You’re Welcome Even If No One Welcomes You [Round 8, Chapter 38, Holloway]

Daniella was at home, feeling a bit stressed. Luca hadn’t come back from his co-worker’s house. She’d spent enough nights away from home herself, so she wasn’t worried for his safety. But something just felt off. She didn’t really get the idea that this co-worker lady really liked Luca, so she couldn’t understand why he’d stayed overnight. She played video games to take her mind off it until he returned home.


Daniella turned toward the unexpected voice. She saw a redheaded woman she went to high school with.

“Uh, hi. Elizabeth, right?”

“Yes! I’m glad you remember me,” said Elizabeth. “I remember you. I know you spent the first half of high school with your nose buried in a book, and the second half attached at the hip to my fellow redhead, Quincy. What do you remember about me?”

“Uh… your last name is Chong? Your parents got pregnant with an oops baby right after Quincy’s mom had another baby…?”

“Yup, that’s me! And Kamila is so freaking adorable! I hate that I moved out,” said Elizabeth. “I won’t get to be around to help with her like I did when Brycen was a baby.”

“And Brycen is…?”

“Oh, he’s my kid brother,” said Elizabeth. “But it’s worth it. Moving out was the best thing I did because it led me to love. So of course, here I am, moving again.”

Daniella finally put down the controller and gave Elizabeth her full attention because she felt like the conversation was never going to get to the point.


“Call me Liz!”

Daniella signed. “Okay, Liz. I don’t mean to be rude, but what are you doing here? We don’t exactly get unexpected guests. Our lot seems to ward off visitors.”

“Oh! Silly me. I thought Luca would’ve told you, but I suppose when would he have had the chance? Well, I’m sure he’ll explain if you want him to, he’s right behind me with my stuff. Would you prefer to talk to him?”

“I’d rather you just tell me,” said Daniella through gritted teeth.

“Oh! Well, alright. I’m moving in!”

Daniella stood up suddenly. She opened her mouth to respond, then thought better of it, so she just stood there mutely trying to figure out what in the world happened with Luca last night.

“Okay, I can see you’re surprised. But don’t be! When you know,” said Elizabeth, “you just know, you know?”

Daniella narrowed her eyes. “No, Elizabeth, I don’t know, at least I’m having a hard time seeing it from your perspective.”

“Call me Liz,” said Elizabeth.

Daniella sat back down, going back to mute with the wheels in her brain turning. Luca returned after dropping off some boxes of Elizabeth’s things into their storage shed.

“Oh, I see you two have met. Daniella, Liz is moving in with us. Did she already tell you?”

“Of course we’ve met. We went to high school together. And yes, she told me,” said Daniella. “We have a new roommate. One who you apparently haven’t had much chance to get to know very well.”

“Well, you can consider her a roommate,” said Luca. “But she’s so much more to me.”

He grabbed Elizabeth’s hands in his own, and they did that thing they do where they just stared at each other with a grin on their faces.

Not wanting to interrupt, and wisely choosing to keep her thoughts to herself, Daniella just watched them for a moment in disbelief.

When Luca and Liz finally left the room, headed to his their bedroom, Daniella sat there with a frown on her face. She had so many questions for her brother. When he left the day before, he specifically said he was going to see a dark-haired woman who reminded him of their mother. Elizabeth was a lot of things, but she was nothing like their mother.


Liz was ecstatic. Fresh out of high school and on her own, she’d already found true love and a career she adored.

Liz: If only everyone’s life could be so charmed. But Luca’s abs–and his heart–are one of a kind.

Growing up in San Myshuno, Liz was used to city life, but she’d always imagined herself out in the country. It’s why she jumped at the chance to live with Nicole. Then Luca came in like the classic Prince Charming, albeit dressed a bit unconventionally. He swept her away to his home in the country, and she quickly learned the best part about living on the shore instead of out on the island is how much easier it was to get around.

She had hardly anything to unpack, so she headed into the main part of town to check out the gym. Liz was one of those Sims who was always smiling and happy. Her natural happiness was elevated when she noticed who was at the gym. She saw several members of the club Luca told her he was heavily involved in.

