Pen Pal Letter D3: Is It Weird That I’m Intrigued, Not Scared?

You can view Sienna’s last letter to Daniella here.

Dear Sienna,

As I read the first part of your letter, I was so worried that I’d activated some trigger of a previous trauma, I was already forming the words in my head for an apology.

I thought perhaps you were a vampire attack survivor, and went to the”fixer” to start your own expedition for a vampire hunt. That thought worried me because the thought of vampire hunting, even hunting ones who attack unsuspecting Sims, seems somehow wrong to me.

I thought slumber was a euphemism, that maybe you’d gone to an overnight spa or mental health clinic and my heart went out to  you. The relief I felt when  you said your slumber helped changed you state of mind was palpable.

I’m not sure why I feel compelled to respond to the first part of your letter.

I suppose its because you felt the need to include it, so I wanted to make sure you know you were heard. And I guess I wanted to share what I was thinking as I read through it. You’ve always been so mysterious, but I just assumed that was your way.

But now! Well… now I know why. I read the words “I am a vampire” at least fifty times. My brain didn’t struggle with the information, but I just had no idea that the reason you were so mysterious is that you’ve never revealed your true nature to a mortal, which is me. Calling myself mortal is strangely unsettling, but it makes perfect sense that a vampire would refer to me that way.

Is it weird that I’m not freaking out at this news? I suppose if you’d told me a few weeks ago, I would be terrified, but now, I’m just intrigued.

I’m so happy to hear your views on vampires feeding on those who haven’t given their consent. My brother has been acting like a crazy person lately, and now I know this garlic expedition he went on is actually the sanest thing he’s done in recent history. He returned from Midnight Hollow disappointed that they encountered no vampires, but I was relieved.

Luca says other members of his club think the vampires have moved out of that neighborhood and have started infiltrating regular Sim neighborhoods, in addition to living in Midnight Hollow. Well, infiltrate might be too strong of a word. Every single person they suspect of being a vampire has married someone, moved in together, and most of them have had or adopted babies. I would think that means I’m right not to fear them. People would be up in arms, demanding their local politicians address the problem if they were causing harm, right?

I wonder what the nooboos of mortals and immortals turn out to be. To think, my future children may be in school with vampires one day.

I hope that last sentence didn’t sound prejudiced. It’s just that I don’t know very much about vampires except what happened to Quincy’s mom, so I can’t help but picture school age vampire children having my children for lunch! I imagine the children under your rule don’t spend a lot of time around mortals, do they? Any insight you have on this would be great.

I’m not pregnant and have no plans to be for a long time after we’re married, but still, I worry. Quincy has a lot of little sisters. Robyn is still in high school, the twins are still in elementary school, and little Emilie is still a toddler (she’s my favorite, shh!).

I’m looking forward to helping out with them until they grow up and move out, and then Quincy and I will have our own kids. But again, I’m getting ahead of myself. Quincy hasn’t proposed yet, so I’m still here in this lonely little cottage on the shore of Windenburg.

Speaking of lonely, this place is far less so ever since Elizabeth showed up.

She’s here for Luca. I know her from high school. Such a ditzy, ditzy chick. I’ve never had a conversation with her that didn’t make my head hurt. She’s really sweet, but, ugh, I just don’t get it. Luca grew up surrounded by smart women, and that’s who he picks?? Words on the internet last forever, so I’m gonna stop there before I say something I wouldn’t want to last forever.

Speaking of lasting forever… Okay, so I have so many questions about you now that I know the full story. Actually, I don’t know the full story, I think I barely know the tip of the iceberg.

I’ll try and answer your questions first to give me more time to properly formulate my questions for you.

Yes, I’ve started working. I always did well with writing in school, though I’d never picked it up as a hobby. I kind of fell into this career, but I’m doing well. I get paid to write a blog full time, and I’m hoping to get promoted to advice columnist soon. I don’t know how fun it is, but it’s something I’m good at, so I’m rolling with it for now. Being a journalist eventually sounds interesting, but I’m going to be quite busy with my new family, so perhaps I’d do better to focus on the writer track, where I can spend more time at home.

