Bo Needs Support [Round 8, Chapter 45, Blank]

Bo sat in the house alone. 

It really was not that unusual as of late. 

Asa was out at his job as a retail sales worker, Gem was next door with the new neighbors, and Heaven… well Heaven was with her new Bros. 

For the first time since they left Sixam, Bo felt truly alone.

He considered his current predicament. He decided that first thing in the morning, he was going to get a job. He didn’t know the Sim rules about a marriage breaking up, so he didn’t know if Heaven was still expected to help cover the expenses of the house.

His handbook only had a small section on divorce, and that section focused mostly on how to politely discuss someone’s divorce with them. It said nothing about a hopefully temporary separation. Bo figured he couldn’t be a stay-at-home parent if there was no longer a go-to-work parent in the home.

Bo: Why am I thinking about Sim marriages? My marriage is having Sixamian problems.

Bo did the only think he could think of to get himself out of his funk. He called a club meeting.

Five minutes into the meeting, it became clear that no one had a reason to smile. They were happy to see each other, to gather again for the first time since their garlic hunting adventure in Midnight Hollow, but a lot had happened since then.

Bo obviously had no smile because his wife had just left him. 

Luca wasn’t smiling because he missed his sister and the new club clothes forced him to wear a shirt. 

Laurel had no smile because her son moved out with Daniella instead of her moving in with them. 

Carmen wasn’t smiling because things still weren’t settled with Hugo, and Gavin wouldn’t say what took his smile.

They realized they could all use some cheering up. Luca invited everyone to grab a bowl of his frank and beans, thinking the tasty food would help.

“If anyone is interested, we can do Row, Row, Row Your Boat in farted harmony later,” said Luca with a chuckle.

“I’ll pass, thanks,” said Gavin. 

Both Laurel and Carmen ignored him.

“What is ‘farted harmony’?” asked Bo.

“It’s when our bodies respond to these beans in multiple keys,” said Carmen. Bo turned to her in amusement, not sure how to respond.

“Why Carmen,” said Luca, “I wouldn’t think a sweet Southern belle such as yourself would even know such things.”

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me,” said Carmen with a smile.

“There’s a lot we don’t know about each other Luca,” said Laurel, “but I’m sure we’ll fix that over time. For instance, neither you nor Gavin ever talk about work. And as much as I’d love to dig into that, we can’t right now. Let’s also leave the man problems alone for now too,” said Laurel in Carmen’s general direction.

Carmen and Gavin exchanged a quick side eye glance with each other at that statement.

“We’re also not here to talk about why I really should’ve laid into Quincy when he and Daniella had that pregnancy scare back when they were Teens. Now they don’t live with me or you because they’re pregnant,” continued Laurel to Luca.

At this statement, Luca just stared ahead, not willing to reply.

“We’re here because Bo invited us over,” said Laurel, “so let’s just be here for him, hmm? Can we do that?”

After Luca’s silence, she turned back to Bo. “Please, share with us what’s going on.”

Bo filled everyone in on the basics: Heaven felt betrayed by something he had done, she moved out to move in with two people who shared her Bro trait, and now she was living her musician life as if she didn’t have a husband and two kids at home. He did not know how to fix it, but he wanted his wife to come home.

“Whoa! Oh Bo, I’m so sorry you’re going through this,” said Carmen, “the breaking apart of a family can be so hard.”

“Yeah,” said Gavin, “kids don’t want to be without their parents unless they have no other choice.”

“Well if the parents they have aren’t the best for them,” said Luca,”then maybe it’s for the best.”

“I don’t know your wife well,” said Laurel, “but I imagine she didn’t make this decision lightly. How are your kids doing?”

“You are correct Laurel, ” said Bo, “Heaven took a while to think about this. She has been considering what to do since Gem and Asa aged up to Teens. It is my fault that I did not do more to influence her decision before it was settled.”

Pausing to smell the food in front him, Bo said, “this dish smells great, does it not? This is my first time making this frank and beans, it is such a unique recipe.”

Everyone but Luca smiled at him in polite confusion.

“There’s the weirdness I’ve come to expect from you,” said Luca. ” ‘Such a unique recipe’, ha! How about we pause dinner and check out the pool out back? This jacket is killing me, and swimming trunks is one of the only club outfit options that lets my body breathe. Let’s go guys.”

Bo: Right…, I am the one who delivers expected weirdness. Hey! I am getting better at this sarcasm. Heaven would appreciate this.

Laurel & Carmen: Why must he always find a reason to remove his shirt?!

