I Gotta Get Outta Here [Round 8, Chapter 40, Holloway]

“I’m glad you’re all ears,” said Quincy. “Here’s the deal babe. I’ve talked to my parents about us moving in together. They’re on board with it, and I think it’s time. I don’t want us to be apart anymore.”

“I feel the same way! I was going to tell you tonight. I can’t stay here anymore,” said Daniella. “This cottage doesn’t feel like home anymore. I think my home should be with you and your family.”

Daniella thought for one moment that Quincy was going to propose. But then he didn’t.

Her disappointment was brief, because Quincy was one of the most Romantic Sims she’d ever met. There’s no way he’d propose after being away from her all day at work, on the day of her brother’s wedding. He’d want the moment to be special, just about them, and planned to perfection.

She figured she could wait for the proposal. Just knowing they were on the same page about their living arrangements was enough for now.

Quincy offered to help clean up after the wedding. So he, Daniella, and Luca worked on removing plates and cups from every available surface of the house.

Daniella was removing a rogue glass from the bathroom when Quincy walked in.

“You’ve been holding out! I didn’t know you still had some of my Mom’s Purim cookies,” said Quincy. “We’re smack in the middle of Passover season, but there’s nothing better than these cookies!”

Luca joined them as Quincy was washing his cookie plate. “This guy, eh Daniella? He’s so nice to come help clean up even though he didn’t take off from work to come to my wedding.”

“Well, it was short notice,” said Daniella. “Not everyone can take off from work with only 2 hours notice.”

“I guess…,” said Luca. “Hey Quincy, now that I’m married and won’t be left alone to rot out here at this lovely secluded cottage, when are you taking my sister off my hands?”

“I was just talking to her about that,” said Quincy. “Tomorrow morning, if she’s up for it.”

Luca leaned over to look at his sister. After a long pause he said, “Yeah, tomorrow’s okay. Good for you two. I’ll leave you alone and find my bride.”

“Where is the bride? I haven’t seen her since I got here,” said Quincy after Luca left the bathroom.

“Who knows? Probably in her orchard,” said Daniella, “Not my ideal for a wedding night activity, but whatever.”

“Orchard?” asked Quincy with a laugh.

“Yeah, she wanted an orchard, so now we have a small one started. But enough about that,” said Daniella. “You haven’t been in my room yet, so you probably don’t know that I finally sold my twin bed. I’m now the proud–and temporary–owner of my own double bed!”

“Oh.. oh! Well, that is good news,” said Quincy. “Please, mademoiselle, lead the way.”

Quincy and Daniella didn’t give Luca and Liz another thought as they fell into Daniella’s new bed. Hours later, they finally fell asleep, both happy that last night was the last night they’d have to spend apart. Tonight was the start of their new lives together.

They weren’t kidding about Liz and her orchard though. One of the first things she did when Luca told her to make this place her home was plant the beginnings of the orchard.

The night of the wedding, she went to tend to her beloved plants. Born a city girl, she really was meant for life in the country. She figured spending a few hours among the apple and glow fruit trees wouldn’t hurt anybody. She was proud of her work, and figured her new loving husband would understand.

The next morning, Quincy and Daniella headed to his house as planned. Little Emilie was outside with Laurel, and she lit up at the sight of Daniella.

“Hi Dani! Up!”

“What do you say?” interrupted Laurel.

“Up, peese!”

Daniella laughed and picked up Emilie.

“I love you so much, Emmy,” said Daniella.

“I lahv you too Dani,” said Emilie. She buried her face in Daniella’s hair, which always smelled so nice.

“What we play today, Dani? Blocks! Blocks, blocks, blocks,” said Emilie.

“Maybe later,” said Laurel. “Daniella and Quincy came to see Mommy and Daddy first. Then you can play later. You wanna go see what Brooklyn and Bianca are up to?”

“Bookin and Yanca! Yes mommy, I can puh-lay with them! Dani, down! I can wahk on my own,” said Emilie.

Daniella put Emilie down as requested. She headed inside, trying not to move too fast and leave the little girl behind.

All of a sudden, Daniella felt a rush of nausea. She walked casually through the front door, trying not to draw attention.


She got to the toilet in the first floor bathroom just in time. After throwing up most her of breakfast and yesterday’s wedding cake, she felt a bit better.

She exited the bathroom with a small smile, planning on purchasing a certain test later that day. She just had to figure out a way to do it without arousing suspicion.

Daniella wasn’t sure how to tell Quincy that maybe they should delay the moving in conversation. The Epstein house was so full, and they would be able to accommodate one more person, but not more than that. She didn’t want to say anything until she was sure though.

She decided to just roll with the plan for the day; she could always amend it later. She hung out with the family, enjoying the familial vibe that was ever-present at the Epstein home.

Daniella imagined her life could be like this every day. Laurel and Kurt, well really just Laurel, told her they expected her to learn more about Judaism and eventually raise her kids in the faith. Daniella had not been raised with any particular religion, and she didn’t have anything against religion, so she agreed.

She took a break and used the water slide outdoors, then came back and joined the family in the living room.

Since Judaism was their only stipulation, Quincy’s parents told her she could move in as soon as she could retrieve her things. They offered to setup movers for her, but she declined. She said she’d rather pack up and say a nice goodbye to her brother and sister-in-law.

Quincy walked her out, surprised when she refused the offer of help retrieving her things.

“I just have one thing to check on babe,” said Daniella. “I’ll handle that and call you in a few hours. Don’t worry, we’re starting our lives together today, no matter what.”

16 thoughts on “I Gotta Get Outta Here [Round 8, Chapter 40, Holloway]

  1. Oh Lordy Loo… 😂 this will be interesting! (By the way I loved those nighttime shots of the orchard! And my favorite pic was Emilie’s cute little face peeking up from the stairs behind Daniella hehe)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. First, for some reason, I like the fact that they have religions…it just…I dunno make it more realistic? Second, Danielle sure is living the dream! Coming from a house in the forest to a mansion in the suburbs, that’s an upgrade! It shall be interresting to see how is going to be in her brother’s house without her, as, at least for me, she was the one that balence things in there…and also how she is going to be towards everyone in Quincy’s house!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. If she’s pregnant will they move in with her brother instead or will they get their own place. It would be fun to see them stay with Luca. It was pretty funny he didn’t really seem to care one way or the other just wanted to know when she was moving on. And the orchard. Oh my.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t know about you, but I cannot imagine Luca tending to an orchard, do that should be interesting.

      I love your idea of where they should live if they’re pregnant. We’ll see!


    1. I know right! That’s just how they look when they’re in the same conversation. That’s the first one they had just the two of them. Maybe they’ll make each other smile eventually…?

      And yes, I love Liz’s orchard too, I hope she continues to enjoy it.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh​ yay! I’m glad you like it. It’s made it easier for me just to mentally track what’s happening, and it gives me a chance to tell their story for a round completely without worrying about accidentally posting some six thousand words chapter.

      Liked by 1 person

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