Wrapping Things Up In Forgotten Hollow [Round 7, Chapter 36, Epstein]

“Think of it this way, “said Laurel,” you now belong to a very exclusive club.”

“This ‘culture’ club?? The mommies club?!”

“No! The club of women who seem to get pregnant every plum time they Woohoo!”

Laurel and Carmen cracked up laughing.

Gavin finally joined them around the fire, chuckling a bit.

“I’m glad I’ve never gotten anyone pregnant,” said Gavin. “But I do want children some day. How did you all know it was the right time?”

“It’s never the right time,” said Carmen. “Though I imagine the right time is after you have a secure relationship, secure finances, and secure home. So for me, that should be sometime around menopause.”

Laurel chuckled then added, “I can’t tell you anything about a right time. Kurt and I are so plum fertile. We got pregnant with Quincy in high school, and were still so young when we had Robyn. I feel blessed I was the main recipient of my great-uncle’s money, and so we were in a great position when we got pregnant again.

Laurel continued, “Kurt and I always wanted a large family, and now we have one! We’re both having our Adult birthday very soon, so I’m hoping little Emilie is our last. Frankly, even though I’m still young, I’m ready to be a grandmother. Something about having a grown-up child brings that out in you.”

The next morning, the club members were once again chatting by the fire. They felt like they’d gotten to know each other pretty well over the last few days. Most of them still didn’t know anything about Luca, but they were fond of him and enjoyed his wry and sarcastic remarks. And his side eye rivaled even Carmen’s.

Bo came up with a theory about the vampires. Some people who the club presumed were vampires had been spotted in Willow Creek and Oasis Springs. And now Carmen had non-vampire family in Forgotten Hollow. Bo’s guess was that the vampires sold their homes in this part of town and decided to integrate into normal Sim neighborhoods.

“To have quicker access to meals! That’s gotta be it,” said Luca.

“No, I do not think so. I think they just want to feel less isolated. There is a reason they chose to live among Sims. Perhaps they just want to live out their lives feeling a bit more normal.

“That actually makes a lot of sense, Bo,” said Laurel. ” Ugh, don’t me have sympathy for them, I’m still having nightmares.”

Laurel: Bo can be very insightful. Oh darn, he’s glowing, I hope the guys don’t notice.

Luca: What the entire hell is happening, It looks like Bo is glowing. No one else seems to think it’s weird though, so I’ll say nothing, for now.

Gavin: Bo is definitely green around the edges. I’ve been to the Hijinks Festival and Romance Festival, so I’ve seen this kind of glow before. I wonder what he got a hold of that makes you glow green. It feels very off topic to ask. I wish Carmen was awake, she’d just ask without thinking so hard about it first.

Bo: Plum! I am glowing. I am sure of it. I need to calm down, I hope no one asks what is going on. I wish I was less fond of these Sims and less flattered that Laurel complimented my logic. Logic is not even hard to come by on Sixam like it is here. These Sims are rubbing off on me if I am this pleased. I must remember this going forward. I want to make sure that I am only revealing myself as an alien on my own terms.

That day, Laurel finally found that all the plants were ready for harvest. She harvested garlic, wolfsbane, a plasma fruit tree, and something that looked like a Venus flytrap but Bo insisted was called a Sixam Mosquito Trap.

Laurel headed back to camp, happy to announce they could return to their lives. The club cheered because they were eager to return to a good night’s sleep in their own beds. They bid their goodbyes, and made plans to gather as soon as Carmen had a chance to work her garden magic on everything Laurel harvested.

Laurel went home with Carmen and unloaded all her bounty on Carmen’s dining table and kitchen counter.

She stopped in the painting-room-turned-nursery to visit baby Rodrigo while Carmen said goodbye to Hugo and thanked him for taking good care of the baby while she was gone.

Laurel and Carmen sat at the dining table to have a quick chat.

“Carmen, I want to apologize to you,” said Laurel. “I thought it was such a great idea setting you up with Hugo. He was such a nice Teen and I really thought he’d aged into a great Young Adult.”

