her thoughts and her strength.

While Imane waited for the fight she expected to follow, Carmen simply turned and walked away from her.

Hugo started to follow Carmen. “Tell me what to do.”

He stopped when he heard her words.

“I’m not fighting for someone who’s already not mine. You can have him, Imane. Hugo, you and your wife can get the hell out of my house.”

Authors Note: This is it for the Butlers for this round. Round 8 continues in the next chapter with Gavin Ralston and his charming grandparents Cristian and Kenya.

24 thoughts on “Fight For Your Man [Round 8, Chapter 50, Butler]

  1. Good girl, Carmen! Kick this dude to the curb! I was rooting for them before, but this is just too much now… I feel like he’s had way too many chances. Ugh 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awh, this chapter was sad, because I know Carmen wanted it to work out with Hugo, but it was also powerful. I am glad she realizes she deserves more than Hugo – who indeed does still have a lot of growing up to do – and that she refused to fight Imane over him. 1. Because Imane is a vampire and I somehow doubt that would go well for Carmen and 2. because she is right, why fight for a man who isn’t even yours? :[

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol, in this save, Paolo been married, to Marcus Flex. But he did seem to like Carmen. Maybe she’ll go three for three and have everyone she’s even slightly interested in be married, lol.


    1. I’m so glad you liked this chapter! I wasn’t sure where to take things after finding out he had a wife, but this made the most sense because it fit their characters for him to have that weak explanation and for Carmen to have none of it. I hope you enjoy what happens next with the Butler household in Round 9.


    1. I agree that she was being wise, and I can’t wait to see where they go from here. I find myself hoping they’re not done as a couple, so we’ll see.

      Also, Daniella’s letter is done, it’s scheduled for two Fridays from now, after the Round 8 Ralston chapters publish.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. So not good for Carmen..but is just like they say, rather alone, than badly accompanied…And glad Carmen did not thing Hugo’s wife, she is a vampire, after all…And i must say, her garden is very nice!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I feel so torn! On the one hand , I’m a little heartbroken because Hugo and Carmen really were sweet together . But he’s so shiftable, and Carmen and the baby need someone who is honest , who’s there for them , and who has some emotional maturity . And , actually, they’re fine just the two of them so they can wait or just enjoy their many friends .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree that they would’ve been the cutest little family, but Hugo the Unsheathed messed it up.

      Carmen and Rodrigo will be just fine on their own. Or maybe Carmen can find a nice unmarried man who loves kids. I’m excited to find out since I’m mostly letting these Sims love their own lives.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I love that you’re letting them lead their lives . It makes it so interesting and the drama and comedy are real ! I take it that Imane autonomously shoved Carmen ?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Nope, that was a pose. I missed getting the screenshots.

        Imanr and Hugo really showed up together without being requested. Paolo left and then Imane started yelling at Carmen. I couldn’t direct her to do it again, so I just posed them and took a picture to still tell that part of the story.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. That’s amazing that they both showed up together–I was guessing that you invited them. And you still wrote true to game, since Imane yelled at Carmen. (I’m really intrigued by Imane now! Hope we see more of her… and how fun it will be to watch Hugo’s crew grow up!)

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I’m glad you find Imane intriguing. I think she’s just a vampire townie the game spawned, so there’s nothing to give me an idea of who she is. If she starts in Hugo’s life, we’ll see her since he is Rodrigo’s​father.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Agh I love Carmen even more 😭 Drawing the line to avoid unnecessary conflict and pushing Hugo away ought to rub in that he needs to really clean up his act. …and at least have condoms if he wants to get freaky with women LOL
    I wonder what would happen to him if he ends up having a 4th child with someone else. …Knowing how he is in your game, it won’t be a surprise.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No! Omg, no more random Hugo babies. I’ve got him flagged so it stops, lol.

      I’m glad you liked the way Carmen handled things though. Other Sims might’ve considered other reactions, but Carmen is a grown ass woman who finally reached her breaking point with Hugo the Unsheathed.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. “I’m not fighting for someone who’s already not mine.” That was dope.
    Man…poor Carmen! Hugo definitely has a lot of growing up to do. I mean, kudos for him attempting to do the right thing, but….

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, he keeps trying to figure out the best way to bounce back from his impulsiveness. And Carmen just got caught in the crossfire. I’m excited to her back to them in Round 9 and see how they’re feeling about each other then.

      Liked by 1 person

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