Liz waved and tried to start a conversation, but they weren’t feeling very conversational.

Liz: None of them seem happy to meet the love of Luca’s life. I’m sure they’ll come around though.

Back at home after the gym, and still in a good mood because: endorphins, Liz was enjoying some mac and cheese that  Daniella made. Luca eyed her up and down from afar.

“Damn, I’m a lucky man,” said Luca. “I don’t know what made you want me, but you know I’m never letting you get away, right?”

They sat on the couch while Luca ate. She relayed what happened at the gym. At first Luca was happy to hear she’d met the only friends he’d made outside of work.

Then when he heard the whole story, he was less happy. He couldn’t understand why Laurel and Gavin weren’t immediately smitten with Liz like he was. Their reluctance to embrace her activated the rebel in him and he wanted to do something drastic to prove his commitment to her.

“Meet me in the bedroom in two minutes,” said Luca.

Liz assumed he was going to setup something romantic. Luca wasn’t the big showy romantic type though. He just wanted to retrieve something from a hiding spot he figured Liz would never need to know about.

She entered the bedroom, and saw Luca down on one knee.

“No matter what anyone else says,” began Luca, “you are always welcome in my life. Will you marry me?”

To Be Continued…

27 thoughts on “You’re Welcome Even If No One Welcomes You [Round 8, Chapter 38, Holloway]

  1. Hahaha, I like this because this is how I used to play the sims. Go out, meet someone, go on a date and marry them ASAP. xD

    They’re cute together, but this was fast. 0_0 Liz seems really sweet but kinda dumb. It’s a good thing though, because she lived with Nicole, who was also in the criminal career, and I don’t think she knew. So maybe she will never realize what Luca is doing.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Luca found someone as nutty as he is. Liz seems clueless which, given his occupation, is likely a good thing! A match made in Heaven. Lol! His abs and his heart are one of a kind?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh boy lol.

    What do you remember about me? What an odd question to ask someone LOL. Well…Liz seems to be a bit odd, truthfully. These two were made for each other, he he.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She’s so bright and bubbly, it could be easy to miss the oddities, but she can’t get anything past you!

      Daniella thinks she’s weird too. And she strongly disagrees that Liz was made for Luca. I’m holding my opinion for now.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We can’t trust her anyway lol. She’s a protective sister. I meant that, in their zany ways, they were made for each other. Let’s hope they actually are!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. *crosses fingers tentatively* I’m kinda hoping they’re a good match. Though I wouldn’t be opposed to a breakup because they moved too fast. Either way, I’m so excited for the next time I rotate back to this house.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Only in terms of controlling number of offspring and risky woohoo.

        Not in terms of getting randomly married or having unexpected babies with random townies. I can’t handle that level of drama. I’ve gone out of the way to flag everyone they’ve ever considered dating as no affairs as well, lol.

        But I have some additional mods I’ve downloaded. One has autonomous proposals and breakups, which I’m hoping I’ll get to see play out at some point.

        Liked by 2 people

      4. They definitely won’t be rational. It’s set to happen if they get too angry or uncomfortable or in a fight… And Luca may or may not have the Mean trait… And their lot may or may not have negative vibes…

        In my defense, I set all that up before I downloaded the mod.

        I didn’t know MCCC had autonomous proposals. I’ll have to make sure I have the proper features turned on.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m trying to remember if I’ve had a Sim’s significant other who was never accepted by the family and friends… Do you remember Anya, Mesquite’s wife in gen 2 of Goofy Love? She always got sideways glances!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh, well…Luca, I for your own sake, I hope she declines, I mean, you have to get to know her! If any of your friends didn’t like her..well…paciance! But it could make him finally be mature, thought.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So sorry, but I don’t think there’s anything that will make Luca mature by standard definitions.

      And you’re forgetting, she feels like she’s in a fairy tale. But maybe she’ll be reasonable. We’ll find out on Monday!

      Liked by 2 people

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