“Oh Laurel, you don’t have to apologize,” said Carmen. “I thought I knew him too. I should’ve taken more time to get to know him after he aged up, but we really hit it off, and I’m not sorry about that. When I look at my beautiful baby boy, I wouldn’t change a thing. Plus, Hugo has been an amazing father so far. If he’s not working, he’s here, helping me with the baby. I’m going to ask him to give me a bit of space though because I don’t want to get too used to having him around. If we become a family all under one roof, I want it to be for the right reasons, not just because I’m used to it, you know?”

“I know,” said Laurel, “just don’t wait too long to decide. Apparently Hugo is a charmer, haha, you don’t want someone else to snap him up.”

“He said he didn’t want to rush my decision,” said Carmen. “So I’m not going to rush. However, I am going to head out into the garden to add these new plants. I’ll give you a call when I have what you need.”

Laurel headed home with a feeling of peace. She would soon have the means to protect her family from any unwanted nighttime intruders. She headed to little Emilie’s room and played with her.

Robyn was in her newly decorated fit-for-a-Teen room, working on her homework.

The twins, Brooklyn and Bianca, were playing Don’t Wake the Llama in their room.

Kurt and Quincy were down in the living room, sitting by the window, talking about nothing at all.

Laurel felt like she could finally turn her attention to more important things, namely her and Kurt’s upcoming birthday and Quincy’s relationship with Daniella Holloway.

15 thoughts on “Wrapping Things Up In Forgotten Hollow [Round 7, Chapter 36, Epstein]

  1. I really love it when you show us your characters’ thoughts! I was thoroughly amused by everyone thinking about Bo’s glow! Hahaha

    I love the dynamic your characters have when they interact too! It’s interesting that Luca is still the one they know the least about — I hope he can open up more to his new friends soon!


  2. Haha, if Laurel does get with anyone in the group, I hope it is Luca!

    I really enjoyed the segment with Bo being proud after the compliment – it was really cute. Then Luca and Gavin’s thoughts on the matter were really funny. Though, I liked that Gavin thought it was a result of the festival. :]

    They managed to go into and leave Forgotten Hallow without and vampire incident and with all the harvests they needed! I can’t wait to see what they get up to next. :]

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was surprised and actually a little disappointed that they saw no vampires. But that’s when I realized that all the vampires now live in different neighborhoods. MCCC has moved everyone around by marrying them off. But they see vampires plenty in their own neighborhoods, so I guess it’s okay. Their next adventure aren’t all together as a group, but I think you’ll still be pleased with what happens.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Their thoughts always make me laugh. Especially Luca’s this time. 🙂
    I hope Hugo doesn’t impregnate another sim while Carmen is taking her time to decide if she wants him in her life for good or not.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I always wonder if I should include their thoughts, but it’s a fun way for me to differentiate their reactions to things even when they choose not to speak. I’m glad you enjoy reading them!

      About Hugo, I know right! He is so darn fertile. I’ve got my fingers crossed along with you.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I loved what Bo said about the vampires being lonely. I think it was he thought about themselves as aliens. He is hiding the same way the vampires hide.

    Laurel is turning out to be really a good person. I was worried about her at first – eyeing all those other men but she seems to finally be happy with where she is in life and her new friends. I think the club gives here a purpose so everything else falls into place since she doesn’t work anymore. She is a leader for sure.

    Liked by 3 people

      1. She was so lost before, so I think having this club has given her a purpose outside her family. For someone who was so eager to be this stay-at-home mom to a huge family, she struggled to admit that to herself. So now she’s getting the best of both worlds.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Bo is definitely projecting his own feelings onto the vampires, but likely his own experience is giving him real insight into part of their perspective.

      Laurel is such a flirt! If I let her behave autonomously all the time, I shudder to think what she’d get up to. The way her and Luca look at each other sometimes… But enough about that. The club is giving her purpose for sure, and definitely keeping her from going off the path she’s set for herself in her marriage.


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