Author’s Note #7: Let’s Talk About Posting Frequency

I keep changing how often I publish updates to my story, and big shocker here, I’m gonna do it again. I feel like I’m finally getting into a groove with my story and its characters. Making these little tweaks adds to my comfort in telling their story.

So here’s the deal. I figured because I want to have a life outside of SimLit, I would reduce my story postings to once a week, every Monday.

But then I had the brilliant thought, “hey, don’t make your chapters too long, keep them short, like 750-1100 words. That’s not an arbitrary number at all!”

I quickly realized that word count is pretty low for how many words I use I tell my Sim’s stories.

Additionally, I wanted to tell their story in rounds of five chapters. For instance, Chapters 41-45 would be one chapter per household in a random order as the gameplay dictated. Chapters 46-50 would have the same idea of one chapter per household, but the order might change. So Chapter 41 might be focusing on the Blank family, but I might not get back to them until Chapter 48. They’d definitely get two chapters within 10 total chapters though. Make sense?

I tried to start that for this past week, but Chapter 34 featuring the Ralston household ended up being three separate posts, at least 900 words each.

So much for having updates only on Monday.

This coming week,the Epstein “chapter” ended up having two different parts. And the following week, the story I wanted to tell about the Holloway household, which ended up getting drastically edited (it could’ve been 50% longer), ended up as four different parts.

I really don’t want to have four updates in one week.

I have come up with a solution though! At least I think I have.

Here’s my newer, slightly more flexible plan.

  • I’m going to stick with the 5 household story grouping, in no particular order.
  • Each household’s story will be told in posts with a word count of 750-1100 words (I’m really digging the word count’s effect on my editing skills).
  • Instead of just chapter numbers, I’ll now specify which round I’m on. I’ll see if I can re-name older chapters to account for this new system.
  • If a household’s story for that round is just one chapter, it’ll post on Monday. If it gets up to 3+ chapters for that household, I’ll spread it out evenly over two weeks time. So it could take anywhere from 5-10 weeks to get through one round of stories.
  • If I add new Simlit projects in, like The Pen Pal Project, that won’t effect the update schedule. Those extra posts will weave in wherever they logically fit into the story.

Okay, now that I’ve written this all out, I feel better.

Anyone ever have that thought-jumble/word-soup feeling? Laying something out in bullet points always makes me feel better. So now I have no more word soup, at least on this topic.

I figured I should post this as another Author’s Note in case anyone found my thought process on an update schedule interesting.

Okay, I’m off to re-name over 60 posts. And you can look forward to the next chapter tomorrow. We finally see Laurel’s club in Forgotten Hollow!

Oh, one more thing. I’ve finally written some stories to add to my other writing site, CeCe Writes. The first story goes up this week!

7 thoughts on “Author’s Note #7: Let’s Talk About Posting Frequency

  1. I only wish I could be this disciplined. Once I get a chapter ready I want to post it – NOW – as a result you will see a lot of my chapters get posted late in the evenings… when it might be better to post them after around 9:00 am. I have even been known to post two in one day. That’s probably really bad form.

    This would be a good ‘Barbara’ discussion.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I always love planning sessions ! 😀 For me, I just have to post when I have the energy and inspiration or my creative flow gets out of whack. Because my jobs can get regimented and very scheduled , I gotta keep my hobby loose.

    But as a reader , I love writers’ schedules , so thank you !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. As a reader, i don’t need schedules, just regularity. As a writer, I need the schedule to give me an idea of how to plan my time I’m going to spend playing, writing, then editing.

      But I’m glad that finally getting on a real schedule for the rotation and posting chapters is appreciated!

      Liked by 1 person

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