I Didn’t Sign Up For This [Round 8, Chapter 43, Blank]

Heaven moved out that very day. She moved in with two Bros who had a house and were looking for a third roommate. Their names were Kian Song and Baylee Keys.

Heaven moved into the basement bedroom, and realized she left her guitar at home. There was no way she was going back for it right now. She contemplated​ whether she should just buy a new guitar while eating lunch and getting to know her new roommates.

Heaven sat on the couch and listened to Kian tell a crazy story about his job. It was refreshing to be around Sims who went to work each day, but still led unconventional lives. Kian was in the culinary field, and Baylee was an athlete.

“Please don’t mind Kian,” said Baylee. “He always brings that story out for new people. He’s trying to impress you. Please tell him it worked so he can start acting like a normal person again.”

“You’re just jealous because I didn’t tell you that story when we first met,” laughed Kian. “And at least one of us is trying to make a good impression. You’re still walking around in your pajamas.”

“I’m trying to teach her to be comfortable around us,” said Baylee,” you should try it.”

Heaven chuckled at their easy banter. She hoped she would soon fit in to their home. She had no intentions of revealing she was an alien, so she hoped a steady flow of ribbing and jokes would help hide the fact that she had something to hide.

Heaven closed her eyes for a minute and imagined the home she had just left. She wondered what her family was up to, but she couldn’t call them, not just yet.

“Earth to Heaven,” said Baylee. “Are you with us?”

“Yes, I am here,” said Heaven with her eyes still closed. “I was just doing a body scan to see if Kian’s macaroni and cheese gave me food poisoning.”

Kian and Baylee cracked up laughing. “I knew you’d fit in here,” said Kian,” let me grab your plate.”

Kian carried Heaven’s plate to the kitchen to wash it.

“There is one benefit of living here I haven’t mentioned yet,” said Baylee. “Kian does almost all the cooking and  housework. I bet you’ve never had a man take care you like that before.”

“That is a funny thing to say,” said Heaven. “Is it unusual for men to clean up? My husband Bo did it all the time. He tended to the house while I worked.”

“How about that? What about your daddy?”

“My father? His home was… very technologically advanced,” said Heaven. “I don’t know if this will make sense to you, but the best way to explain it is to say the house did the dishes.”

“Well how about that?! Must be nice,” said Baylee.

Baylee: What is this rich pampered chick doing with us?! At least she has a good sense of humor.

Heaven: I hope nothing I’m saying is a giveaway that I am an alien.

Heaven pulled out her phone to check and see if either Gem or Asa texted her. They hadn’t.

She considered calling or texting them, but decided against it.

Heaven: I have only been gone a few hours. Perhaps it is best to let their new reality sink in before I intrude. I will give it a week, then I will contact them if I have not heard from them first.

As Heaven was considering what to do or say next, she was hit with a wave of nausea.

Heaven: Oh no. No, no, no! Please tell me that I really do have food poisoning.

Heaven headed to the bathroom.

She took the pregnancy test. She got her results. Heaven screamed.

As the confetti fell around her, Heaven calmed herself.

Heaven: Okay, so maybe I will not wait a week to contact my family. I wonder if Bo did this on purpose! He must think this will bring the family back together.

“Heaven? You’re not dead in there are you? I heard a scream,” said Baylee as she let herself in the bathroom.

“Oh, no, I am fine,” said Heaven. “Just had a bit of a scare.”

“What scared​ you? You weren’t in here taking a pregnancy test, were you? You look sick,” said Baylee. “Did Kian’s food actually give you food poisoning?”

“Actually it is the first thing you said,” replied Heaven with a grimace. “I am pregnant.”

“Oh plum! That’s awful,” said Baylee. “You’re not keeping it are you?”

Bo stood in his garden, checking his phone. Still no calls or texts from Heaven. He wondered how long he should wait before trying to contact her. He considered whether it was a bad idea to try and get the kids to help him reach her, as she might not take his calls.

He looked down at his plants, feeling as if he were saying good bye. He had to get a job, so he would not be able to spend time in his garden every day.

He looked around, hoping Summer would be around taking one of her walks. He could use a dose of warm friendship right now. Instead he saw Heaven’s new roommate, Kian. The day she left, she texted her new address as well as photos of her roommates.

