Pen Pal Project D2: Eternity, Eh?

Read Sienna’s most recent letter to Daniella here.

Hi Sienna! Getting a new letter from you in my inbox always makes my day.

It’s funny that you mentioned nieces and nephews. Luca has been talking a lot about that part of life recently. I can’t imagine him as a father. He didn’t have a great example, and he’s not exactly the most nurturing person I’ve ever met. But maybe he’ll get lucky and find a spouse who can be a great mother. I think I’d make a great aunt, so that could be something to look forward to.

I know your opinion of Quincy is because of my description of him, but I’m glad you think he’ s sweet. I think so too. I am trying not to rush him into proposing, but I have a plan to talk to him about it if he hasn’t proposed by this fall. Your assumption was correct that I was almost done with school. We just graduated!  We’ve both just started our careers, but I don’t see why we need to be apart to establish ourselves. I just wish I knew what he was waiting on.

Unwavering devotion, eh? I don’t think that phrase applies to any of the workers in the Epstein home. I’m pretty sure they fired their first butler. But you do make a good point about them being their own person. I wonder if their butler is married? I’m going to try and talk more to her the next time I’m there. She does seem to respond better to Mrs. Epstein than anyone else, but I always figured that was because they’re home together all day, but maybe it’s that hierarchy thing you’re talking about.

You’re right about one thing though. I should talk to Mrs. Epstein. I can’t just leave things to chance. Mr. and Mrs. Epstein are so young, they are going to be around for a long time, so I really should make sure there aren’t going to be any issues, especially if I plan on living with them for the rest of their lives. I’m just so nervous. If I’m wrong, and I imagined it, I’ll feel so foolish. If I’m right and she doesn’t like me, well I have no idea how I’ll fix it!

No, I don’t have positive memories of Veronaville. I was still a young teenager when Luca and I left, so hopefully it didn’t have much to do with shaping who I am. It shaped Luca though. He thinks he has to be this tough wise guy to earn everyone’s respect, but mostly people just don’t understand him and think he doesn’t know what he’s doing or is a big meanie.

I don’t like to talk about my life before moving to Windenburg, and it sounds like you may feel the same about your upbringing. But everything you’ve said about your ancestors sounds so intriguing, I really want to know more.

If you would’ve told me a week ago that your ancestors were things people I thought of as concepts and not having any corporeal existence in our world I would’ve said you were crazy. But now I’m perfectly willing to believe that you are royalty descended from all manner of supernatural beings.

Would you believe my brother is out right now on an expedition to ward off vampires? Everything you’ve said in your letters is so mysterious, but it hints towards some things that make me think you’ll understand this.

My brother is friends with some people here who are terrified of vampires. The main one is my future mother-in-law, believe it or not. She said this woman broke into her house and drank her plasma. She’s been doing research on the internet and even found some dusty old vampire tomes to support her theory.

What we think happens is that a vampire comes across an unsuspecting Sim. They use some sort of magical power on them to take over their mind. Then they drink their fill. The Sim doesn’t have a say in it.

That’s what my brother and his friends are trying to stop. The don’t want anyone else to go through what Mrs. Epstein did. They said they don’t want to hurt or upset the vampire(s), they just want to feel safe in their own homes.

The whole thing seems kind of odd to me though. Sure, having someone come in your home and take your free will sucks. But really, who are they hurting? No one has been turned into a vampire or sucked dry and left for dead like you see on movies. It’s like they’re just having a bit of a snack. Am I crazy for not sharing everyone else’s fears? Maybe it’s like a bad game of telephone. Luca was missing when Mrs. Epstein first explained what happened. So it got relayed to him, then I heard it from him and Quincy. What does that make it, a third person tale? Whatever it is, it doesn’t sound like some huge thing that should terrify us all in our beds at night.

I’m on my own here for a few days at least. I suppose I’ll have to wait to see when Luca comes back how it went. I wonder if they’ll cross paths with any vampires. I wonder if they’ll even find what Mrs. Epstein’s old dusty books told them to look for.

Enough about that though. You are a queen?! Do you run a country or something else? When you speak of the council, I think of a Parliament for a government, but maybe it’s not like that since you said your word is final.

Your hobbies sound fun. I wish I had more creative abilities, but I do everyone a favor and stay far away from instruments and microphones, haha.

Also, I’m so amused with how you describe your chef. Not attracted to him, got it. It must be a nice setup for him though. Private chef to a queen. There’s a cooking show I like to watch sometimes, and the guy who almost won the last competition was a private chef. He adored his career because it allowed him culinary freedom he wouldn’t have working in a restaurant.

Carrington is family, but he isn’t… It sounded like you were saying he adopted you, but then you said it wasn’t his choice to have you. Can you explain further? Maybe, I just read it wrong. I wasn’t close to my mom at all for similar reasons, so I get why you didn’t feel close to the woman you thought was your mother.

You make it sound like you have all the time in the world to get married. I wish I felt that way, haha. I suppose it’s not high on the priority list right now because you’re in training. To be queen! I’m still freaking out about that. My pen pal is royalty. Have you seen The Princess Diaries? That’s what I’m picturing every time I think of you as Queen. You stumbled into finding out you were royalty and are now dealing with that and all that comes with it. In my mind it’s all very romantic and heart-warming.

Just one more question before I wrap up this letter. You said, “I do have a feeling that I will be learning more and more about this stuff for all eternity, though.” What exactly did you mean by that?

Until next time,

11 thoughts on “Pen Pal Project D2: Eternity, Eh?

  1. I love that I actually know who she’s talking too, and I’m glad she’s a little bit open minded. It would be an awkward letter if somehow she just ended up mocking her entire ancestry just because some kind of fear of supernatural beings

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  2. This is great! I wonder how Sienna is going to respond. I think this letter will leave her pretty troubled. You’ve given me a lot to think about… And I just love Daniella! Her curiosity will get her far.

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    1. Lol, I would too. It hasn’t happened to Daniella, so she’s being a bit cavalier about it. Since everyone was basically asleep then in a trance, she’s thinking it’s not so bad.

      Also, she’s not close at all with Laurel, so she hasn’t heard from the horse’s mouth about the lasting negative effects of having your plasma taken against your will.

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      1. Oh, that makes sense. Since getting online, I’ve definitely noticed that other people tend to discount things they haven’t experienced. Also I will take that as a sign that I should keep talking about my stuff, so people will hear the lasting negative effects of the things I’ve been through. 🙂


    1. I really wonder too. No matter what she says, it should be good. She hasn’t actually said she’s a vampire yet, but perhaps her desire to help with troublesome vampires will be the guiding factor in her response. Or maybe she’ll just continue to respond in her mysterious way. So many possibilities!

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