I still haven’t had the chance to talk to Mrs. Epstein alone. It just seems like a bad idea. Why stir up the hornet’s nest? I just imagine it going so badly…

She’s the mother of the love of my life. And she leads the club that is the only reason my brother has friends outside of work. It just seems like a bad idea all around. So what if I never had a really pleasant conversation with her? That’s not such a bad way to live life. In a way, it’ll remind me of the home I grew up in.

Okay, enough about me. The story about your father as his wife was fascinating. I’m starting to think I may be an odd egg. I imagine those details of your life should be scary to read, but I didn’t find them that way. If anything, it feels like being back in Veronaville overhearing one of my father Jim’s associates discussing their home life. Though I doubt by “burned” you meant locking a troublesome wife in a restaurant slated for death by arson-for-insurance-purposes.

Your job sounds like a big one. Everyone in your clan has some sort of connection to this Grand Master Love? That could be an infinite number of people to keep track of. I’m glad you have a council to help you, they sounds invaluable, and I’m sure their loyalty to you is priceless. I imagine the behavior of a few of the vampires here must worry your clan. Have you ever dealt with a similar problem before? Perhaps you know which clan our vampire belong to… maybe we could reach out to their king or queen?

No, you know what? I take that back. I don’t want you to feel like you must solve our problem. If our vampires have chosen to try and live peacefully among us, then I don’t want to ruin their lives. If you can just tell me that Mrs. Epstein’s plan of having garlic around everyone’s home will be effective, that would make me feel a lot better.

The thought of having forever to get things done must afford you a certain patience. I wish I had some of that. Then I’d be more patient with Elizabeth during our infuriating conversations. And I’d feel less frustrated with Quincy for not having proposed yet. In terms of your love life, I’d be interested to hear how someone could come along if you’re always working and studying.

My letter is getting long too, sorry about that! I just have a few more questions. Do vampires count their age in years? Do you have birthdays? And one last one about the queen training thing. If you’d been raised by your father, would you have already had all this training and been more able to be involved in the day-to-day business of leading the council already?

I think I’ll stop there for questions for now. I just want to say that I’m so grateful you decided to share with me something you’ve never shared with another mortal.

Your secret is safe with me, I won’t even tell Quincy. If I’m prying too much in things that can’t be shared outside of your council, I will understand. I’ve been so caught up in family stuff that it turns out that you’re really my only friend who’s not family member or a co-worker. I’m swear I’m friendly and everyone seems to like me, I’m just not close to anyone I’m not currently or future related to. I just wanted to say that so you know how much I value our letters. If I cross a line, let me know because I want to take care of this friendship.

All the best,

6 thoughts on “Pen Pal Letter D3: Is It Weird That I’m Intrigued, Not Scared?

  1. This is wonderful! Daniella is so sweet. I love her analytical approach to things- it is very much opposite of Sienna’s more philosophical one. I can imagine the two of them playing chess for hours and never repeating a move- or watching the stars and sharing their knowledge with each other.
    I just got back from vacation (though I’m leaving again today) and I am so happy that I came back to this letter! 🙂 It’s so fun for Sienna to write Daniella. I’m already thinking of how she’s going to respond- thankfully I have a notebook and a tablet to jot ideas down while traveling!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you commented. I’ve been waiting for you to read the letter! You’re so right that Daniella is analytical. I can totally imagine that chess scenario.

      Yay for vacation! Enjoy your time. I am looking forward to Sienna’s next reply, but obvs there’s no rush.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you liked the letter. I wish I could’ve had more pictures, but there really wasn’t s good spot to put more in. But I am really enjoying digging into her character, trying to make sure he responses feel true to who I’ve seen her be in gameplay.

      Liked by 1 person

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