Gavin: Ha, yeah, Bo is the one who being weird right now…

Everyone exchanged small smiles, then followed Luca out to the pool. Bo was one of the last to change his clothes. He decided to join the pool by jumping in. That unexpected bit of merriment improved his mood more than anything else he tried.

As his head broke the surface of the water, he had a clarifying thought. He wasn’t really going to get the support he needed from his club as long as he kept hiding his truth.

Bo considered what he was going to say, but he wasn’t quick enough. Laurel got out of the pool to head into the house.

Luca also got out of the pool to head inside. Without having enough time to think through his sudden decision, Bo acted.

“Luca, Laurel, wait! You need to see this,” said Bo.

Suddenly, his entire club was looking at him in horror, but it was too late to change it back now.


To Be Continued…

14 thoughts on “Bo Needs Support [Round 8, Chapter 45, Blank]

  1. Omg what a way to reveal himself! Oh, Bo 😂 Can’t wait to see how the club responds to this! I feel like there were so many better ways he could have done that… hahaha

    Also, I freaking loved Luca being sad about being forced to wear a shirt LMAO

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m literally thinking of three more better ways he could’ve done it, like just now, off the top of my head, lol. But this way felt the most Bo. I think it’s been decided he’s basically the equivalent of a flasher, lol, wagging his alien-ness all over the place at poor unsuspecting Sims

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I died at this “Luca wasn’t smiling because he missed his sister and the new club clothes forced him to wear a shirt. ” Soooooo funny. Seriously, Luca kills me.

    Also, SURPRISE! Bo was just like “Here I am, in all my glory!” I hope everyone accepts him but I have a feelings that this might be too much for a lot of people. Did everyone even know he was an alien? I don’t recall everyone he reveled that information to.

    I wonder if this will prevent Heaven from forgiving him in the future? Like, if there was a chance, will this ruin it? I imagine Asa will be pissed, as well. Gem, well, I am not sure if she will care or not.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have so much fun writing Luca. I just search around my head for something he could say that somehow sounds simultaneously clueless and asshole-ish as the same time.

      Laurel & Carmen know he’s an alien, though they’ve never seem him out of Sim form. Gavin and Luca noticed something was off (that time he started glowing in Midnight Hollow), but hadn’t yet figured it out.

      I’m very much looking forward to when his family finds out he’s told his entire club the truth.


  3. Oh!kaaay then, I sure hope they accept Bo as an Alein, really, I mean he had to do this someday! They are his friends, and need to know who he is! I just hope is just a scare of the moment thingy, because it would be horrible if they all disliked him because he is an alien! And Luca always with that class…

    Liked by 2 people

  4. HA! Oh boy. Is there a section of the manual on social graces? LOL, I think that’s what his problem is. It’s strange though. He’s not rude or anything. He just doesn’t know what or how to communicate with people. He’s learning though! It cracks me up when he just springs things on people like this. It’s kinda like flashing LOL.
    You must have recently snuck in these Ralstons into the story. I don’t know them. What’s their story?
    OH! I can’t leave without commenting on ol boy and Daniella! They moved out! That’s good lol. They would certainly catch Laurel’s wrath day and night by staying there. She may have even encroached on their parenting. Good for them!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I had a big gap in my story over the holidays, and when I came back, I added the Ralston family. They’re my San Myshuno family. The links at the top of my blog page will take you to just their chapters if you ever feel like catching up.

      There’s no manual on social graces unfortunately, lol. I love the way you said this though, you described Bo perfectly. He’s basically a social flasher!

      Laurel is not happy Quincy moved out with Daniella, but I think I agree with you (shhh, don’t tell Laurel). We’ll see a bit more of that when we get to the Epsteins later in this round.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. In the words of Sccoby Do – “Ruh Roh”!

    This was my favorite part though: ‘Luca wasn’t smiling because . . . the new club clothes forced him to wear a shirt.’

    Of course, now Bo, you’ve really gone and done it… Knowing he was an Alien and ‘seeing’ he’s an Alien might be too much for them to handle. I can’t imagine how his family is going to feel. Heaven will divorce him for sure and the kids may too! Can they divorce their Dad? Poor Bo. And he doesn’t even know he is going to be a Dad again. He just wants to be loved for what he is. 😦

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I really do feel bad for this family. Bo didn’t really think about how signing up for this mission was going to keep him from being his true alien self most of the time. Heaven didn’t think about how signing up for this mission meant her life had to serve greater purpose than her dreams. Gem doesn’t fit in so well with the Sims, she’s only made one friend! Asa is really the only one who is happily living life exactly as the mission intended.

      I’m glad you’re looking forward to seeing how the family reacts, if they find out, that he’s told his whole club what he is.


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