He decided to run over and introduce himself. Bo smiled at the thought of hearing news of how Heaven was doing.

Kian heard someone call his name, so he stopped to wait for the man to catch up to him. He was not having a good day.

“Hello, my name is Bo Blank. I believe my wife Heaven just moved in with you.”

“Yes, I know who you are,” said Kian. “I presume you know who I am as well since you called out to me.”

“I recognized your picture from Heaven’s text. I realize this may be out of line,” said Bo, “but I wanted to ask you how Heaven is doing. You do not have to tell me much, just let me know that she is doing okay.”

“She is fine, I suppose,” said Kian. “It’s me that’s not fine! I thought living with two chicks would be fine because they’re both Bros. But I didn’t sign up for one with an unplanned pregnancy and another who won’t stop complaining that she didn’t sign up to live in a house with a baby!”

Bo: I know part of the reason Heaven left is because she wanted to step away from Mother duties, it is too bad for her that her roommate is pregnant.

To Be Continued…


17 thoughts on “I Didn’t Sign Up For This [Round 8, Chapter 43, Blank]

  1. Oh my god. I was not expecting her to be pregnant! I wonder what she is going to do – is abortion something aliens even do? Would she consider it? I hope she tells Bo soon, he is the father and deserves to know. :[

    I wonder if her room mates will kick her out eventually. Neither of them seem happy about this, and I don’t really blame them seeing as she moved in and instantly dropped that bomb on them. They don’t really know each other, so they probably don’t feel any obligations towards her. Then again, kicking a pregnant lady out onto the street (even if she does have somewhere else to go) seems …. bad? Haha. Great chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you liked this chapter. Freaking MCCC, maaaaaaaan. After this happened, I lowered the percentage for Risky Woohoo. After Heaven, Carmen, Laurel, and another as yet unnamed Sim, I just can’t. I make poor Laurel take birth control every day just in case.

      I wish I could tell you what happens next, but you’ll have to wait to see!


  2. Oh goodness! This is all so crazy and I love it — especially that misunderstanding at the end! Poor Bo though. He loves and misses Heaven so much!

    I think it will be bad for Gem and Asa actually if the baby brings their parents back together — it sends the message that they weren’t enough but the new baby is! And if she keeps the baby, that’s even worse for them I think. I hope she gives the baby to Bo!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gem and Asa would have very interesting reactions I think if their mom does anything for the baby she hasn’t done for them.

      You hope she gives the baby to Bo? That’s one vote for letting the unemployed single dad raise the baby be can’t afford! 😁😁

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Bo, honey..you should have asked which girl was pregnant…And well, now I wonder if Heaven will keep the baby and erase it with the other two roommates or she will give it to her husband, It seems like she kind of miss her family, which is nice! But splash seems she still needs sometime away from then…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was so shocked when she got pregnant. They definitely did NOT Try for Baby!

      I’m fact, this situation ended up leaving to me lowering the Risky Woohoo percentage for MCCC, lol.

      I can’t wait to see how Heaven handles this. There are many ways to go. She could come home, she could give the baby away, give it to Bo, or keep it. We’ll see how this unexpected event affects her recent decision.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. What a fun and funny chapter ! Bo and Heaven both had me laughing ! The Bros must be thinking Heaven has one whacky sense of humor . And Bo and Heaven both look so sad . .. can’t wait to see what comes next !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you’re looking forward to the next chapter. Neither Bo nor Heaven thought they’d ever separate, so they’re judging through these first few days. Heaven made her decision, but she definitely didn’t have a long term plan. And poor Boo felt blindsided, so he’s really mudding through.

      The person I really feel bad for in this chapter is Kian. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I feel bad for all of them . I sort of feel they’ll find their ways back to each other , but I guess we’ll see !


  5. Poor Bo looks so sad. 😥 And Heaven is so out of place. 😳I am surprised Baylee asked if she were going to keep it. She doesn’t want a baby in their house. They may kick her out. It’s sad that Heaven thinks Bo did that on purpose while he has no idea. However, I think he will be happy when he finds out it’s her that is pregnant. He obviously misses her and she misses them. I want them back together again.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Baylee was asking because she was hoping Heaven would say she wasn’t keeping it!

      We’ll see if this baby brings them back together. Their existing kids weren’t enough to hold them together, but maybe it’ll be different.


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